Letters, we got your letters

[i]Proctor scholae Guernici, salve.

I have convinced the magi of Mons Electi to claim their sources as seisin; I have completed all the necessary paperwork and will file it once validated. They have assumed that they will be fined for plundering, and I have not dissuaded them from this assumption. Do you wish to initiate charges?

As the weather is too cold for a fair validation (how do mundanes travel over snow, anyway?), Mons Electi has given me guest status. I think I might spend some time reading Velarian's magnum opus, until the snows clear and their cursor is ready.

I have been here a week, and A has not yet seen fit to leave his laboratory to greet his guests. It seems that only those who have signed his charter ever see him in person. I will gather what information I can, but it would be easier to separate truth from idle gossip if I knew what your suspicions were. I have overheard that A will be paying a visit to Atsingani which will keep him away from home for some time, so I have taken it upon myself to register their vis claims as well. Naturally I will time the visit so that our stays there overlap, but not by so much as to arouse suspicion.

You are likely aware that I have been initiated in Fenicil's rituals, in case you wish to invest any vis into your interest here. I can possibly cast Wisdom of Athena by myself, but it would be less risk of needlessly wasting vis if one other can assist me in its casting. You will understand my refusal to commune with my father. Would Aristarchus be able to? I should appreciate more opportunities to better acquaint myself with your filius, and would be grateful for your blessing on that front.

I resent being used as a catspaw, and hope that you recall how patient I have been on your repeated affronts to my pride when next you observe Cavillor blundering gormlessly through advocation.

Laetitia scholae Guernici[/i]

To Laetitia filia Iudicium scholae Guernici, greetings.

My apologies for not giving my regards before the close of Tribunal, but I was called away on urgent business at my former covenant of Insula Canaria in the Loch Leglean Tribunal.

We have, unfortunately, uncovered some information about one of our sodales and his apprentice that looks to be quite calamitous for all of us here (myself included) concerning possible diabolism and a possible violation of the Code concerning the divulging of Parma Magica, and we would like your urgent counsel before Loch Leglean's next Tribunal meeting at the end of summer.

I am aware that this is very short notice. I pray that you can see your way clear to come to Insula Canaria at the earliest possibility. Any fees that you require in this matter can be negotiated upon your arrival.


Fiona ex Miscellanea

To Korvin ex Mercere, Princeps of Mons Electi Covenant:

Thank you again for taking young Ulrich under your wing for a time while I am attending to urgent business in my former home.

Unfortunately, my affairs here are taking longer to take care of than I had anticipated, and it seems that I will be detained in Loch Leglean until their Tribunal meeting at the end of the summer.

I should be back shortly thereafter.

If anything else develops, I will let you know as soon as possible.


(ooc - this letter would have gone out at about the same time as the one that Fiona sent Laetitia)

This letter goes unanswered.

Aristarchus filius Proctor, salve.

I wonder if you might meet me for dinner at Magvillus next Tuesday night at 7pm. There are a few matters I would like to discuss with you.

I am enclosing an Arcane Connection.

Laetitia filia Iudicium

Fiona will respond as soon as she can, within a few days of receiving the letter from her mater

Dearest Mater,
I hope and pray that things have calmed down considerably for you since you sent your letter. Regrettably, I did not receive it until a few days ago, as I was called to Insula Canaria unexpectedly – my cousin Angus and his clan had a violent encounter with another clan, in which he was gravely injured, and he asked for my presence. He is recovering well, and hopefully the other clan will cause no further trouble for Clan MacOssian.

I suspect that the attack upon my cousin may have been orchestrated by the former apprentice of Faileas of Criamon (who has not been seen in some time); the apprentice has descended into Diabolism, and remains at large. I would not be surprised to hear that he will be Cast Out of the order at the upcoming Loch Leglean Tribunal.

But hearing that there may be a clan that has been given the Order's most protected secret is of grave concern to me. I hope that your troubles and mine are unrelated, but I suspect that they are – but as yet, I am ignorant of how.

