Hermetic Sanctuary

I'm working on a game where my players will be questing for support (supplies, knowledge, manpower) to create a sanctuary to hold all the order and thoses needed to support them.

The pc's will be young ( a few years after passing their gauntlets). An older mage will be in charge and has had a flying cog build as a mobile covenant.

Because I'm the one in the group the likes making maps I've started making a map of the future sanctuary.

Scale of map is 10' per square

The Sanctuary will be on a stone pillar raising out of the sea. The pillar is topped with a castle, at sea level there will be caves cantaining docks, storage, and housing for some of the mundanes. There will be multiple levels between.


This is a beautiful map. The scale is somewhat confusing, i.e. there is no scale.

I assume your ultimate plan if for all hermetic magi to live there which leaves too little space for them in the space you provide a map of.

But thanks for sharing it really is a beautiful map reminiscent of old school d&d dungeon maps.

I miss windows :pensive:

(That's why I can't play dungeons. I'm always thinking in getting some tools and start making holes to get natural light and ventilation all over the place)

Oops, scale is 1 square is 10 feet. The map is of the "courtyard level" of the castle on top of a pillar.

There will be a few levels atop the left half for labs and living quarters. And many levels below for labs, some farming, a cave city, and at the bottom docks.

Once you get all levels done, maybe we can work on ding some 3d model of it...

Here's the next level...
It's mostly labs (the octogons, 700 sq ft each) and quarters for magi (20×20 foot rooms)

The small circles are for lifts (enchanted items I'm still looking at stating the enchantment for)


Third castle floor....
160 labs (148 are 700 sq ft and 12 are 1000 sq ft) and 72 rooms for wizards

what is the church-style room that has no entrances used for?

Its the upper area of the church. The 2 circles also extend up a story. They could be used for ritual or maybe for other religions.

How large is each lab?


700 sq ft or 1000 sq ft

it says so in the description.

The only thing that bugs me is the separation of the labs and quarters. Magi are allowed a single sanctum marker. By separating the labs and quarters you are forcing magi to choose to leave one unprotected.

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i thought about that too, but then I thought "if you consider making all magi move to an island in order to live in one giant covenant, then surely changing the code of hermes is within the scope of your plans too".

It is not just a matter of the marker though. As a boutique craftsman in my retirement, when I moved my two workshops to be part of (garage) and next to (shed next to back patio with forge) my home it greatly increased my ability to do work. (Of course I also made a spare bedroom into an office, library, and bar.)

Magi doing lab work are pretty close to boutique craftsman. It just makes their life easier when they can quickly step in to check long term projects, respond to inspiration, and so on.

Good point about seperate lab and quarters. I thought in covenants lab section there was something about sleeping in your lab gave a bad rep.

There is the option to include a bed/dresser inside your lab. It increases quality but decreases health and is mostly the sign of a true workaholic/lab rat. Most Magi find it extreme, since you could just walk through the door of your lab into your quarters instead of sleeping in the lab.

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Last level of the day... This is the last full level of the castle... More quarters, the first floor of the library (not sure how many floors), and a start on a tower for the Praeco of the Covenant.

Nice mapping exercise. So who has had the crazy idea that housing all of the order of hermes in a single covenant was the smart thing to do, and why?

The main idea is to provide a sanctuary for all members of the order in case they are driven from their covenants.

In the past I've posted of a seer giving warning of an impending doom. This time I'm generating a story around a wizard who sees the need to provide a safe space.

Here's the next level down (beliw the courtyard).
This level is mostly a town for the non mages.
When designing the level I saw it as being mostly 2 stories tall, maybe 3.
There are areas set aside for 3 temples (one for each major religion) as I could see there being trouble with the grogs if there wasn't.

Haven't finished the map yet... Will replace as soon as i get a finished level done.

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