Hermetic Names

I've always wondered how to construct Hermetic names.

They seem to be in the form (from what I recall of the old HoH supplement):

<Magus's Name> filius/filia <Mater/Pater's Name> ex (House Name in Latin ablative)

Hence IMO,

Primiatus filius Mercere ex Merceris
Fenicil filius Guernicus ex Guernici (?or Quaesitori)
Lucian filius Trianoma ex Bonisagi

But what if you change Houses eg. Guernicus to Jerbiton? There seem to be a few examples in the various HoH:* books that suggest this is possible, with the magus having a "surname" added that reflects their old House.

Is it:

Damocles Guernici filius Perseus ex Jerbitoni?
(ie. Damocles filius of Perseus, formerly of House Guernicus, now House Jerbiton)


Damocles filius Perseus ex Jerbitoni (ex Guernici)

And for those magi who prefer Greek names:

Is it:

Gypaetos gios Megalos Gypus apo Allos
(rather than Gypaetos filius Megalos Gypus ex Miscellanea)?



You might want to look over here.

It is for ArM4, but I think still applicable.

Yes this is roughly what i wanted.

There seems to be a bit of a pattern in some of the ArM5 supplements that I hadn't noticed in some of the ArM4 line though.