I know that you do not need me to tell this, but please take care of yourself and keep yourself safe. If there is ever anything I can do for you, you have but to ask. And when circumstances permit, let me know so that I may pay you a visit.


Early Fall, 1221
A letter in scroll format, delivered by Redcap, with a wax seal bearing a flower and several flies. The detail work on the seal is impressive. Encircling the seal is the words, "to Mons Electi."

[table][tr][td]For the consideration of:
her sodalis Jormungand, and
their colleagues at Mons Electi,[/td]

Viscaria Lynchis Verditii,
fillia Norbert Gunthar,
from Phoenix
in Iberia[/right][/td][/tr][/table]

You might remember me from the affair over the summer. Jormungand and I spent an agreeable late afternoon together exploring the intricacies of economics. Fiona and I had a lovely conversation concerning the future prospects of a young lady.

Your names and residence came up in conversation shortly after the affair ended, wherein I learned of certain details of your social calendar which I suspect were as much a surprise to you, gracious hosts, as they were to me, a stranger from foreign lands.

It seems that my inquiries in your fair lands may take much longer than I had initially anticipated, and yet I am loathe to play the wanderer, subject to the goodwill of whatever host I find who will suffer a guest for a fortnight or two. Yet, it occurs to me that I have both skill and interest which may be of use to such socialites as yourselves, and that perhaps my lack of local ties, currently proving such a burden to me, might be seen as a boon to those in your unexpected position.

In addition to those skills which my house is well-known for, I also take a passing interest in architecture, and the complex logistics of preparing homes to receive guests, welcome or otherwise.

I would be happy to lend you a certain amount of aid in preparing for your upcoming gala, possibly starting as soon as this spring. I would, of course, need lodging and workspace for myself and my traveling party (numbering 4) during this time, but would be willing to deduct such costs from my payment for services rendered. In addition to the currency we know so well, I also accept more esoteric exchanges.

I could begin as early as spring. I will be occupied until the end of winter, but my associate Theraphosa, an old and familiar friend, can continue to correspond on my behalf should you wish to discuss specifics.

Like so many other beggars, I am trapped by the Siege of Alms. Send word there once you have considered my offer.

Your colleague,

Viscaria Lynchis

PS - My admiration to Alexi, who responded to the unexpected news with such intelligence.

(Sent in late winter, with the House business seal in purple wax)

Legatus Valerian scholae Guernici, salve;

I am unsure as to the nature of Confluensis' interest in Apollodorus, and given Proctor's reticence I am in the uncomfortable position of having to send him whatever nonsense I do pick up, on the off chance any of it is relevant to Proctor's interest.

Relevant to our House's greater interests, however, I think it prudent to advise that, assuming half the accounts I hear of his nature are true, Apollodorus would likely be a suitably moldable Praeco.

Failing that, however, it would be a simple matter for me to convince Celeres to throw in with the Lotharingian movement.

--Laetitia filia Iudicium scholae Guernicus

(dated late Fall/early Winter, 1221, within a few days of when Fiona received the letter, and is addressed to her at the covenant that won the Siege of Alms, where she said she would be staying)

Viscaria Verditii,

I do remember you from the Tribunal, with no small amount of regard.

It would be remiss of me not to welcome you as a Protected Guest to our fair lands, especially in the daunting times that Mons Electi will face in just a few short years. As we are but a fledgling covenant, despite the individual ages of many of our members, we would certainly welcome any assistance that is offered. Especially from one of such a vaunted House as yours.

I regret that I was not able to reply to your letter sooner, but as it appears that you are otherwise occupied for a while, it seems no harm has come from my delay. Our Council will be meeting on the Ides of March, the day of the Spring Equinox, and I have no doubt that the preparations for the Normandy Tribunal of 1227 will feature prominently in our meeting, as it almost certainly will for quite some time to come. We would welcome not only your input into the meeting, but if we can come to equitable terms we would look forward to your support to make the Tribunal something that will be spoken of for decades to come.

I look forward to seeing you again, and I'm sure Jormungand will also delight in being able to spend more time with you.

