Lesser Enchanted Devices and Lab Texts

Ok, perhaps I'm just tired, but I'm working out a situation that hasn't happened before.

Our resident Muto maga is after 16 years creating an item she made in her first year post-Gauntlet.
So, she has a lab text, but as I read the rules for stuff, I'm a bit puzzled.

Her lab total is 54. She's instilled an effect in ANOTHER item (a greater enchantment) that used up 18 points of her lab total.
She wants to create he old lesser enchantment, using the same arts, via her lab text.

Now, how much of her lab total does this take? Is there any benefit to using the lab text? If the ring is an effect that is of level 28, does it take 28 points of her lab total due to her Lab text, or does it require 56 points?

Metacreator is saying she can't do it, but I'm unsure if it's correct in it's "thinking" so to speak.



Without a Lab text, you need to accumulate a number of points equal to the lab total, in excess of the lab total to finish the item, in essence you need double the lab total to do it in a season. So instilling a ReTe 10 effect without lab text would require a lab total of 20 to do in one season. With a lab text, simply have to accumulate the points, meaning that the aforementioned effect would only require a lab total of 10.

I perhaps was not clear.

She's working on a Lesser Enchantment, which from what the book says on page 96, you must invest a Lesser Enchantment in one season.
Given that, what does a Lab Text do for you?

When you don't have a Lab Text, your Lab Total must at the very least equal the effect that you wish to instill, every point of Lab Total after that becomes a point towards completing the enchantment, and you must accumulate a number of points in this manner equal to the level of the enchantment to be instilled. As such you need a Lab Total equal to twice the level of the effect to be instilled in a given item, greater or less, to be able to do the effect in a single season.

Seeing as you cannot spend more than a season on lesser enchanted devices, this means that without a Lab Text, you can only instill effects that have a total level equal to half your Lab Total or less.

With an Enchantment Lab Text, you skip the first half of the process and instead accumulate points towards completion straight off the bat.

With an unspent Lab Total of 36, the character in question could instill an effect of 18th level without a lab text, or an effect up to and including level 36 with a lab text.

Ok, thanks. That was my supposition, but the text was running around in circles in my skull.



Lets you crank out two of them. Which is sometimes useful and desirable. Alternatively, if its someone else's lab text, lets you crank out something you might have difficulty creating yourself.

Yes, I also think that's the right one. Even though creating two lesser enchantments in a single season seems an intriguing option...

By the way, Metacreator has some problems when calculating multiple lab activities for a single season...

YEAH.... I have started noting that, and need to muster the energy to follow through with my bug reports.

Please do. You have my mental support, if that helps...

The other thing you can do is create multiple different items in the same season.

Let's say you have a ReHe lab total of 40. With enough vis and lab texts, you could create four different Lvl10 items in one season. Or you could invent a brand new Lvl 10 spell (spending 20 pts of your LabTotal), and then use lab texts to create another 20 points worth of items in any combination viable.