Hooks: In the Warehouse, and Intro Posted!

Hey Ars Magica fans,

Hooks, the newest adventure anthology for Ars Magica Fifth Edition, arrived at our warehouse this morning. Because it will take a little while for it to hit the shelves of your local game store, I've posted the Introduction as a PDF that you can find here: atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/HooksIntro.pdf

As with our previous anthologies, we've avoided putting up the Table of Contents because of potential spoilers. Congratulations once again to David Chart's outstanding team of writers, as well as the truly talented artists who grace the pages of this anthology. Enjoy!

Very much looking forward to this book. I'm hoping to start a saga real soon with a bunch of guys new to the game and this is going to give me a real leg-up in giving them some stories through which to explore Mythic Europe.

My group playtested this, and we liked it a lot.

For obvious reasons I'm also quite excited, although I hadn't expected to hear anything until the end of March. Eagerly awaiting my copies now.

I'm excited we soon get to find out what the next book after Hooks is gonna be... hopefully. :wink:

Hot diggity! I've got a saga spinning up, too, so I can't wait to put this to work.


So now we know this. Which means it's time to release the next PDF, right? RIGHT?

Yes! To wit: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/faith-flame-the-provencal-tribunal/8657/1

I believe, by next book, Yair was referring to the impending release of "Antagonists" as a PDF.

I'm so getting a copy of this one


I will have to ask my local store to bring a few extra copies of this one :slight_smile:

So... Kinda quiet in this thread.

Have a few more days to release, don't we?

My local store that shares warehouse space with Atlas doesn't have it yet, but they often don't get the books until a while after they've been shipped to others.

My copy has arrived already (and I'm on the other side of the world). It looks like a really good resource for new groups.

Mine's not arrived as yet, but then I haven't received any mail at all this week. :frowning: I'm beginning to suspect some unsavoury conspiracy may be afoot...

Same here :frowning:

My copy has also arrived, but contributor/playtester copies were sent out early for this book.

It is shipping to distributors now, so it should start appearing in stores Real Soon Now. (This is the stage of the process over which Atlas has no control at all, of course.)

Hooks is now listed in at iguk