Hey Abe


I am not conversant enough to make it pretty, but could you perhaps spend a minute and answer my question?

Some very valid points and questions were asked...You brought this point up to us, so it would really be cool if you could sacrifice a few minutes to let us know whats what. It would certainly help US to help YOU.

My thanks.

Just to boost this back on top of the Forum.


Urien is still waiting for your help. I don't have my 4th around, so could you please help him out.

I don't have medical proof on hand(I don't keep it around & I don't try to do so)
so just take my word for it!
also people with aspurgers syndrome tend to go over the same stuff a lot,just so you know!

Urien just asked you for some references from the rule book.

I was the only one who suggested that your word was not good enough.
(Please do not blame anyone else for this)

these were from MY personal life!

This comment makes no sense? What was? Urien was asking for a reference from the Ars 4th edition rule book!

You're looking for sense...in this?


Sorry, couldn't help it. My mind boggled at the statement.

Hence the inquiry. :wink:

I share in your mindboggling experience. :confused:

Ah, I understand now. :wink: Sadly, if history is any indicator, I fear that your search is in vain. I doubt you'll get a response.

Ah, but good sir, you miss the point. :blush:

If Abe won't respond to a simple request, why should we respond to his???

Abe, I have been quite patient, but you haven't responded yet. Could you find a few minutes to answer the original post?
(You have posted since I asked, so I know you have been here)
Thank you.

"A just question my liege... hisssss"

I can't provide proof,that's the point!

You were asked :

Presumably you still have access to the free 4th edition pdf.
Does not seem too difficult a task.

I checked the library catalogue for King County.
Assuming you use the Auburn Library in Washington State.
They have three 4th edition Ars Magica books listed , one 3rd edition book ,
but no copies of the actual rules.
(I did note that they also had Eberron sourcebooks)

Perhaps you could suggest that they purchase a copy of the 5th Edition rules.

It seems the answer is no. He will not, so nor will I to his.

modifiers basically,that's all I have access to at this point.


If you do not even have the free 4th edition pdf ,
why are you plaguing us with your nonsense posts?
(surely your library could download it for you)

It is very unfair to the many serious posters to waste their time in this manner.