level 10-15 spells

I agree with Njordi that this would be very useful.

I'd like to collect a spell or two from each tech + form combination and then post them all to the spells wiki, but that would be a great deal of work for one person to do by themselves (as I learned with the level three spells thread). I'm hoping that some of the rest of you will help with this.

Please post some level 10-15 spells below and I'll update this post to help us keep track

Creo Animal: Eight legged Kiss,
Intellego Animal: What's the matter boy?, Scent of Prey
Muto Animal: Any Feather is a Quill, Protection of the Bustier
Perdo Animal: Curse of Untended Straps, Presence Free of Biters
Rego Animal: Touch of the Precamerous, Tretchery of the Faithful Compainion

Creo Aquam: Column of the Deluge, Water as Fire
Intellego Aquam: Eyes of Neriad Insight
Muto Aquam: Disguise of Dionysus
Perdo Aquam: Aprimor's Cloak
Rego Aquam: The Angry Puddle, Frost's Sudden Bite

Creo Auram: Morning Fog at Midday, Flare Bit
Intellego Auram: The Captain's Hue, Scent for the Strike, The Unseen Herald
Muto Auram: Aer Unto Aether, Weather of the Antipode
Perdo Auram: Stagnent air of Eviction
Rego Auram: Braced for the Kiss of Lightning, Plough Through Snow

Creo Corpus: Proof of the Valorious Knight
Intellego Corpus: Galen's Touch
Muto Corpus: Scent of the Spring Flower
Perdo Corpus: The Torturer's Touch, Banishment of Life's Excess, Smooth as a Baby's Bottom, Remove the Unsightly Blemish
Rego Corpus: Instagating Blow, Rousing Cry of Ascent

Creo Herbam: Aspis of Living Wood, The Final Cup
Intellego Herbam: Gardener's Insight
Muto Herbam: Weakness of Sunlit Fields
Perdo Herbam: Incantation of the Quiet Crossbowman
Rego Herbam: Bow of the Sculpter

Creo Ignem: Fragile Lantern
Intellego Ignem: Sensing the Reflection of Helios
Muto Ignem: Warm Welcome of the Muddy Hovel
Perdo Ignem: Chamber of Midnight
Rego Ignem: Watchman's Fire

Creo Imagonem: Insubstantial Blindfold
Intellego Imagonem: Attentive Perception
Muto Imagonem: Mercurial Change of Livery
Perdo Imagonem: Book of Indecipherable Scribbles
Rego Imagonem: Mask of Distaste

Creo Mentem: Come to Me, Uninterrupted Lecture
Intellego Mentem: Subtle Glance of Antipathy
Muto Mentem: Chamber of Peace, The Faithful Servant, Retrieving the Wayward Servant
Perdo Mentem: Enchantment of Recklessness
Rego Mentem: Attentive Student, Mind's Mayfly, Wrong Turn

Creo Terram: Ballista of the Magus, A Big Line of Sand, Sphere of Sand, A Pillar of Sand by Day
Intellego Terram: A Touch Of Insight
Muto Terram: Wall of Accommodation
Perdo Terram: Cry of the Sapper
Rego Terram: Obstanancy of Homesick Soil

Creo Vim: Touch of Twilight, The Dust which i do Revile
Intellego Vim: Seeing Enchantment's Reflection
Muto Vim: Ebullience of Overzealous Hagiographers
Perdo Vim: Incantation of the Conscientious Quasitor
Rego Vim: Spell as Bolt Talisman as Crossbow

I guess that I should start then shouldn't I?

Morning Fog at Midday
Creo Auram 15
Range Touch, Duration Diameter, Taget Individual (+2 size)

A thick fog forms around the magus and extends outwards for several hundred paces. The fog disapates at its natural rate and may be too thin to restrict sight within a minute on the periphery of the spells effect, although near the center of the effect the fog will last the entire duration unless conditions are exceptionally dry and/or windy.
(Base 2, +1 touch, +1 diameter, +2 size, +1 unnatural (the spell can be cast indoors))

This is a re-post...

Flare Bit, Creo Aurum L10

R: Voice
D: Mom.
T: Ind.

