Learned magicians and integration

Hi this will be my first post on the forums. I've played Ars Magica for several years now and only just recently joined the forums. I am running a campaign in which one of the players was wanting to integrate the Learned magicians, and in particular the Fortunam form. I was hoping for some input on the various spell guidelines for each technique+Fortunam combination. Also any other potential breakthroughs that the tradition might lead to, aside from the single use charged items.
Thanks for the help.

Integrating someone else's Art directly into the Hermetic Arts is, in general, a silly integration. Fundamentally, Fortunam wasn't designed to be cut-and-pasted straight into the Hermetic system. Instead, ask what your player wants to be able to do with the Art in question and see if it can be massaged into working, either within the existing system or with some slight adjustments. I don't see it working directly with Hermetic Techniques.

One thing that Learned Magicians can provide is Insight into breaking the Limit of Arcane Connection.

Season Duration would be highly useful, allowing for long non-ritual effects.

Also, Mythic Alchemy might allow the possibility of permanent Muto effects. Decide with your troupe whether you want to allow something that big, though - it breaks the Limit of Essential Nature.

Thank you for the reply and suggestions. In regards to Fortunam the player was wanting to create a new art within hermetic theory covering Fortunam. As it does not already have similar hermetic effects that I could work it in through I was hoping for suggestions mostly in regards to Muto, Intellego, and Rego Fortunam guidelines as Creo and Perdo are easy enough to replicate.
In regards to the Mythic Alchemy, I think that I'd prefer to have them work towards a breakthrough of the limit of essential nature. Something I'll work out with my troupe. Again, thank you for the suggestion.
Any further suggestions are always welcome.

Tueor is Rego.

Intellego Fortunam sounds like Divination and may seriously push the Limit of Time. Muto Fortunam, no idea.