Yours in service,
Fiona filia Marós Ex Miscellanea Filia Circæ ab Mons Electi

(being a letter addressed to Atlas of Tremere, in the Theban Tribunal, no covenant listed. The letter is dated in the late fall/early winter of 1221)

Unto Atlas of Tremere, greetings.

I hope you can forgive my impertinence in writing to you without yet having been introduced properly introduced. I am Fiona ex Miscellanea, Daughter of Circe, of the Covenant of Mons Electi in the Normandy Tribunal. I have been told that you and I share common interests; among which, that we both have Giant blood. If you will forgive my presumption, we have both had to deal with various negative consequences due to our interests.

I would like to engage in correspondence with you, and with others of a like nature regarding these and other matters, with a goal of overcoming these consequences and ensuring that we are seen as full equals, not only amongst our sodales in the Order of Hermes, but our fellow man.

I eagerly await your reply.

Fiona filia Marós Ex Miscellanea Filia Circæ ab Mons Electi

The letter arrives in Winter 1221.

Atlas' reply to Fiona:

Η αγαπητή Fiona

Μετά τις δραματικές εξελίξεις της περασμένης Παρασκευής, μετά δηλαδή το ναυάγιο των πρώτων συνομιλιών για τη ρύθμιση των ελληνικών χρεών, η χώρα μας κινείται και πάλι σε άξονα υψηλής αβεβαιότητας.

Η διεθνής αμφισβήτηση για τη βιωσιμότητα του ελληνικού χρέους έχει ενταθεί, οι υποθέσεις που στήριζαν την εφαρμογή των αποφάσεων της 26ης Οκτωβρίου αναιρέθηκαν σε μεγάλο βαθμό και πλέον όλοι αντιλαμβάνονται ότι η διεθνής οικονομική κοινότητα θέλει επιπρόσθετες εγγυήσεις και ακόμη περισσότερα μέτρα προκειμένου να αποδεχθεί μια γενναία ρύθμιση των χρεών μας και ένα νέο ισχυρό δανεισμό, ικανό να θέσει την ελληνική οικονομία σε τροχιά βιωσιμότητας, σταθερότητας και επανεκκίνησης.

Το δίλημμα λοιπόν για ακόμη μια φορά τίθεται στην Αθήνα, η οποία καλείται είτε να αποδεχθεί αποφάσεις που δεν θα ελάμβανε ποτέ μόνη της, είτε να αντιδράσει, να μην αποδεχθεί την πίεση και μονομερώς να διαγράψει χρέη, αναλαμβάνοντας βεβαίως το βάρος και την ευθύνη μιας τέτοιας επιλογής.

Η πρώτη επιλογή ούτε απλή είναι ούτε εύκολη στην εφαρμογή της. Θα απαιτήσει εσωτερική συνοχή, συνέπεια και ενότητα. Οι χθεσινές ψηφοφορίες στη Βουλή κατέδειξαν ότι τίποτε δεν είναι εξασφαλισμένο και ανέδειξαν το πολιτικό πρόβλημα της χώρας, το οποίο και γεννά τη δυσπιστία των ξένων.

Η άλλη επιλογή, ωστόσο, είναι ακόμη πιο επικίνδυνη. Στην περίπτωση αυτή, η χώρα θα πτωχεύσει και θα αντιμετωπίσει τον κίνδυνο αποβολής ή της οικειοθελούς αποχώρησης από την ευρωζώνη, με ό,τι αυτό συνεπάγεται.

Μπρος γκρεμός και πίσω ρέμα δηλαδή.

Κακά τα ψέματα η χώρα και η ηγεσία της οφείλουν να λάβουν εντός των επόμενων δέκα ημερών καθοριστικές αποφάσεις και κυρίως να επιλέξουν τον δρόμο που θα βαδίσει η χώρα, αναλαμβάνοντας πλήρως την ευθύνη και το όποιο πολιτικό κόστος.

