How Mythic, on a scale of 1 to 10?

What is the mythic/magic level of the games you've played in or GMed?

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I'm preparing a whole bunch of new campaign material. Here is one of the sentences from an introductory document:

This got me thinking, it might be a good question to throw out to the community here. How mythic have your games been? (See poll above).

And, more interestingly, how would you describe the levels?

Here's my first take. Feedback, opinions & suggested edits greatly appreciated.

Strong deviation from the "canon" Mythic Europe as presented in official Atlas publications. Far fewer than the rule-of-thumb "1 per 10,000" have The Gift. Most story arcs involve mundane dealings. Very few story arcs involve interaction with the other realms (Divine, Infernal, Faerie). Most mundanes view superstitions as just that - fantasy stories to scare the children. Fantastic creatures & beings almost never encountered. Vis sources & regios are very rare and hard to locate. The rituals of the Clergy have no noticeable effect in the mundane world.

The lower end of the standard of published Atlas sources. Most magi choose to hide their Gift and live separate from normal society. Most mundanes never interact with a Gifted magus. Most believe the stories told about them are wildly exaggerated for dramatic purposes. However, some mundanes "in the know" are aware of magi and the OoH; relations are often strained and characterized by envy, distrust & potential hostility. Vis is difficult to acquire, but most magi are able to get a few/several pawns per year. Faeries interact with humans only in select areas. People are not sure what stories are "superstitions" and which are actual threats. The machinations of angels and devils are real, but most often secret and subtle. Fantastic creatures are rare; most mundanes will never encounter one.

The upper end of the standard of published Atlas sources. Most commoners know that magi and the Gifted exist, even if they rarely interact with them personally. Some of the stories the minstrels tell about magi portray them to be heroes; slayers of beasts & demons that threaten society. Other stories portray them as villains, corrupted by their immense power. There are formal emissaries between the OoH, the Church and the Nobility. Many commoners will encounter fantastic creatures numerous times in their lives, even if it is only in a zoo or on the feasting table at a particularly special celebration. While the workings of angels & demons are generally secret, most commoners know them to be real; they go to church with the firm belief that Faith will protect them. Some merchants earn their entire living by catering to the unique demands of the Gifted and the OoH, and they travel across Europe to attend the various Tribunals.

The term "myth" is almost never used, as there are no myths - all the fantastic stories are true. Magic is a common theme in the daily lives of all humans. Most daily tools are enchanted in some form; only the poorest of the poor toil with "mundane" tools. Most people learn minor cantrips as part of daily life. Most communities perform large magical rituals on a regular basis. Angels & demons openly & visibly contest for human souls. Faeries live side-by-side with humans. Fantastic creatures are seen on a regular basis. Vis is plentiful and openly traded in regular markets; a commodity. There is no need for magi of the Order of Hermes to segregate themselves - those with the Gift live openly and comfortably alongside the un-Gifted (except for those Gifted who choose to live as pariahs and enemies of society). Clergy and other Holy practitioners perform miracles that are open and visible.

I voted a 6.
But not exactly like the description.

To avoid a big chunk of problems, we basically use "reality+", instead of "reality altered according to some people´s opinions".
Ie instead of changing, we simply add the magic and the "fantastic" stuff while superstitions and beliefs that contradicts reality (including the additions) are simply superstitions and beliefs.

I voted six for my present game. However the previous game was a solid 8. Personalities of the Genus locus from the cave of twisting shadows fragmented apart then threw all of Ireland into a regio in a misguided attempt to pull all of the world into permanent twilight by creating a "hole" large enough for the universe to drain through.

In have played from 1 to 9 so far. Usually around 6 or so, but with a solid presence of the lower levels as well in a lot of adventures. Minor magics are common IMS, as well as big magics. Most people will not interact with the big stuff most of the time, though. Magi, being who they are, are much more likely to go BIG here, so they are common in the small frame of the magi niche, but big stuff is small if you take the whole world into consideration.


I've been playing in a long running 4th ed. game that's about a 3. One session out of 6 or 7 will have something supernatural.

I'm running a 6. Lots of mundane interraction, but there will almost always be a supernatural "twist" involved.


Game i'm in is a 1. First time in a year last night, ran into something supernatural. Its pretty boring at a 1.