Linking to specific posts

One ability that I'm already missing from the previous version of these forums is the ability to link to specific posts. Threads like these

used links to bring the reader to specific posts within the thread. These compilations of material are now significantly harder to use.

I"d also like to be able to link to specific posts within large threads in other contexts as well. If I'm discussing a specific spell I'd like to link to the post where the spell can be read.

Let me thank you again for bringing the forums back, in comparison to not having forums minor quibbles like this are trivial.

I looked at those posts, and it looks like the the importer did something wonky with the link addresses ... they're pointing at random no-longer-existing locations. I'm afraid they all need to be updated. Sorry. :frowning:

I think we already have the functionality for linking to specific posts? Take a look at the toolbar at the bottom of the post, and click on the link icon ... it's for "share a link to this post." That brings up a popup with the direct link.

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding.

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We do have the ability to link to specific posts. I'm sorry I didn't look harder before I posted. Please accept my apologies. But now I'd like to edit that earlier work so the links work. I see that I can edit my new posts, but I don't have that option for the older posts, at least not in the same place. Are posts from the old software going to be un-editable for us?