How quickly does your saga progress?

How many seasons pass on average in your (non pbem, non pbp) saga every (real life) season?

  • No more than 1 (game time runs no faster than real time)
  • More than 1, up to 3
  • More than 3, up to 10
  • More than 10, up to 30
  • More than 30, up to 100
  • More than 100

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From a number of comments I've seen on this forum, it would seem that quite a number of sagas progress rather slowly, with few of them spanning more than one or two decades. I was wondering whether this is the case.

N.B. If your saga is play by post, or play by email, please do not vote! These types of "asynchronous" roleplaying always progresses very slowly, and they would bias the results.

i've been playing for about a year in 4th ed and never done any lab work. We meet once a week and a sesson will cover at most a few days game time.

Our saga started in August 2007, and the game was set in 1156.

We are now in 1174 and no intention of ending anywhere soon. We meet about 4 times a month, so an average of... nearly 1 year/IRL month?

We tend towards a season per game session on average as some seasons may have a lot going on and sometimes we will be able to go a year of game time with no incident and catch up on the lab work

We average about a year per session.

Just in case it was not clear, the question was about how many seasons per season, not per session.

I am not so much interested about how quickly game progresses when you play, but how quickly game progresses overall, regardless of how frequently people play (so 1 year/session with 1 session/month is essentially equivalent to 1 season/session with 1 session/week).

And so I voted(3-10 which kinda fits our highly variable gaming scedule) - but since I considered the answers listing how much game time that passes per session to be more intresting to me, I figured that someone else might think alike.

Definitely! Sorry about that - I noticed that sometimes polls "drift" because someone makes a mistake and people follow suit. Thanks for voting!

I'm going to have to reply "other". There is too much variability for an average to make much sense. We've been meeting for I think three and a half years and have covered 15 game years but some sessions cover half a council meeting on one day.

That counts as 3-10 then. Remember, the poll question says "on average"!

I voted 3-10. In allmost 3 years we covered 28 years. Since we play weekly this is about 1 season per session. But I need to say, this is highly variable and somewhere we skipped some time.

We go through about 6 seasons per season IMS which means about one season per game session, and I think it is painfully slow sometimes. Maybe that makes me a munchkin without the real spirit of role-playing. I don't know. Kallista, I don't know you you feel about that, but I couldn't handle "a few days per session," I think I'd probably PeCo myself.

That's why I am going to play some PbP... I've done fake lab work with some characters to see what they could do if given a season. But really never played past the first year of apprenticeship.

We go so slow... at times it's really fun because it's roleplay focused. Other times it gets borring because if my character is researching a spell... I don't get to play the character for weeks or months.

So to put it into a season comparison. We go slightly slower than real time. An in game season takes us more than a real life season to play out.

It seems incredibly weird to me. Are there no time abstractions at all in your sessions?

Well these forums have been a big eye opener for me.

The most my troupe has advanced game time has been in a session has been a week. Since we play once a week...

Normaly we get 2-3 days game time in a session.

So i think we are advancing at a rate of about 1/2 : game time to real time.

Yikes... Thats amazingly slow. And doesnt really suit AM at all, well not unless you run "scenario"-style with all characters pre-generated and then discarded...

My vote went to the "more than 10, up to 30", but time has moved faster still than that sometimes.
We try to set up years a bit in advance so everyone has their "actions" chosen, and then play out any RP-ing, sometimes multiple separate stories happening during different times of a year, using troupe-style so everyone present always has character(s) to play for the RP.

That is painfully slow, even for a PbP game!
In live games, I like to go at least a season every session, maybe up to a year. Sometimes, after lengthy stories like the sort you describe (where only a day passes after several sessions), I like to let a few years fly by to even out the average.

Usually we tend to play short adventures of 21 or 2 sessions. After that as much as 5 years can develop in a single season. We play highlights, but we devote the season to council meetings, the introduction of the odd PC , to receive news and do lab work and advance the main characters (grogs et al are advanced at the home of the players). So every 3 seasons we play 3-5 years. 2 adventures between tribunals, mostly

There are also bursts of activity, with 1 or 2 years getting an adventure per season, but they are more exceptions than rules.



Wow. :open_mouth:

I hate to say anyone is playing a game "wrong" but that is definitely not the way Ars Magica was designed to played.

Depends on the season. I've had some seasons where we've had lots of in game stuff and little downtime. I've had other seasons where we whizz through a few years.

All told my Saga covered 25 odd years across 4 years of real time.