Increasing a creatures it possible?

Serf parma...
CreoAnimal(vim) lets you create a magical creature from scratch at the cost of a pawn a point [size=75](or is it a pawn a magnitude?)[/size] up to the level of the spell. Since the base to do this is 50, you can create a 50 MM creature if you have the vis

Creo animal also allows you to increase a creatures characteristics

It would make sence to me that CreoAnimal should also beable to grant might to an existing creature.

While this would probally be a breakthrough what would it look like? Is the following reasonable?

All of the following cost Vis as if creating the might from scratch
level 25: Grant a creature 5 might points not to exceed a total of 5
level 30: Grant a creature 10 might points not to exceed a total of 10
level 35: Grant a creature 15 might points not to exceed a total of 15
level 40: Grant a creature 20 might points not to exceed a total of 20
level 50: Grant a creature 30 might points not to exceed a total of 30

I figure it would be harder to grant a MM rathar than create one from scratch so level 50 doesn't give a 50 MM.


Serf's parma, but doesn't any spell to create a creature with might require a vim requisite?

I'd make might increaser ritual a creo vim spell rather than a creo animal (of course you could argue that an animal requisite is required and thus the issue is acaddemic).

I also wouldn't require a breakthrough.

The guidelines in the book are not exhaustive. Rituals already exist to increase attributes. Creo vim has got to be just about the lamest TeFo combination for spells in the game (although vis distillation makes it usefull despite its lame spells).

If you make the ritual sufficently difficult to ensure that every familiar in mythic Europe isn't wandering about with a fifty might, I don't see a problem with making it available to magi without research or mysteries.

I sometimes am concerned that too many of the cool options are restricted to mystery/research only and not available to every magus.

Correct. which is why I had said "...CreoAnimal(vim) lets you create a magical creature from scratch..."

I agree, either way it has a requisite so I wont worry about what heading I put it under.

I figured a minor breakthrough would help to explain why all the familiars dont have high Mights. But if you were to continue the trend I sugested a 50 might would be a base 70 spell with the requires Vis so maybe it wouldn't be needed....And then you would have to get penetration too, so if the creature had a 40 might raising it to 50 would require a 116 casting total? (70 +5touch +41penetration)

Well, presumably the creature would surpress its resistence if it was a familiar (or do you rule that they can't)?

I didn't think it was possible to surpress resistance...parma yes. but the rest?

Why would Magical Might need to be supressed in order to increase it?

If it is considered a characteristic ,
then it has a maximum value that it can be increased to.
A Might Score is natural to Magical Creatures , even if it is zero.

Human characteristics can only be increased to +05.
A maximum of 10 points , if you start at -05.
I don't know if there are any official guidelines on Might Scores.

If we use the CrCo and CrMe base guidelines
for using CrVi to increase Magical Might ,
but make the increase +05 per magnitude.
The maximum you could raise a Might Score to would be 50.

The rulebook is quiet on the issue. Logically speaking, this seems to indicate that creatures with might can not lower their defense as the rulebook does go into detail regarding how a magus can lower their defense. I prefer to let critters with might surpress if they wish to as the book doesn't explicitly state that they can not (but I realize I am supporting the weaker position).

Because your casting a spell on it, you need to lower your resistance or have penetration.

Not sure I agree that there is an upper limit on might. (I want to beable to throw in a might 70 creature to definitivly smite all the magi if I feel particularly evil)
I'd rathar just have the upper limit be controlled by the difficulty of the spell and the vis requirements

I'm bookless so i'll have to check latter, but when a magi suppresses his parma does it lower his form resistance too? If the answer is yes then I'd allow for MM suppression.

In this case the caster (Agnar) wouldn't have to worry about resistance at all...

pg 105, LH column, third Paragraph...

So let your familiar growl all it wants...If you want to cast a spell on him...too bad.

Actually when I originally posted this I wasn't thinking about familiars...

Not suggesting that there is an upper limit on Might ,
as the ST can always use whatever the saga requires.
But if Players are doing such things ,
then in game guidelines may be needed.
The usual response is a Mystery option.