Καλώς ή κακώς, ενδιάμεσες λύσεις δεν υπάρχουν. 'Η θα μείνουμε στο ευρώ με όποιο κόστος ή θα επιστρέψουμε στη δραχμή, προφανώς με πολύ μεγαλύτερο κόστος.


(Note: do not try and translate this IRL as it is not an actual letter written in Greek from Atlas to Fiona, however Fiona does need to find a translator or need to learn Greek.)

Early Spring, 1222
A letter in scroll format, delivered by Redcap, with a wax seal bearing a flower and several flies, along with several packages. The detail work on the seal is impressive. Encircling the seal is the words, "Ra'am ab Phoenix."

Most prosperous new year's wishes to my old and dear friend,

How are the children doing? Is Abagael still sitting by your knee, or did our efforts in Normandy yield some results?

Thera claims to be missing the children of our fair community already. There are precious few children here in Spider's Palace, and little for her to do besides her singing lessons. The instructor is quite relieved to be done with this chore and to be returning to the school in Cijara. He returns with the books lent to us by our library. Please be sure to thank our sodales for their loan at the next council meeting, both on my behalf and on Thera's.

The Secret Project here at Spider's Palace (Thera is still shocked at why they named it such) is complete. It took far more of my attention than I expected, and so my other inquiries have laid dormant. I am pursuing a new avenue of work which may allow me to remain in Normandy for some time -- it has been explained to me that the site for the next Normandy Tribunal are those charming friends we met while at the fair on that sunny Friday. It seems they are extremely new, having only just received official recognition this year! Surely, they will need all the help they can get.

Also, Pater tells me that this Mons Electi hosts a craftsman of our guild whom I would do well to meet. However, the old codger is as tight-lipped as ever, (may his belt finally break from the strain) and so I have little other information beyond that -- not even the craftsman's gender.

I have arranged a meeting with them, and should be at Mons Electi by the time you receive this missive.

Theraphosa and I have much discussed your theory about how the abuses of my apprenticeship may have affected my aging. While it is true that there is a supernatural amount of Terram in my essential nature, it also seems to me that the unusual nature of my parents must play a part in the difficulties you first noticed. I still believe that if I can find my mother and discuss her own longevity ritual, I will gain valuable insights.

To quote the words of your own pater, "....

(the missive goes on to discuss longevity rituals and magic theory in some detail).

Keep well, my old friend, and harvest the joys of a covenant in Summer. I fear I shall not be seeing you, or my other amicii in Cijara for some time.

Your eternal friend,

Viscaria Lynchis

Written on the distinctive Mons Electi vellum, in a spidery and somewhat illegible hand. Sent by Redcap to the office of Proctor scholae Guernici in the early spring of 1222.

To Proctor scholae Guernici or his deputized assistants, salve.

I am seeking more information regarding the legal status of familiars under the Code of Hermes. If you could please direct this missive to an appropriate student of such lore and have them reply, I would be most grateful.

I refer you to the case of Apocolpysa doctrinae Flambeau ab Laguna Sententia, vs Noveletta doctrinae Merinita ab Irencilla, circa 1147, case number MCXII-CVII-X-III. According to my records, the testimony of Redwing the raven familiar was dismissed, but the copy of the records do not explain why. Nor can I find a transcript of the dismissed testimony. Is it possible that.....

(the letter goes on to discuss trial procedure and precedents at some length).

Thank you for your attention to these questions,

Theraphosa amicii Viscaria Lynchis doctrinae Verditii ab Phoenix
currently residing at Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal

OOC: Ok, I get it.

To Hiems Ex Miscellanea, Filius Goliath

Salvete Sodales

Having recently relocated to the Normandy Tribunal, I am searching for younger magi with which to discuss magic. In my opinion, a small difference in hermetic age allows one to share his experience, while benefiting from the insights and questions of a younger, sharper mind. Having enquired among my Flambeau sodales, your name was recommended to me by one Sandra Flambonis, which I am told was once your sodales at Clair de Lune. She told me we shared a similar focus in our magic, and it happens we also share a love for the Art of Rego.
I would be very pleased if you'd agree to discuss these subjects with me, and would gladly trade spells with you, as Ice spells are not as common among our order than I'd wish them to be.

