Novgorod Saga around Diedne/mongols/infernal themes


I'm tempting to create a game with magi but experienced ones, which could already have done many things and not be "new fresh magi" out from gauntlet.

The idea i have, but you can bring input with personality/story flaw, is something about the novgorod tribunal and the mongols invasions as well as plots involving the last Diedne magi.

Rules would be the common rules with variation (here few examples, i don't think about many more for now but this don't mean there won't be others, according on what happens during play):

  1. might will be handled differently by the SG
  2. guideline for destructing might only destruct "might pool" (so the magic resistance stay consistent for a might being during a fight...). If this bring might pool to 0 in a determined fight, this brings same consequence as if it would have been might score. Otherwise, the might creature regenerates and magi have to restart their work.
  3. the guideline PeVi : we suppress "+2 magnitude" from it, so a level 15 (voice) spell would only destroy 5 might if penetrating.
    (4. in accordance with rules, ward must penetrate.)

According to my last experience:

  • the game is in english, to find more players. But in private messages to me, you could use french. It's just an option, which you don't need to use.
  • i'll be posting one "roleplay" message by day letting ALL magi interact. I have experience where some players could post 15 posts per day, while others 1, and as i followed the faster posters, the lowest were "dumped". I don't want that to happen again.
  • as the players are experienced magi, i assume they know each other, share stories and have links. So the group is more bond than a group of new freshly gauntleted magi.
  • i'll use the site: as it provides easy tools to have a game ruled: private messages in post (to copy and paste what you do in secret and details about spells/actions etc) and as i don't want to add a new subforum here :wink:
  • the game is already created here: but it still empty, waiting for you :slight_smile:. if you are in, don't hesitate to subscribe, i'll answer pms and you could start thinking about character creation.

So, if we would start a game like that, interested players?

I'd have liked it very much, but wouldn't be able to follow :frowning:
I'm already jealous of your future players :wink:

Viewers are allowed if you wanna read but not play.

But for now, i still have no player so... come here, dear players :smiley:

I always find it difficult to see which way a game goes so early in its development.

It does sound interesting, and I'd love to join. You may notice my "would". I recently wanted to join another game, only to realize that it (or I?) was not fitting. So I think a bit more detail would help.

I've also seen games of different sizes (2-10 or so players) - what do you have in mind?

How do you advance characters post gauntlet:

  • raw? extremely detailed (based on which resources)? In intervals of x years (to prevent minmaxing) or all at once (to minimize creation time)?
  • how about post gauntlet mysteries?
  • how many (any?) seasons are set aside for flaws?
  • which material and magical goods can be acquired for what proce (lr rituals, vis, magic items)?

JeanMichelle: some try here to answer your questions:

for the number of players : my ideal number is 3 to 5. I won't spit on more, but i don't think it would happen, and if it would happen, well, that would be quite a surprise!

  • for creation: i would say using the corebook rules but in intervals of 3 to 7 years (choice of players) after gauntlet. intervals could be: always X years (EG 3 years per 3 years), sometimes 3, sometimes 5, sometimes 4, player choice.
    The xp are 30xp per year (-10 per season doing another etc, as in rulebook) but for spells they are :
    -> either in one of the book and level less than 50 (ritual or not), and labtext is "easily" found and you can create it with xps (according you have the labtotal... normal rule ^^)
    -> either they aren't in the first category, and there it would depend on effect/power : they could be xp creation spendable spells or only lab spells. I'll try to think about the spell the players want me to say if this is labwork or labtext learning

  • no problem with them but i don't like 2 mysteries which i found too difficult and boring ones and will not allow them:

  • the astrology thing
  • the daimon thing

Mystery after gauntlet should be discussed between the player and SG of course, to agree everyone.

  • what do you mean by your 3d question? If you speak about flaws like driven and their object, i assume, either you take them in account during character creation or not. If not, i will discuss it with you to search a compromise

  • price will come if players take interest in the game (i won't develop something if nobody is interest ^^).
    First draft:
    ----> Typically, LR cost magnitude pawns, but for 60+, it would be prices depending the maker. The first LR is free (parens duty, i assume he gives you 20 pawns to buy your LR 10th magnitude and cast it )
    ----> magic item/spell labtext : 1 or 2 pawns per magnitude, but spells 30+ could be higher, depending on rarity/effect
    ----> magic item : +- 2x vis investment by the maker + price depending on the season needed to do it. Higher items would need specialist/unique magi, and this could be discussed.

sounds reasonable. I apply.

Probably a Jerbiton version of Severus from ToME, a Rego Herbam magus.

about question 3:
It is very tempting to maximize personality and story flaws if the story starts a long time after gauntlet. Some GMs (like Orvarwa) reduce post-gauntlet seasons to account dor that, some don't (like Marko M.). Both approaches have their pros and cons.

You'll also have to deal with the book-learner, secondary-insight, study-bonus, learning-requirement virtue problem. How many xp are those worth?

For book learner stuff and apt student (and other boost xp gain virtues) i'd say: +2 xp per year : the bonus aren't the same but neither is the chance to use it. I think it's a fair bonus, which for +60 magi gives max 120px and is better than the 0 from the corebook.

No problem for a ReHe magus :slight_smile:

JeanMichelle (and others) if you feel interested, i propose to centralize questions and character creations posts on :slight_smile:
You must suscribe then ask for access. I'll give you a temporary name (PlayerX) so you can discuss with each others.
Here the link:

need to familiarize with it. Doesn't look too complicated at first glance.

If someone is interested, this game can still accept players.

Currently 4 players, a fifth is creating his character.