Req: Ignem

Fills an area with puffs of thick, black smoke, which appear with a loud report and a flash of light, sufficient enough to be distracting (and requiring the appropriate concentration roll). It blocks vision for a moment, making activities requiring such difficult at best. The smoke starts forming around the center of the area, working it's way to the edges. (Design : L3 - create debilitating air, +2 voice, +1 Ignem requisite (enhances spell))(This needs a new name).


Ballista of the Magus CrTe 15
Requisite: Rego
R:Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind

This spell creates a sliver (a "spear") of stone and propels it towards a target, doing +10 damage (or +15?). On Timofey Ex Miscellaneas version of the spell the "spear" vibrates in flight, but does no extra damage.

Base 3, Voice +2, Requisite +1

How about "Blast of Obscuring Smoke"?

Ed C

I certanly feel obligated to contribute to this list, just give me a little time..

Wall of Accomodation
Muto Terram 15
Range touch Duration concentration Target part
A section of a stone wall is changed into an open archway just large enough for a size 0 human to pass through comfortably. ( There is a common level 20 variant of this spell that has an herbam requisite and not only works on wooden as well as stone walls but also places a simple door in the archway.)
(Base 3, +1 magnitude stone, +1 magnitude range touch, + 1 magnitude duration concentration, + 1 magntude target part)

Wall of Accomodation

Nice spell :slight_smile:

I'll second that.

Seeing Enchantment's Reflecetion
InVi 10
Range Eye, Duration Momentary, Target Individiual
The caster senses if any magic is active upon a target by glancing at the target's eyes.
(base 5, +1 range)

Mercurial Change of Livery
Mu Im 10
R Touch D Sun T Group
The visual appearance (and only the visual appearance) of the target group changes. The modified appearances of the group must all be similar to one another, thus a group of grogs could be made to resemble a group of farmers, a group of monks or a a group of pesent children, but they could not be made to resemble a mixed parrty of a knight and his attendants.

base 1 +1 touch +2sun +2 group (a case for an additional magnitude for complexity could be made as well but was not used for this level calculation)

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Wall of Accomodation

This is a neat idea - but it seems a little complex a transformation for a level 15 effect. You are taking Stone (so one magnitude higher than dirt) and then transforming it to wood - but wood processed into a door which you can open.

I would suggest adding +1 or even +2 for the complexity of the spell (as a trade off for the flexibility it gives - allowing you through stone or wooden walls), then I'd let my players have it :wink:

Seeing Enchantment's Reflection

Nice spell :slight_smile:

Mercurial Change of Livery

Can you 'Touch' a group of people? Or would this be better as a MuIm 15 with Voice (+2) range? Otherwise it looks like a nice spell - I like the restriction that the group must have a fairly uniform appearence.

As more of a game balance issue than a rules issue? I see that "Conjure the Wooden Sanctuary" does not have an equivelent complexity modifier. I'll make a note on the spell about a possible complelxity modifier when I transcribe it to the spells wiki but I'm not convinced that it is necessary. You are right in that I missed the 1 magnitude hit for targeting stone rather than dirt (I had originally designed it as an herbam spell and then switched it). The spell should be level 20 (or more if you believe a complexity boost is waranted).

Thank you

That seemed to be a good question so looked up the range definitions on page 111. What I think is the most relevant quote is "The range of a spell is the distance to the nearest part of the target of the spell". I then paged through the spell descriptions and quickly found three examples (there are probably several more, I didn't look too hard) of range touch target group spells; Curse of the Ravenous Swarm, Curse of the Haunted Forest, and Wizard's Autum. The third example I believe is the most relevant in that the magus touches one tree but the spell targets many trees.

In the description of group targets on page 113 it says "the components of the group must be close together and the group itself must be seperated from any other things of the same type". To me, this statement makes the use of touch + group more palatable (It might not matter to you).

Thanks for your feedback.

Chamber of Peace
Mu Me 15
Range Touch, Duration Concentration, Target Room

People within the target room will feel a great sense of peace and well being for the duration of the spell.

