Interogatorry of Cecelio

Carmen calls the meeting to order. After the formalities and rigmarole, she calls Cecilo forward.
Please intoduce yourself and tell us a bit about you. What are your intentions? Why do you seek membership at Andorra? Whence came you? Are you now or have you ever been a member of House Diedne? Are you a Diedne sympathizer? Are you prepared for magical interrogatorry?

I assume some sort of spell or another has been cast for honesty detection?

Cecilio takes a moment to compose herself before beginning "I am Cecilio ex Bonisagus, the Younger-"
Before Purity interrupts "You told me House Diedne had been wiped out. I am going to be very upset if that was a lie."
They have been. I'm sorry, Purity is... well she hates the infernal and any who serve it."
"What? Infernalists are delicious!"
"She kills and eats them. Anyway, I've never been a member of House Diedne, I'm not a member of House Diedne and I don't sympathize with them. If I knew of any, I would be figuring out a way to kill them."
Cecilio pauses again before getting back to before the interruption "My intentions are to do research. My most immediate project would be to practice healing and attempt to compose my techniques into something others can use and develop. My next project would be to raise a Gifted daughter; if we're being honest it will probably involve a miracle or kidnapping, although I'm hoping for a breakthrough. I seek membership at Andorra because I lack a covenant and Andorra has the resources to accomplish my first goal. A hospital with patients to practice on. Additionally, I'd like to be able to add my works to the library here. I originally hail from the Rhine where my mother and parens lives, Cecilio the Elder. After my gauntlet I spent time as an itinerant maga, mostly in the Rhine. I encountered your solades on my trip to the City of Brass. My most recent location was the void attempting and failing to catch an infernal rabbit. What year is it by the way? With that I hope I'm prepared for my magical interrogatory. That's just some Intellego spells right?"

Yes, they use Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie.

Yes. Along with an official list of questions the council agreed to. Answers are recorded and laced in your permenant record :smiling_imp:
But that comes in a moment. Carmen's opening salvo was just some informal interduction.

The list of questions is actually on the wiki now:

((I have the best players ever! There is no way I cold ever maintain this level of detail and quaility without the contributions everyone makes. For examle, I never wrote that wiki ppage and I never knew it was there. But it is soooo super fantastic awesome that it is there. :smiley:

Submitting to Intellego magic is voluntarilly. But so is considering a ppetetion. So, if QPaC wants to follow the link and answer thw questions, playing as if Arachne or Solomon administered the spell, go for it :slight_smile:

It is traditional for me to have a character informally pose the Diedne question phrased that way. It got twisted around a bit when it made it to the official list. If you know anything of US history, I am paraphrasing McCarthy from the 50's. It amuses me that the joke went right over Fixer's head and the official lines came out mixed up. But the meaning and intent is accurate.

After getting the Intellego Spells on Cecilio will answer the official questions.
"I've never supported a known practitioner of Diedne Magic, and I don't sympathize with their cause. Once upon I time I wondered if they really were infernalists, but then I met Purity and have first hand information. I definitely don't intend to harm or deceive anyone this covenant, its members, or its covenfolk. Really, I don't want anyone hurt unless there on team infernal. I wouldn't try to infiltrate a covenant, with the nefarious purposes it implies, or have my memories altered to deceive anyone. I'd probably agree to something as part of a test by the covenant I'm joining. Like if you had a spell to insert a memory and make me forget that and then you question me and see if I evade reporting the memory somehow. Or if you offered me some Faerie Wine mixed with decanted memories I'd probably drink that as part of general festivities. "
"She actually did that once. She thought she was a master demon slayer for like three hours."
"I wouldn't betray this covenant at any price."
"Even for a spell to annihilate all demons? Or one of your family members?"
"I'd discount the first offer as impossible and a lie, before telling the covenant. I'd tell the covenant about the second since blackmailers will just keep blackmailing. Better to deal with it as a team. Really, trusting people who deal in betrayal is a bad idea. They'll just betray you."
"Ooh smart."
"As far as I know I've never consorted with forces of the infernal. Actually, demons seem to hate me. I can't even walk into an infernal aura without being attacked."

That was the very best set of ansers ever. I say e vote this girl in right away!

Not bad, says Arachné.
Definitely better than some past members.

But that is not all, in my opinion. Some covenants are just a gathering of magi.
How did Euronymous of Tytalus said it? Ah, yes. Those are usually buried by time and dust.
Andorra has always been more, which is how it has survived, despite all odds. Working toward our goals is fine, and our privilege as magi. But if we live alone, we die alone. Each of the magi here did something to further the covenant's growth, if only in helping me complete a defense project. I Wonder about your mistress, purity. Does she smells like team spirit? Or is she a lone wolf? She turns her head towards Cecilio, looking her in the eye What says you?

