If you make it, will they come?

Well, since I publicly stated that if Atlas opened a PbP area, I'd run a game there... Well, I'm looking for players. The first post in the "GMs looking for players" board is up. This invitation is open to all who wish to play, on a first come, first serve basis. However, you'll have to put up with me as a SG, and my strange twists on the rules. :slight_smile:

Link to Invitation


I'm not sure how it all works but if you point me in the right direction I'll have a go.

Despite the smiley , could i have an explanation for this comment.

If the general opinion is that "i don't play well with others" but you have to be seen to be fair due to use terms ,
please don't do me any favours.


Simply put, the game is open to everyone who wants to join. Slots are issued on a first come, first serve basis. You and Abe got specific mention simply because you're in my ignore list. It was meant seriously, but in a lighthearted way. The downside is, you have to deal with me and my quirks as a GM.

You are in my ignore list for various reasons that I won't go into here, not because you "...don't play well with others...".

To the Board at Large:

I wasn't intentionally singling anyone out in my invitation, and was simply trying to state the game was open to all who wanted to apply for a slot. I apologize to anyone who has taken offense to this. I will edit the initial invitation to remove that reference.


The mere fact that you mentioned my name , for whatever reason ,
is predisposing other forumites to treat anything i post as suspect somehow.
("Why is this person on his Ignore list" , he must really be "off" to have this done.)

As i mentioned in my complaint to Michelle Nephew ,
the fact that you are one of the two people trusted to remove spam ,
gives anything you say a more "official"- sounding status.

People are obviously free to make whatever judgement of me they want.

To be singled out (along with Abe) and made an example of ,
means that i could not reasonably expect fair treatment.
Especially from someone who has me on their Ignore List.

Ravenscroft, PLEASE take this into private discussion (via private messages, mails, whatever), you're ruining the thread.

Kryslin: I'm afraid I don't have the time :slight_smile: Have fun.

And this is exactly my problem with the original post.
It must be my fault for daring to ask for an explanation.

If this had been approached less "oh , you can play too" ,
i would have been given the courtesy of a private message first.

This game sounds fun already! LOL

I only want to play if Ravenscroft and Abe play.

You should play if you really want to ,
the whole idea was to get new players involved.

As of this evening, all slots for play are filled.


Will marklawford and EdC send me a private message, Re : Intent to Play?


How does PbP work, anyway? Does everyone agree to all be on at a certain day/ time? I've never tried it before.

Just the opposite! That would be a chat-based game (one of which also was started/discussed here recently- forget the thread, maybe ~1-2 months old?).

There are a couple different approaches, but in theory, it reads like a story. An "In-Character" thread is started by the SG (or one for each sub-story line.) Players post for their character(s), usually a bit longer than a single action, but whatever the situation calls for. After each character has been accounted for (or a reasonable amount of time, depending on the "speed" of the game), the SG posts again, both for NPC's and perhaps also a "summation" of all the action, a sort of synopsis to resestablish a common point in reality and start the cycle again.

Players phrase their posts in terms of "intentions", not assuming too much success nor any responses on the part of other characters. The SG posts actions for NPC's (and any PC's who hadn't posted recently?), and responds with the success/failure/results of any efforts by NPC's, and then the cycle is repeated as the plot/action progresses.

A single post might describe a single action (during combat), or a season or more (during "down time"/study.) It requires a bit of "getting used to" each other, the style/pace of the GM and what they expect, and in general the better the SG describes the situation in advance, the smoother the Players' responses can be.

If desired, all references to dice, math and other game mechanics can be left out or put into "private messages" to the SG, and only IC issues are publicly posted. At its best, it reads like a novel (good or no, depending on the writing), and at the other end of the spectrum more like a transcript of a table-top game, if the players are only posting dry actions (like "I attack the nearest enemy"). :frowning:

The attractions are that if I can only post at midnight GMT, and you at noon, and the SG after 6, we can still proceed at one "post"/day. The disadvantages are that it ~can~ move slowly, but that in part depends on exactly how far in advance players "predict" their characters' possible options/actions in a single post.

Check out some of the games on RPoL for some different examples/approaches:

rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=20278&g ... 1174935508

That sounds better than I thought! Thanks!

Should any players drop out, please post the invite again! I'd love to join, but was out of the country during the invite.


I've already got a waiting list, I'll add you to it.