Lands of the Nile

A quick bit of curiosity as I seem to be having little luck searching. The product page indicates that Children of the Nile will be an October release, is this still the case? At least for the PDF through drivethru rpg or so?

Thank you

I've been informed that it normally takes a year after the print release before the pdf becomes available for sale. For the most part, Atlas seems to use Warehouse 23rather than Drivethrurpg or RPGNow.

No idea on the state of Lands of the Nile. Looking forward to it though.

It went to press on the 9th according to Atlas Games Facebook page.

Atlas said it was going to press on Oct 9, on their facebook page. They presented a nice art-piece there, too.

So presumably it should be printed and sent back to Atlas and packaged and released to the wild within Oct too, or at least not far from it.

It depends on the turnaround for the printer. A lot of times, this is around 6 weeks, and then it ships back, and distributes... I'd expect to see the book sometime around mid-late November, based on that information.


So... If it's gone to print, shouldn't the pdf be available now?

Atlas has a policy, if I recall correctly, of holding the release of the PDF until the print copies are sold? Or something similar. It will be a little while before the PDFs become available.


I wish they would sell them both. Honestly, I'd buy them both anyways. The PDFS are really useful for searching, and for reading during breaks at work etc. But they will never ever replace the books. I only have RoP:M in pdf form and I am sad as can be. I don't think that the pdfs would really hurt the sales of the books. I have basically a copy of every single book, and also pdf's of all of them.

Oh please no. Really? I thought we've had PDFs way before I've seen the books in my store... and my store is the king of all stores (Hairy Tarantula, Toronto). Please say it's aint so!

As was mentioned upthread, the policy is to release the PDF a year after the book is released. So if it will come out in November 2015, the PDF should come out in November 2016.

I only buy PDFs now. So I'd be very very happy if Atlas will change this policy. But this is the current policy to my understanding.

Atlas Games have said that hey will speed it up with PDF now that the line is ending. But it will probably take a little while after the hardcopy is released before the PDF arrive

Is it out?

I haven't seen it yet

Lands of the Nile should hit our warehouses around the middle of this month.

The PDF should be available via Warehouse 23 in a couple of months, as we roll out each PDF that remains in the backlist.

Did it arrive? :smiley:


And will the product page for Dies Irae be up soon? :wink:

Lands of the Nile is up on the released section, but it does not yet have the 'buy here' button yet.

Edit: Found the Amazon link


It should be shipping now, but there's an obscure US holiday coming up that might slow down its appearance in shops.

\o/ -^ Yay!

Stagger shipping to distribution warehouses happened late last week! International always ships out ahead of domestic to give the shipment time to travel. Look for it in stores by the end of the month.

Dies Irae has no web page yet since I'm still waiting on the cover, but soon.