(Ok, I had fun with musical references here :blush: )

Purity answers first I've never met or smelled a team spirit. Usually spirits don't have any smell at all actually, if what I've learned of Hermetic theory is right. Whatever mystic senses you have might get interpreted by your brain that way, but-
Cecilio laughs, but speaks to keep things from going off the roads, so to speak "I think you're being a bit to literal. You make a good point. The real strength and power of magi only comes through cooperation. I've approached this covenant because of what it has for me to contribute too, and of course benefit from. Most obviously, the hospital and library. Even as I benefit from people to practice upon, your hospital will benefit from my healing spells. I want to contribute my texts to this library because Durenmar quite frankly lacks that spirit. They horde their knowledge trying to ensure their place by keeping others from benefiting. Andorra is an industrious covenant who will at least put it to good use. I hope to work with Fleur on fertility research. None of that's contingent on my being granted membership. I'd still work in the hospital if you let me and I'd still contribute to this library resources permitting."
I feel compelled to point out Cecilio is terrible at bargaining and budgeting and I don't think anyone will give us a pack of free parchment and a bookbinder's time.

I object!!

An invisible voice shouts out from the fireplace. Don Diego "Cidito" (el gato gordito) steps out of the flame, becoming visible before he continues.
I doesn't trust talking dogs. And you can totally smell spirits. Cats can anyway. Or least I can. I think...
Anyways! I say her familiar should answer the same questions too. Nobody else here has a dog familiar. That should be a red flag right there!

Roberto shakes his head. [color=red]Caliate! piche gato estupido...
Heh heh, I do apologize. My cat is a, um, sphincter heh-heh. No familiar has taken questioning, and if your's does then all should. But it is redundant.
And my first choice for a familiar would have been a loyal hound, but the cat beat him up and chased it away. Heh heh. So I picked the cat because he had bigger eggs. He is still a jack, but a ferocious and clever one.
Just like me :slight_smile:
Which makes me think. Maybe all Familiars should get the same questionarre after all. But if you want to get that paranoid, might as well Apromor test everyone.

Arachné raises a brow
She pauses a little, leaving room for some other magi to express themselves
I don't like it. Having ot answer and decide for me is one thing, subjecting intissar to the same process is something else. But Roberto is right. We can't dismiss the possibility of a traitorous or infernal familiar, maybe even one who would have deceived its mage. This could be almost as devastating to us than a traitorous maga.
So if we agree on this, I'll see with Intissar that she'd be the first to be put through.

"If we do this, then do we also require each magus' familiar to be interrogated before taking them as a familiar to remain in the covenant? How close is this treading to depriving a magus of magical power?"

Vibria shakes her head. [color=red]"If we want to get that paranoid, why even bother having a covenant? Why not return to the glory days of before the Founding, when everyone had to go it alone?" she says sarcastically.

[color=red]"I don't like it, not one bit. Not enough to make me quit, but if we do this it will give us fits.

"It's not just a question of whether this could be interpreted as attempting to deprive a maga of her power, but the maga is (and correct me if I'm wrong, Solomon) responsible for the actions of her Familiar, and her answers should also count for the familiar. Likewise, would we also subject an Apprentice to this interrogatory while he's under the auspices of his magus?"

[color=red]Hey guys, I was not serious. I may have been thinking out loud and the idea may have minor merit. But that is far outweighed by the concerns mentioned just now. And Cidito isn't being serious. He is being a jack. He dislikes cannines. Don't listen to him.
I would sooner Apromor test everyone than lay on this additional burden.

Cecilio watches the conversation "Its good to be cautious. But familiar and magus have their bond. It'd be essentially impossible for one to betray the other. Barring infernal intervention. Which means- "
Purity takes this opportunity to "stand" her front paws on the table holding up, and quite excitedly interrupts "I know where this is going! We blast everyone with those anti-infernal spells. Which reminds me, Cecilio you need to learn some. That's your first lab project when we get one. Until then, demon blasting for everyone! Plus it will get demon fleas out if you have any. "
"I agree with Purity on this. Demon's Eternal Oblivion and the like are always welcomed. What's Apromor?"

[color=red]Flambeau had two apprentices, Apromor and Delendos. Delendos excelled at Cre, conjuring fire and lightning. Apromor was the grandmaster of Perdo. His classic test, as he wrote, was to cast high level DeO on a subject. There would be no effect if they were not a demon. And if they scream then keep blasting. It doesn't count as scrying and harms nothing except demons.
One flaw though. A relly strong demon could take a hit and not flinch. Or a very powerful one would just resist. But if your skills are solid, then unless you are straight up against Bael or some such, you should be good.

In case you haven't noticed: Yeah, arachné is paranoid :wink:

"Ah, then we can't object to Apromor then. Although I would argue that multiple casts of a weaker version would be more likely to penetrate. I'm probably biased though when it comes to Mastery of spells."
"That guy sounds like he knew what he was talking about. We should go get him."
"He means casting anti-demon spells on everyone. Apromor would be in Twilight or dead by now."
"I thought we had already agreed on demon blasting?" Purity is sounding a little confused at this point.
"So anyone who knows the right spells feel free to apply them. Any other questions while that happens?"

Not from me.

She may not be that bad. She does seem to have some good sense. I think I shall vote her in.