Interdict fallout

Interested in discussing the results of a prolonged interdict given the game rules (it seems historically they were largely ignored or made people angry with the pope for involving them in the king's business, but were still used as threats for diplomatic reasons)
As I mentioned elsewhere as divine auras fall (much more rapidly than they do naturally) it seems to me that faeries would be the first to move in since they need no human assistance, though this assumes there were no latent auras being suppressed by the divine- many churches were built on top of ancient temples and there could be a latent magical auras in some of them from centuries of use in rituals. The general assumption of infernal infestation might occur in terms of demons coming to tempt people, but would have no immediate aura association...


For players and GMs who want to play in a setting where the Dominion is weak, Portugal is a great little sandbox. Lots of faeries? Sure! Old magical auras returning? Sounds good to me. And if you want demons tempting people to sin—which is one of the big ways infernal auras get made—you can do that instead.

If you want your players to make the most of this time period, you could start a saga in, say, 1217 when the interdict has been in effect for 5 years, reducing most affected auras to 0. Then they’ll have about 6 years to either build themselves (and the auras they like) up, or find some way to ensure the interdict is never lifted.

Or just enjoy a saga bound by a decade. Many sagas don’t last that long anyway!


I'd play that. Sounds like a solid concept.


I'm considering a fictional interdict either in an existing game (from the beginning) or starting around year 2 when most of the town or city will be devoid of a dominion aura but the churches would still be okay for the next year (unless they fall below an underlying magic aura or something- imagine having a divine aura around the altar but most of the church has a magical aura...)