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I think I'm going to have to find a copy of Visual Basic or similar for my latest project, which is inspired by Kev Sides playing a Verditius with Primus Lineage flaw. I have looked at HH: Mystery Cults, and discovered Verditius had three apprenticed in the period between 767 and his death in the opening years of the 9th century. That is going some! A number of questions arise, and I'm hoping people here can help. :slight_smile:

  1. Is there any canonical source for the exact year of Verditius death?

  2. How long is a Hermetic generation - or to put it another way, how long on average between a magi being Gauntleted and their first apprentice being Gauntleted? I'm thinking that 15 years would be the likely minimum, though exceptions occur, and 25 years to take an apprentice seems reasonable based on my saga. That would space the gauntleting 40 years apart - though actually it was about 35 on average in my saga I think, but they were in a Winter covenant with access to good books and plenty of vis. Is 40 years as a hermetic generation reasonable? If so there have been about 11 or 12 generations of Verdi since Verditius joined the Order in 767?

  3. I'm assuming that House Verdi may train multiple apprentices at times even concurrently, for the bonuses to their lab work. Generally I think of apprentices as PhD students - taking one is pretty normal, two or three not unusual, but more than that fairly rare in my experience over ones academic career.

  4. How long do magi live? Does Magic Theory and hence vis that can be used in a season cap longevity rituals? In other words, can I make a longevity ritual over several seasons to avoid the limit imposed by the amount of Vis I can use in a season? This would be a severe restriction on magi longevity if the case?

Any advice?

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There was a thread on this some time ago - iirc the context was "how many apprentices at any one time in the Hermetic Order?", but the math is parallel - gimme a minute to find it.

As above, but on LR's...

Cheers Cuchulainshound! I know Mark did something on it when we were working on The sundered Eagle,and i possibly have the emails somewhere, but I'm pushed for time today, as I need to get working on saints. :slight_smile: I notice the Ars Magica wiki give the death of Verditius as 837, so 70 years after the founding of the Order; so yep his apprentices may have been fully trained in the Hermetic manner. I'll have to redo my maths, but I'm trying tpoo map out the lineages of House Verdi in some detail, which might take a while. :slight_smile:

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Here's what I was remembering - 5 years ago! So long that I forgot that I was the actual OP. :blush: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/graduating-class-of-1220-the-anas-equation/1082/1

Not as definitive as I had hoped - now I'm wondering if there was another out there somewhere... :confused:

Edit - for the Long Ritual, here: