Ice Elemental

I have been looking at the Elemental rules in RoP:Magic, and I am wondering if there can be a variant Water Elemental that comes from rarefied ice?

Ice is a natural form of Water, and icebergs calving off a glacier into a glacial lake would appear to be suitable for rarefying.

Has anyone made an Ice Elemental?

I've seen poop elementals but that was made by an unfortunate combination of hermetic arts rather than any natural ratification.

It absolutely can be. I have not made one and I don’t have any ideas to give, but I will listen to this thread.

Kevin Smith, is that you?

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Sure. Just take an earyh elemental and reskin it.

Decide if melting hurts it, or just gives it different attacks, though.

Yeah, I'd take the base statistics of an earth elemental and maybe modify the powers to be more interesting.

So, you are suggesting that a hypothetical Ice Elemental would have:

  1. Earth Elemental's "Crush" power
  2. Water Elemental's "Chill Touch" power

Being crystalline, I might imagine it could have a variation of a Fire Elemental's "Fascination" power when lit up by a light source.

If that's what you want, take it. Not every ice elemental is the same in this game, much as not every dragon is the same. What do you want this specific one to have?

In the game I am running (hopefully not too poorly), I have several first-time Ars players.

One of them has decided to play an Hermetic Elementalist with an interest in ice. Her character already has a Magical Animal Companion (an Arctic Fox), and her wish list is to "Summon elementals, especially Ice elemental", so I am trying to work out if it is possible, and what the result might look like.

I am re-reading RoP:Magic after several years, and finding that my understanding of it is, skewed, to say the least.

Well, the cool news for her is that it looks like several different things.

Lets use fire elementals as they are eaier to conceptualise. A cheeky, cheerful candleflame is a fire elemental. A sarcastic gossipy hearth fire is also a fire elemental. A horror ravaging a city that wants to bake humans like pies is also an elemental.

You don't need to put all of your good ice elemental ideas into one thing: you can have a homicidal icicle, a beautiful frozen waterfall, and a lake that really hates fish and throws them at people. You can have a whole bestiary of ice creatures.

Also, as a freebie for an adventure idea, do you know about the Frost Fairs? I think the plot hook at the end might be a way for her to find an apprentice.

Thanks for the comments about assorted elemenals. The "homicidal icicle" is now stuck in my head...

I knew of the Frost Fairs of the 18th Century, but I thought the 13th Century too warm, as the Greenland colonies were still going strong. But I will consider it now, as my saga says the Thames generates some elemental energies thanks to London bridge starlings set in a Sacred Geometry pattern (the original NPC magi put a lot of effort into moving the starlings a few crticial feet into just the right mystic alignment)

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