hugh ex merinita

First problem- magi characters native to Ireland are supposed to be started during their Macgnímarth, prior to passing their gauntlet. Foreign magi may be started at up to 7 years past gauntlet.

I mean him to be foreign. He's coming from Normandy.

You seem to have given him multiple initiations that we did not discuss...

I meant this to be my way of proposing them, sorry. Wasn't assuming they'd be approved, and of course I will remove if you don't like them. Basically I had the idea of a Diedne cult within Merinita.

the existence of a Diedne cult, partially within Merinita certainly makes sense, but it would need it's own cult lore to begin with...
also I will need to construct the cult and what abilities it initiates, which may not follow the initiations you want...
which is why the standard method is to write the magus at gauntlet and discuss the mystery cult, not write an entire character as a proposal for a mystery cult.

got it, sorry. I was just trying to be expeditious. I thought with the structure of Merinita having lots of subcults within it that each have their own set of scripts it would be under the same Lore.

Sorry for taking so long on this- I sort of did a deep dive into what the Diedne aspect would be before I looked more closely at what you were trying to do here...

What I'm going to have is within Merinita is a secret society which seeks the wisdom of Diedne, rumored to be all kinds of things- most of the initiations can be done with organization lore (Merinita) but the mystagoges also teach an organization lore (diedne cult) to some that they trust- and those are the ones who are able to initiate diedne magic: you will have to have it at a minimum of 1 to initiate that.
I'm still figuring which initiations they perform and in what order besides the diedne initiation...
there are also rumors that the diedna organization is much larger and more complex than what can be seen from the seekers of wisdom.

You can also have Diedne magic as part of your apprenticeship, if your parens simply taught those secrets to you...

I like your secret society idea. But I can do it the simpler way if you prefer that.

here are the initiations I have:
Arcadian travel (Seekers of wisdom)

Intitiate a minor virtue known by the mystagogue: target:15

Must meet at a specific time and place (+3), which the initiate must discover on their own (+3), then they must face the challenge of the guardian- a faerie creature charged with keeping out the “unworthy” (+3). Provided the mystagogue has a pres+lore of 6+ this will initiate the supplicant

Arcadian travel (line of Quendalin)

Initiate a minor virtue known to the mystagogue: target:15

The mystagogue spends a season (+3) teaching the supplicant the lore of faeries that the supplicant can seek the appropriate faerie in arcadia (+3) where they are given a lesser charm (+3) which empowers the arcadian travel. (gives +2 to next initiation, and +1 to successive initiation)

Bind the gift (house)

Minor virtue possessed by the mystagogue: target:15

The mystagogue must spend a season teaching survival to the initiate (+3) who must then make an arduous trek through a perilous journey (+3) to a remote wilderness spot(+3) to complete the ceremony

Diedne magic (seekers of wisdom)

Major virtue possessed by the mystagogue: target:21

The initiate must meet the mystagogue at a remote ancient stone circle (+3) where they must swear a binding oath to ancient deities, forswearing the monotheistic religions (+9), offering up a sacrifice of any religious items they own (+1) and pledging to never reveal the membership of the seekers lest they invite an undefined magical plague upon themselves (+3). Confers +6 for next initiation and +3 for the next following.

Cool, thanks. I added the second org lore

hugh appears to have had 8 minor and 1 major virtue at gauntlet...
also not sure where you got the initiation ritual for binding the gift
similarly for the diedne magic initiation
its like you completely ignored my post

also please avoid using generic labels like "season log" for things specific to a given character, as these will then become the page any character would link to if they use that label.

Sorry, didn't ignore, just forgot to update the log.

Changes made.

Are you ok with the Puca familiar? Should I make him up? (It's not an archetype in the book, but a shapeshifting faerie to fit with his Muto focus.)

Go ahead and make it up and let me look at it- the Puca is something that has a lot of different understandings on what it is, and I want to see yours before I approve it.
most of the time it is spelled pooka and has a habit of drowning people, which I would have associated with aq rather than Mu.

I was basing off this:úca and this: (Note, the latter one is Irish but at the beginning mentions that the same stories/faeries found in Brittany.)

Basically they change shapes and play pranks on people, and if people take their pranks in good humor they respond in good humor as well and the pranks are harmless, but if people don't respond well they get malicious. I saw one minor reference to drowning people but doesn't seem to be the main thing; but we can just go with the shapeshifting mischief-maker concept and a different name if you want.

go ahead and keep the name, but expect that people from different areas will have a different idea what it is, and its reputation may be variable.

Are there changes/corrections I still need to make?

sorry, hadn't looked at hugh for a minute- I'm not sure how score 12 with a +5 works given the house rules for affinities. If you put 55 points in it would be 82.5 points in the art, which is a score of 12 +4.5, if you put 56 points in its 84 points which is 12 +6. assuming you mean 55 in each that puts you at a calculated age 35 rather than age 33, which is further past gauntlet than I established as the possible range.

My mistake, my spreadsheet does the affinity with .5 but was rounding up the 4.5 to 5. I will fix.

I have 300 apprentice xp and 180 post-apprentice, am I doing a math error?