We use:

Summary of what happened :
Magi from all the Order gathered in the Cumman area, outside the current boundaries of the Novgorod tribunal. In 1200, they created the Zapad Na Vostoke covenant.
Who were they?

They founded the covenant in a forest, not far away from Bolghar, the great city of the Great Bulgar.

During fifteen years, nothing special happened, and yet, they were expecting something to happen. Omens have said so, God sign was showing, rumors has it...
It was spoken about Diedne in the East, an upcoming invading armies...

Soon the magi accepted a 5th maga, Keythleen of Bonisagus, the specialist of Vim, whose past was secret... They granted her a probationary status.

In the summer 1215, their noble ruler asked for money. 500 pounds. They asked "why?" and they were responded: "an invader army is coming from the east".

And now that the prophecies have showed they were true, the reason why each of them gathered there is coming.

[size=150]THEY are coming.[/size]

Out of character information

  • Players create 1 magus. Every player can also design 1 companion (not mandatory).

  • any house/character accepted as long the concept fits.

  • magi can be up to +75 hermetic years old. (I suggest min 45 post gauntlet to be useful but you can convince me that your idea of newly gauntleted magus is okay)

  • we try to avoid houserule as much as possible. Sticking to RAW is better for everyone but is not always possible

  • post rythm is normally 1 SG post by day.

  • I know where I go: it's about Diedne, invading armies, prophecies...

Feel free to come!

I am interested. This game might be a good fit for an Auram mage I've been wanting to run. He has some stuff that might be helpful for an invasion. However I will make sure that his speciality (winds, especially hurricane force winds) doesn't conflict with the Thor-blooded weather mage and pick something else if that turns out to be an issue. I have a few other ideas in the hopper that might work even better once I've gotten caught up on the setting.

I will review your sites/resources/rules and try to have a character up by tonight.

Edit: I'll try to have a character sketch up by tonight. Your post-gauntlet rules require a little back and forth if I need vis for projects other than labwork or an unusually good teacher or similar. I may avoid such things for simplicity but thinking it through will make the crunch take a little longer. It does look like my Auram mage isn't at all like the existing Auram mage (for one thing he's crappy at enchanting and physical combat and really quite good at doing magic and battlefield combat primarily via spells. for another, lightning really isn't his thing.)

I would like to play. Does this mean that Diedne characters are okay?

You can have a Diedne character, but if discovered, you are dead because they are diabolists, and it's played hard way. So you may want to chose another less risky concept.

For the chargen, I don't mind long exchanges :slight_smile:. When you will request to join, we will talk, a lot.

Quote from a message send to a RPOL new candidate:

I sent a request to join your game on the rpolnet pm service, with the basic character idea, then a second one with the virtues/flaws, per your above mail.

I'm assuming further communications will be done over there.

Soldergb: good assumption :slight_smile:

The magi of Zapad Na Vostoke are facing threats!

An invisible feline attacked them!
A young woman saved their grogs in the forest and joined to covenant!
An ex mercenary is forced, due to a faerie power, to share is life with the previously mentionned young woman in the covenant!
The magi obtenaied blood of the feline, spilled when the said mercenary almost killed it, before he released an acidic explosion!
The messenger carrying the taxes to their lord is late and they fear he is dead!

Who are those events responsible? Is war at their door?
Is the faerie an ally or an enemy?
Is the feline an animal wanting to hunt, or some fatal weapon send to eliminate the magi?

Is this related to the army coming from the east?


I just joined the boards, and this looks amazing. Is there still a chance to join?

If you convince me with your magus concept, there is always a possibility of joining :slight_smile:.
Especially because there are now a second group of players which are in their prologue and will rejoin the main group (I can't say when however ^^), so you could join during the prologue without too much troubles.

I suggest talking on RPOL about chargen :wink:.

Edit: and, I forget: thanks for compliment :slight_smile:

Outstanding! I've just rediscovered Ars Magica, and the prospect of putting together an advanced magus has really whet my appetite. I'll move my activity over there.

New dangers are discovered!

  • An infernal aura in the woods,
  • an unknow faerie queen whose intentions are unclear,
  • the mongolian people army who ravages the south east, are under great surveillance!
  • a Prince allying with someone who is believed to be a Nephilim!
  • that Nephilim is a scholar disliking very much witches and he will be given the covenant as gift if he helps the Prince of Bolghar!

New informations are gathered!

  • the infernal aura was explored, and seem to be bound to the prison of a demon. But is that demon still imprisonned or has he been freed by the diabolists who sacrified an innocent family in the cave? Companions have been send to investigate.

They went to a little village on the edge of a great circle around the infernal cave. They learned legends about the forest but when they thought it was over, mercenaries, paid by a "devil" man, were spotted with intentions to take prisonners from the village for a dark purpose.

Now the two companions are facing a mortal threat! Will they survive long enough to bring the information to their magi?

  • the faerie queen is linked to the infernal cave! The exact link is not clear!

  • the mongolian army vanished without a trace, leaving slaves and provisions behind. They used magic to disappear! An entire army!

The familiar and one of the magi spend their time to learn things from the slaves and find the army back. An army using blatant magic is a HUGE threat to Mythic Europe!

  • the Nephilim has disappeared from the city. His destination is not clear! The fact that he wants the covenant as his prize for help is still not resolved!

A group of magi is currently meeting in Bolghar, the great city of Bulgaria of the Volga. THey will meet with archmagus Umno of Tremere, and be introduced to the members of Zapad Na Vostoke covenant.

Will you be among there?

Due to various giving up players, I'm currently searching one or two players.

Magi should be at 75 hermetic age post their gauntlet. Players should design a companion too.

More information? Contact me on the game thread.