House-Hunting (1220.1)

Once the first meeting is concluded, all those who are going to sign have done so, and whatever idle (and not-so-idle) conversation has wound down, Eilid walks toward the door of the Council Chamber, her hooves clacking on the stone floor.

[color=brown]"If you will come with me, we will begin what may be the most contentious part of our day: deciding where exactly you will spend the next few decades." She looks at the door for a moment as a faint rustling sound comes from her direction. She then shifts into her human form, a simple woolen robe materializing on her body, and she shakes her head. She then leads her sodales on a tour of the available. Boudicca does not accompany the troupe, saying to send for her if they need her for anything.

The first stop is Drystan's cottage and lab, in the northwest part of the covenant just Inside (#12 on the covenant map). The lab is standard size, with three Lesser Features: an antechamber, a tree, and a portal. It also has the free Virtues Dedicated Building, Magical Heating, Magical Lighting, and Superior Construction. It is also Infested (which is being explored in another thread) and has the Predecessor flaw. It has 3 Refinement, and Upkeep +1, Safety + 2, Health +1, Warping +1, and Aesthetics +6. It has Specializations in Creo +1, Rego +2, Herbam +1, Imaginem +1, Experimentation +1, and Texts +1.

Aesthetically, the magically-created wood looks to be more rough-hewn than the other buildings than were created with the Cabin of Earthen Wood spell. A birch tree (Lesser Feature) grows from the center of the laboratory through a hole in the roof; it stands about sixty feet (18 meters) tall, and the trunk is about two feet (0.6m) in diameter. This lab is ready for immediate use as-is; to change one Virtue or Flaw takes a season, and to make more substantial changes takes two.

Next stop is what was Doineann's home and lab. Unlike the others, her lab is outdoors; as a result, her building is smaller than the others (although the lab is the standard size). It has Superior Construction and Dedicated Building, and has a Balcony (Lesser Feature) overlooking the lab. It has Natural Environment, offset by Outdoors, and has the Predecessor Flaw. The lab is circular, and is defined by a low (3-4 inches high) stone wall. Eilid explains, should anyone ask, that Doineann had a spell she would cast when she was working in the lab to keep the weather out if she chose.

The lab's Characteristics are General Quality -2, Upkeep 2, Safety -1, Warping +1, Health -1, and Aesthetics 2. It has Specializations in Creo +2, Rego +1, Auram +3, and Experimentation +1. This lab is ready for immediate use as-is; to change one Virtue or Flaw takes a season, and to make more substantial changes takes two.

The next lab was Fiona's. It is surrounded by the remains of what was a large garden, with both decorative flowers and various useful plants and herbs. The building, and the lab itself, are larger than normal, and the furniture is scaled for someone substantially larger than normal. The lab is Size +1, but is rather spartan in appearance (Undecorated). It is Spacious, in a Dedicated Building of Superior Construction with Idyllic Surroundings (from the gardens). It is also still Highly Organized. It has two Lesser Features: a Still and an Antechamber. It's Characteristics are General Quality +1, Safety +3, Health +2, Refinement +1, and Aesthetics +5. It also has Specializations in Muto +1, Rego +1, Herbam +1, and Experimentation +1. This lab is ready for immediate use as-is; to change one Virtue or Flaw takes a season, and to make more substantial changes takes two.

Next is the lab that had belonged, first to Cainneach ex Miscellanea, and then Cináed of Bonisagus.It is Basic, with most (if not all) of the equipment having been cannibalized for use in the other labs. It is also in a Dedicated Building, and the Magical Heating and Lighting are still working. There is a Summoning Circle still engraved on the floor. Neither Cainneach ex Miscellanea nor Cináed of Bonisagus were there long enough to count as a Predecessor. The lab's Characteristics are Refinement +1, General Quality -3, Upkeep +1, Safety +1, Warping +0, Health +1, and Aesthetics +4. It has Specializations in Rego +1, Ignem +1, Imaginem +1, Vim +1, and Texts +1.

The dwelling side of the cottage is effectively empty.

Then they come to Sylvanus's abode. Sylvanus's cottage is all but obscured by a thicket of trees and bushes which block out most light to the building. The trees' branches form an awning over the door and the path leading up to it (Grand Entrance). The lab is in a Dedicated Building, with Magical Heating and Magical Lighting. Being created with the Cabin of Earthen Wood, it has Superior Construction. It is Basic, but it still has two Lesser Features: Running Water (that comes from a spring located in the wall of trees, entirely through the cabin, both living area and lab, before going underground again just outside the laboratory walls) and a Statue of something that looks like a tree-man.

The lab has a Refinement of 2, and its Characteristics are: General Quality -3, Upkeep +1, Safety +3, Warping +0, Health +1, and Aesthetics +8. It has Specializations in Rego +2, Aquam +1, Ignem +1, Imaginem +1, and Texts +1.

The last stop on the open house tour is Curwen's cottage and lab.

[color=brown]"If none of these strike your interest," Eilid says, [color=brown]"I have invented Drystan's Cabin of Earthen Wood and may be able to cast it myself, on a good day. If I have at least one magus in Communion with me when I cast it, then I can definitely create a new cottage for you.

When discussing these options, please be sure to specify which one you're talking about.

Corvus would like Drystan's old lab. Other than I made up the infestation part which we are playing out now ( waiting for PB to leap into action), I thought a nature aligned magus' lab would fit Corvus' skills easier. And not many people had it on their lists of cottages.

