How do faeries travel between different realms?

How do faeries travel between different realms?

I need an idea how faeries change from Arcadia to Mythic Europe (and on top of it: they want to reach a magic regio Lvl 8!). Do they have something similar as the Merinita Magi with "Arcadian Travel"? Do they travel, anyway?

Did I miss something like that somewhere in a sourcebook?


There is no proof that faeries even exist while not being observed. Some think they flicker into existence at the point an audience appears. Others think they just stand still doing nothing, and others that they act like pointless clockworks.

When you say "They want to reach X", you're making a positive statement as to their nature, which no magus can prove, that they "want" things, rather than just pretending to, in response to the humans around them, to create interaction.

...which is fine, but you asked what you missed, and it seems to be that you are having them act like people, and they are not people.

Ah, this is fun!

To be precise, I´m talking about the "entanglements", these little Faerie-Objects-Creatures in the adventure "Fall and Rise" (ToME, p. 58)
I believe you, they don´t "want" anything! But they are the servants of Cruciator. Cruciator wants the plan of his Lady Peripeteia to work. And Peripeteia wants a child (and she is highly cognizant). Maybe you don´t call it "to want", maybe she just pretends to want a child... at least it is her way to earn vitality, as far as I understood.

You can find Peripeteia and Cruciator in Arcadia. But the "entanglements" excruciate Severin even in Mythic Europe. The description for Cruciator states, that his equipment includes "Horde of faeries". But he is improsoned by Severin in Arcadia by flowing water - his souvereign ward. How does it come, that he can even so manage his "horde" to molest poor Severin in Mythic Europe?

Later Peripeteia "appears" in Mythic Europe. How? Is it magic? Is it in her nature? Is it as easy for her to "appear" in a magic regio as in a faerie aura? To be short: Can I let "appear" every faerie in every place of Mythic Europe without further differentiation as storyguide?


The same way mortals do for getting in. Of course, Fae know where the trods are, and how to get back and forth, and probably count as having a major fae virtue, and get +1 for each magnitude of Might. So fae can get in trivially. Once in Arcadia I assume they can just trivially wander around and switch back into any of their roles if they wish. Unlike mortals Arcadia wouldn't make stories for them, so they don't need to put up with the junk mortals do. For getting out it isn't even clear where mortals appear. I would drop them any place that is appropriate for the story.

The upshot of this is Fae can get into Arcadia with a little effort (find some songs, jump a fence, walk down a trod or whatever), and can leave when they need to.

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Magi do not know how faeries travel from Arcadia to the mortal realm, or even if they do: for example the entanglements Severin meets in the real world may be faeries attracted to him, taking the form which suits his psychological trauma, which they read out of him with Faerie Sight. Faeries can't follow the trods, IMO, because they are generally bodiless until they collect a body of stray matter on Earth. Trods are, IMO, for people.

Similarly, the Perpeteia who appears through the story is not necessarily the same creature on each occasion. She might be...she might not be.

Yes: every faerie you need for any story appears where they need to be for that story to take place, with the possible exception of places firmly hostile to faeries (like inside the Aegis, although there are ways past that, and in cathedrals, although there are ways past that as well.) You don't need to worry about where the faeries come from: there is a deliberately and endless and inexhaustible supply of them, so that magi don't force the world to be more mundane (as they did in previous editions).

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Given that Merinata with the Animae Magic Mystery can transform mundane things temporary into fearie and after the spell end the item turn back into the item I would go with what Timothy sayed that fearie are just everywhere and if you need one for your story its just there.

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Although the "character" that the faerie is portraying might have some sort of knowledge (which may or may not be "true") about how it is travelling around, which it may or may not share depending on its role.

Also, don't forget that magi (and others) know that faeries exist and tell stories about faeries. Therefore, a possible story role for a faerie is "a faerie". Which is, kind of, what a cognisant faerie is, I suppose.