This spell was originally developed by a young Jerbiton who hoped that use of the spell would help to diffuse tensions between two local barons who were threatening to go to war. (Their going to war would involve them moving troops inconveniently close to the Magus' covenant, and quite possibly lead the covenant to indulge in "interference in the affairs of mundanes" at a level that might not easily be explained). Unfortunately the spell backfired as the two lords felt so uninhibited that they gleefully told each other what they really thought of one another and then happily marched off to war. However, years later, the Jerbiton did find the spell to be most efficacious in the reeling in of his apprentice's temper during her time as a sullen adolescent.

base 3 +1 touch +2 concentration +2 room

With Bard starting up his PBEM again I remembered that my character in his previous game (Claudius the scribe) had some level 10 -15 spells as well

Touch of the Precamerous
Re An 10
R touch D momentary T group

Changes an animal skin (via cutting stretching, scraping and drying) into a stack of prepared velum
(Base 3 +1 touch +2 group)

Any Feather is a Quill
Mu An 10
R touch D sun T individual

Changes any feather (including a piece of down) into a
prepared writing quill.
(base 4 +2 duration sun)

Fragile Lantern
Cr Ig 10
R touch D ring T individual

Makes a small object (such as a candle ) emit light
equal to that of a torch until it is removed from the
ring upon which the spell was cast. This spell is
often used to light small objects that are placed in
glass jars with the lip of the jar serving as the ring
of the spell.
(base 3 +1 touch +2 ring)

and finaly, there is the strangest spell I've ever created

Written light
Muto (Intellego) Ignem (Imagonem, mentem) level 10
Range Personal Duration diameter Target individual

After casting this spell any light that hits the Magus on his person (apart from light hitting the eyes) is transformed into a text (written in Latin). The caster takes on the appearence of a human shaped page
of literature with eyes. The substance of the text is based upon the nature of the light so that light from a candle that falls upon the caster's hand will concern candles and wax and fingernails with perhaps a discussion of the season in which the candle was made.

It is the light which is transformed rather than the caster. The transformed words will remain motionless as the caster moves in much the same way that shadows pass over a moving body while remaining "still" themselves.

Claudius theorizes that someone studying light that shines upon themselves may gain a better understandng of ignem, corpus or imagonem but this has yet to be demonstrated. ( I don't think that I'll post this one to the wiki)
(base 5 +1 duration diameter)

Hmm ... that's a good point. hehe ... love it when my own examples are used against my logic :slight_smile:

Perhaps it should have a +1 complexity modifier ... I'll have to think about that, cheers!

Those are excellent examples, Erik. I agree with you. That's a really useful thing to know for future reference! :smiley:

MuMe (req: An) 15, The Faithful Servant
This spell utterly changes the emotions of the target, instilling within him the emotions of a trusted dog towards his master, with the caster serving as said master. He will genreally obey the caster and seek to please him for the duration of the spell, including wanting to be petted and so on. Note that while his emotions change to an animalistic level, his intellect does not.
Base 4 “completely change a person’s emotions”, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter.

MuMe 15, Retrieving the Wayward Servant
This spell makes the target think he has spent the last few days as a servant of the caster, and that he is still at his service. Specifically, it makes the target believe that he is doing whatever it is he is doing now as a result of being ordered to do so by the caster.
Base 4 “Make major changes to a person’s memory of a period of their life”, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter

Come to Me
CrMe 15
Creates the thought in the target’s mind that he should come stand before the caster. They may detect the thought as foreign on an Intelligence 3+ check, and may will himself to ignore it on a Stamina 12+ check.
Base 4, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter
(I'm not sure if I interpert it right, but the CrMe emotion creating spells maintain the emotion throughout the duration, so I figure the thought-creating spells should do the same, but gave a saving throw just to be safe)

Instigating Blow
Rego Corpus 10
Range Voice, Duration Momentary, Target Individual
The target of this spell momentarily looses control of their body and makes a single attack against a nearby creature or object chosen by the caster. This attack is resolved as normal with the exceptions that neither the dexterity nor skill of the target of the spell is added to the attack roll while the finesse of the spell caster is added to the attack.
(base 4, +2 range)

Why is there no req modifier for the Wall of Accomodation? It does after all add to the spell (allowing change of both stone and wooden walls)

The originall thought was that one couldn't make a door without the herbam requisite.

But by this argument the spell would not function on wooden walls.

I'll go back and edit it sometime..

Edit: Done