Hoping for a favourable answer

Isen Flambonis ab Mons Electi

OOC: There are some misconceptions here, as Hiems has a focus in Cold, is Perdo, Rego, Ignem and Corpus, while Isen has a focus in Ice, and is Creo, Rego and Aquam, but the difference was lost between him and sandra. Also, she directed him to hiems because, due to his reputations, she, as other flambeau, was not very keen to correspond with him, but she thought Hiems wouldn't care about it and would benefit from the insight.

A hastily scribbled reply comes back,

Daughters are fine, I've decided to teach Abbie Magic Theory in advance of Korvin coming, he said he'd be able to come sometime this year. If not, I'll open her Arts myself and take her as an apprentice. I thought a better grounding in Magic Theory might be good for her before her arts are opened.

Ra'am goes on to respond about other aspects of magic theory how it relates back to the longevity ritual.

Oh, I was unsure as to whether you were going to recreate your lab from scratch or wanted to transport the lab. I believe I could help with that and move your lab with the Ambulatory Laboratory.

Ra'am of Bonisagus

Mid-Spring, 1222

Now, Ra'am, you and I have talked about this. You know perfectly well my position on this: I do not think you would be able to treat Abigael the way she needs in order to excel as a maga. As your younger daughter, she is not as resilient to your paternal habits. And as far as temperament goes, I still say she's got all the makings of a Tytalus.

I don't think you've ever been in my lab beneath the Left Side. Most of its virtue comes from the supernatural denizens that shared it with me, and the earlier work done by the Infernalist, Piotr Byrlaesh doctrinae Tremeris. I do not know that these aspects will transport well, or what would happen if they got out of the lab, particularly the worms. Given what we now know of Piotr's life, there may be quaesitorial concerns with moving the lab, as well.

Given my understanding of the spell,..... (the missive goes on to contemplate the theoretical underpinnings of The Ambulatory Lab, and its capacity to transport supernatural elements.

As I recall, you learned the spell from a Lab Text that was created by a friend of yours within House Bonisagus. Perhaps I should discuss my concerns with him directly?

Did the council ever conclude their discussion about my continued membership at Phoenix, given the apparent length this search will take? If I am to become a peregrinator, then perhaps I should try to build a lab from the ground up, as it were. I've heard rumors of a covenant nearby with a wagon-sanctum that is bigger on the inside than the outside. If I could discover those secrets, I may attempt to build something similar.

Yours friend,

To: Moebius filius Severus doctrinae Guernicus
Magvillus, Roma

From: Laetitia filia Iudicium scholae Guernicus
Mons Electi, Gallia Transalpina

Greetings from France! I am sending some grapes that Valerian grew in his garden; he didn't want to give me any at first, but his tune changed once I mentioned I wished to send them back to Magvillus. What a sycophant.

I am still not sure how I feel about all you've told me. My life and career have all been built on a lie. Should matters with the Order of Odin come to a head-- I don't know that I could bring myself to participate in such a heinous [REDACTED]. Even if they do threaten our Order, I don't know if I can be complicit in anything so vile.

Things are going well here. I enjoy the company of my sodales. JeM is fun, but a rather uncomfortable playmate. I cannot be as "accommodating" in certain areas as most women he's used to. FeM is quite sweet. At first I feared it might be feigned, out of some silly idea she owes me for coming to her aid in the summer (did I tell you about my saddle sores?!?)* but her kindness is genuine. She doesn't treat me like I'm some sort of fascist enforcer, or try to kiss up to me, or try to impress me, or dismiss me out of hand-- which is refreshing, because I can't say how long it's been since anyone didn't fall squarely into one of thise four categories. AF could be useful, and I have taken care to cultivate his affection, but that may prove more trouble than it's worth. KM is great-- he made my longevity ritual for me, quite capably too, might I add. Though I have heard many rumours about his "disposition," all season long, while we worked long hours in his lab, he never once hit on me. Maybe he's gay. VV makes my head hurt. But at least she is entertaining.

