Letters and Correspondence

Where each player can write the letters they exchange with others, including their praefectum.

The following will be sent to Fengheld via a Redcap from the Lubeck covenant.

To the Masters of Fengheld,

Greetings. My name is Konrad ex Bonisagus, filius Maximianus. I am two years out of gauntlet, having served my apprenticeship at Nigrasaxa covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal. I have spent the last two years traveling and vising family, but am now preparing to devote my future to the study of magic and the betterment of the Order. To that end, I have written this missive to your covenant.

I understand that Fengheld has been willing to accept new magi, and wish to petition for membership. I have received a solid grounding in magical theory during my apprenticeship, and have emerged with a strength in Muto Corpus magic, specifically self-transformation. I believe that I would be a useful addition to your covenant, and will be happy to present myself, at your convenience, for inspection as to my suitability.

In these trying times, I know that each member of a covenant must do their part, and I stand ready to devote myself fully and completely to the betterment of the covenant of Fengheld.

I greatly look forward to your response.

Letters addressed to Konrad Mueller, sent to the Mueller Trading House in Lubeck will find me, as will letters sent care of the Lubeck covenant.

Yours in service to the Order,

Konrad ex Bonisagus

This letter arrives for Konrad at the Mueller Trading House in Lubeck, delivered by a redcap.

[i]To Konrad ex Bonisagus, filius Maximianus, greetings.

Fengheld may indeed have a place for you, sodalis, although we would like to discuss this in person with you before the Council extends an offer of membership to you. If you could visit us, we can establish whether a mutually beneficial arrangment can be reached.

Should you need directions or a guide to travel to us, do not hesitate to ask the redcap who bears this message.
right Stentorius Tremeris
For the Council of Members of Fengheld[/right][/i]

To Master Eule of Bjornaer.

Greeting praefecta,

We're doing good progress on the installation, my sodales are all willing to cooperate to make the chapter House functional as soon as possible and to share the burden equally. We've almost finished to set up all labs we need and we've all learned the spell needed to gather the virtus and we're each taking turn to harvest the virtus. That's quite a burden as it spoils a season every three seasons. You can't really do anything useful magically speaking as you've got the risk to be awakened night and day to collect the virtus, for mow I'm using those seasons to learn basic German.

We really need to find a way to ease the process, having another mage in the chapter House could help. We also need to find a way to make the process automatic in the long run and to improve our gathering.

Anyway, I've completed my three seasons of mandatory service as probationary member and I can now spend more time on my own development. I'll probably going to study one of the summae we brought, probably Intelligo or maybe aquam and learn the spell clothe the naked form. In the long run, I'll try to raise my Muto Aquam total to invent the spell Sculpt the Living Water. I've seem Prima Falke use it in the last Gathering and it's a beautiful spell, it's also very versatile and among it's use I hope I could use it to craft traps for the gas from the vis source if we manage to find their origin. We're trying to find a pattern for the eruptions, but for now it seems completely random.

Concerning the service you asked, I'm afraid I've met no potential apprentice yet.


Renatus Bjoarner.

Maga Dorana:

The chapter house is developing nicely. We are setting up labs, Praetor Renatus has populated the island on which we live with many plants, and I've taken a turn at harvesting the vis. It's no easy task, especially in Winter, and I'm thankful I did not come down with any sicknesses. I have some ideas that will make the harvest more efficient and more convenient, but my Arts are not quite up to snuff yet to implement them. So I will continue to slog through the bog until they are. Once I complete my studies from the Rego summa, I believe I will be set, so there are no further resources that I can think of that I need. Beyond these developments, there is nothing to report. We are keeping a low profile. If there is something I can do for you, please let me know.

Yours in the service of Fengheld,


A few weeks later, Renatus gets a reply from Eule,

[i]To Renatus of Bjornaer, Chapter House of Nimbosa Myrice, Fengheld

It is good to hear from you, fledgling, and I expected to receive news much sooner than this. You should fly to me occasionally, so we can discuss your search for an apprentice. This should be easy, now that you know the location of your chapter house. I am content that things are going well for you over there. Perhaps we can try to locate the lab text you seek?

As for the vis gathering, these things must take their own course and it is expected you be now, and

(signed) Eule[/i]
(OOC: The last paragraph of the letter seems incomplete to Renatus. This is not a mistake from my part, just thought I'd let you know.)