Infernal Magic Guidelines as Hermetic Spells

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I would like to know if there's a Virtue, like holy magic for divine, that let's you use infernal guidelines for Hernetic casting.


IIRC Cthonic Magic does that. Noble's Parma though.

Thank you! I read Chthonic magic before but it didn't state it clearly like Holy Magic did.

What is Noble's Parma?

Noble's Parma: "I'm doing this from memory, because I'm too lazy to go and find the reference."

See also:

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Do you know where I could find it?

find what? you mean the "Cthonic magic" virtue? If that is what you mean, then I suppose RoP:I (that is: "Realms of Power- The Infernal") would be the book of your choice. But I cannot say for sure since I have not read that book and have not used Cthonic magic in my own game.

check this list to make sure:

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The Noble's Parma you were talking about :slight_smile:

Edit: now I understand.

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Having just re-read Chthonic Magic, it doesn't do quite what you want.
Though to be honest, I think I'd rather have Chthonic Magic as written.

If what you want is an infernal version of holy magic, the easiest thing to do is to just copy paste the description of holy magic rename it "unholy magic" and have it do the exact same thing, but unholy.

If you want to use infernal guidelines for hermetic magic here is a virtue for you:

Infernal magic
Minor/major - Supernatural/Hermetic virtue
Lets you use infernal guidelines for hermetic magic. You can use any Infernal R/D/T when designing your spells and if there are any specific magical effects that exist in infernal magic but not in hermetic magic you can use those effects when designing spells as well. Your magic counts as being aligned to the infernal for all purposes. This virtue automatically grants you the flaw "Dark Secret" for no extra benefit, as practicing magic that is aligned to the Infernal is a hermetic crime and being found out will surely result in your character being subject to a Wizard's march.

I just made up this virtue hence the unhelpful assessment as to whether it is minor, major, hermetic or supernatural. Since I invented the virtue it is impossible for me to give an accurate assessment of how powerful it is and how it should be calculated for character design purposes. That can only be decided by discussion with your troupe.


Thank you both for the help! :slight_smile:

It's been a looong time, and Serf's Parma, but I believe that you may use an infernal guideline for a given Power (say, Debauchery), if you've got the appropriate virtue.

Meaning you'd need all 4 requisite virtues to access all the Infernal guidelines.

EDIT, 2 days later: I checked, and, unless I missed it (which I doubt), I was wrong.

If you have Chthonic Magic and an Infernal Method and Power, you can use the guidelines in a Hermetic ritual.

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