Is there a reason we did not visit 18, Scylla's?

Because I forgot? :blush:

After Curwen's lab, Eilid will take the covenant's magi to a cottage that is overgrown, with vines creeping their way up the outside walls. The door is locked, but Eilid touches the lock and the hasp parts (with a rustling sound) long enough for her to remove it from the door.

[color=brown]"This was Scylla of Merinita's sanctum. She was Marched after she killed Curwen, and we haven't used it since."

She stands aside and lets the others enter the cottage and the laboratory. It, like the others, is in a Dedicated Building with Superior Construction, with Magical Heating and Magical Lighting. It obviously hasn't been cleaned in decades, and a thick layer of dust covers everything. The lab is Wrecked (as is the living area), but it still has Faerie Ingredients; whether the Ingredients are still potent is anyone's guess.

The ghost of Curwen stands in the middle of the lab, turning to look at it all, with an odd anguished look on his face.

Its Characteristics are Refinement +0, General Quality -4, Upkeep +0, Safety -1, Warping +1, Health +1, and Aesthetics +2. Specializations are Rego +1, Ignem +1, Imaginem +1, Experimentation +1, and Inventing Spells +1.

"Curwen? How do you feel about another magus taking over this sanctum?"

[color=gray]"They killed her, you know. Hunted her down and killed her for what she did to me. And I'm never going to see her again. This is all she had left."

He turns his head and looks at Hope. [color=gray]"I can't stop anyone from taking over her sanctum. But I will still reminisce, here."

I think I'd like a new building. Or at least a new lab. I can help with the spell and even cough up some vim vis if you want as repayment, although I'd have some questions if we don't manage a surplus. No disrespect to you Curwen, but I think it might be best to start fresh.

Corvus wonders if the ghost would be any help in the lab. It would certainty know magic theory. Crone caws several times. Yes but you can not move very much in the lab either and you help Corvus. With that Corvus shrugs and moves on.

Angus smiles faintly at a though he keeps to himself. "If nobody else is interested, I will take Scylla's old sanctum."

"I'm intrigued by Fiona's lab, and would be happy there if there are no objections," Gavin adds. "Though I'd also be happy with a new building as well."

Corbin speaks up, "I was interested in Fiona's lab. The spot is excellent which is why I picked it when I arrived. However Cainneach's old lab would be great too, probably more suited to my Arts. I would like to take Cainneach's lab."

OOC question: the -3 which some labs have is due to them missing ingredients and such, and it will take a season to fix them up?

For the most part. The ones that belonged to magi that left either shortly before or some time after Faileas died (i.e. Fiona, Doineann, and Drystan) have been left pretty much as-is and can be used immediately without penalty, although it will take at least a season to reconfigure; Curwen's is also ready for immediate move-in, mainly because Curwen wouldn't let his old lab get derelict and pitched a fit if it wasn't kept up.

The ones that were abandoned longer ago would take at least a season to get up to full Standard Lab levels (Cainneach and Cináed), although Scylla's would take two seasons to rebuild.

So, to summarize:

  • Cainneach and Cináed's lab is a Basic lab (-3 penalty).
  • Curwen's lab is a Standard lab (no penalty).
  • Doineann's lab is a Standard lab (no penalty).
  • Drystan's lab is a Standard lab (no penalty).
  • Fiona's lab is a Standard lab (no penalty).
  • Sylvanus's lab is a Basic lab (-3 penalty).
  • Scylla's lab is Wrecked (-5 penalty).

A quick chart of who's expressed an interest in whose old labs so far:

[table][tr][th][u]Existing Lab[/u][/th]
[th][u]Interested Member(s)[/u][/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Cainneach ex Miscellanea/Cináed of Bonisagus[/td]
[tr][td]Curwen ex Miscellanea[/td]
[tr][td]Doineann ex Miscellanea[/td]
[tr][td]Drystan of Merinita[/td]
[tr][td]Fiona ex Miscellanea[/td]
[td]Gavin[strike], Corbin[/strike][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Scylla of Merinita[/td]
[tr][td]Sylvanus ex Miscellanea[/td]

Hope, Beatrix, Laerleggr* (and possibly Gavin) have expressed an interest in a new lab.

*edited to add

You can take Corbin out of contention for Fiona's old lab.

"None of the existing labs are to my liking, I must admit. Could a new one be placed just across the path and to the north of Doineann's old lab?"

[color=brown]"Yes, it can. And I believe we have enough Vis for three castings of Cabin of Earthen Wood, so it would be more than durable."

"Could I request a double sized lab? It would be a really good chance to test some of the things I've been considering. I guess that depends on how big the cottages are though..."

[color=brown]"Of course," Eilid replies. [color=brown]"If you're wanting one to create your cottage for you magically, I think I'm skillful enough with my magic to make one to your specifications, as long as we don't get too fancy. We can get together and sketch out some plans."

"Shouldn't be too complicated. Maybe three or four rooms? A sanctum with a kitchen and bedroom, a large room for the lab, and maybe some sort of entry chamber. I'm guessing everything, but the lab will be pretty small, but I can make due."

[color=brown]"We can sketch out the particulars in a bit."

The process involves basically Eilid and (in this case) Hope working on a blackboard to work out the plans, which are then copied onto a palimpsest.

When the plans are finalized, then Eilid gets the vis and whoever wants to help with Wizard's Communion, traces out the walls, doors, etc. on the ground, then casts the spell.