The weather here is terribly dreary. The French don't even know that it's dreary, they've never lived in Italia.

Anyway, since we can no longer play "tag" with Crystal Darts when we're bored, I was hoping we could discuss the finer points of Parma. Do you think that... [delves into extensive postulating on similarities between Parma and the effects of an Aegis of the Hearth]

What is the latest gossip from back home? I am just a little homesick.

Affectionately yours,

*Yes, as a matter of fact, she described them in excruciating detail, across three pages in her last two letters.

A letter are delivered to Ra'am in the winter of 1221 by Redcap. It has the seal of Mons Electi and Mercere House.

To: Ra'am ab Phoenix,

Salvete Sodales

I was writing to inform you of my intent to travel to Salamanca when the weather breaks in the spring. I look forward to the trip as I've not been to Iberia in quite some time. On my last time there I met a very nice Sahir named Radiyyat al-Din Bilqis Bint-Rahima al-Kutubiyya who got me interested in Arabic poetry. She was quite a woman. If I have time I may travel to Madrid to see if she is still there. I'm afraid I will have to brush up on my Arabic as I've totally forgotten any of the Spanish I learned on that trip.

I was not sure you stayed for the final days of the tournament but we were able to secure some interesting books as part of our prizes. Although their make is quite detestable, They seem to delve into magic theory as it pertains to Longevity Rituals. On in particular stands out Sensing the Mote Beyond the Beam by Cannophori Methuselah Bonisagi. From just glancing through it it appears to discuss Magic Theory as it pertains to making Longevity Rituals for for others. I will give further reports when I get a chance to study it.

(the letter goes on with a discussion of aging and the art of Corpus)

Your friend,

Korvin ex Mercere

Ra'am writes back in the winter of 1221.

I've taken the liberty of having records shipped from Salamanca to Phoenix. The rabbi who oversaw them for so long has been a resident at Phoenix since I arrived here nearly 9 years ago. You may of course consult with the rabbi in Salamanca to confirm authenticity, if necessary. I invite you to join me here at Phoenix, where you can enjoy conducting the research, without being hounded by mundanes unfamiliar with the Gift. I am including a piece from the rock wall just outside the Aegis at Phoenix. Our Mercere House does not yet have a Portal, so we cannot arrange transport in another fashion. This connection has not been fixed, please be advised of the duration.

You must be speaking of Methuselah's work. Yes, I'm familiar with his work. When he'd heard tell that I was beginning to conduct formal research into Longevity Rituals he began transcribing his texts into that format, not allowing me to access them. Out of religious prohibitions I may not peruse that text in its present form. I've been attempting to negotiate with the Normandy Tribunal for a copy of that work. I've been dealing with a Procotor of House Guernicus and have offered significant sums of vis and/or silver to have it translated and to allow me to retain a copy under Cow and Calf. He has not been willing to negotiate. I am unsure as to how the Normandy Tribunal obtained the only copy of his works, there should be copies in Durenmar, but the Librarian has assured me there are no copies there. Requests from the House for copies have gone unanswered, as well.

(responds with discussions on corpus as it relates to fertility)

Ra'am ex Bonisagus

Late Winter of 1221, a letter arrives, with the sigil of Murion. Addressed to Alexei von Kroistau.

Dear Magister Alexei:

Please be advised that for your service to me during my visit to the Tribunal, that I have deigned to allow you or another member of Mons Electi to come to Durenmar for a period of time to not exceed two seasons, which must be taken consecutively, to copy books from our library. Any such books would be bound by Cow and Calf to the original author, be he Bonisagus or no. This is an invitation to study, but it does not waive any of the normal vis costs associated with studying at Durenmar. It does, however place you at the head of the line for the opportunity to come and you can be assured of the choicest selction of books from which to choose. This offer expires by Grand Tribunal.

Furthermore, please let it be known that I had requested your service, and had asked Valerian to deputize you as a hoplite. That he behaved in such a way, is disheartening.

Murion, Prima Bonisagus