Let's make apprentice created enchantments

It has been quite a while since we've done something like this, so it's perhaps long overdue.

There are times where, when looking at the interaction between setting and rules, one realizes that there is a thing must exist in the setting yet has never before been described, such as the extensive network of familiars who write correspondence to one another about magic theory. (We all know that a fair proportion of the letters carried by redcaps are missives written between cats and owls concerning astrological influences on spell invention. Why didn't the published books delve into this more deeply?)

The thing that I'd like to detail, with your help, are laboratory texts for use by apprentices.

Apprentices have lots of uses; Translation of unknown laboratory texts (it takes apprentices longer to decode texts but their ability to do so is not cappeed at a level), writing lab texts and casting tabets (high scribe score is not required), fixing AC's for yourself and your sodalies, acting as a substitue for you on matters that might otherwise remove you from the laboratory or library, extracting an extra pawn of vis or two, and possibly even acting as a laboratory assistant on occasion.

The particular use for an apprentice I'd like to examine here is the creation of lesser enchanted devices and charged devices. Specifically ones created with the help of a laboratory text (probably a text copied by an appentice).

With a lab text an apprentice can create a device equal in level to their lab total. I am imagining here characters between 2 and 10 years in to their education/servitude. The lab totals they might have would be magic theory 3 with a matching shape and or material bonus of 3, an aura of three, and six or so points of intellegence and applicable arts. They'll have enough lab total to handle a level 15 item lesser enchanted device or, if they've no vis, a level 15 charged item with three charges (like three doses of a potion).

I've got about 10 ideas scribbled down but I'd hope to get one for every technique form combination so I'd love your input.

I'll make a list here:

Creo Animal: Stone of Meat Preservation
Intellego Animal: A Brooch to Count Sheep without Falling Asleep
Muto Animal: The redcap's impenetrable costume, The Rhine shield grog's coat
Perdo Animal: Shovel of Herculean Endeavors
Rego Animal: Cow Heard's Whip

Creo Aquam: Envenomed Sword, Apprentice's Ever-Burning Nightmare, Breakfast for the Early Riser
Intellego Aquam: Poisoner's Frustration, The Troll's Tablespoon
Muto Aquam: Bacchus' Blessing
Perdo Aquam: The Drying Staff
Rego Aquam: Dry Plaid for the Whiny Shepherd, Winterheart, Oil of Glass Fingertips, Sailor's Thirsty Desire

Creo Auram: Fan for the Becalmed Sailor
Intellego Auram: Miasma Kiss
Muto Auram: Charm to Empty a Chamber
Perdo Auram: Agate Gavel of the Smokeless Chamber
Rego Auram: Oil of Rain Dancing

Creo Corpus: Easing Balm, Pastilles of Autum
Intellego Corpus: Tattle-Tail Mirror
Muto Corpus: Gaze of the Perceptive Watchman, Boots of Stability
Perdo Corpus: Comb of Resplendent Grooming, Gown of Meditation, Pastilles of Winter
Rego Corpus: Oil of Elevation, Pastilles of Summer

Creo Herbam: Axe of Firewood, The Herb's Savior
Intellego Herbam: Orchard-bearer's Gift
Muto Herbam: Brush Offcuts into Soap, The Sloven's Bedsheet, Flambeau's Bloody Greeting
Perdo Herbam: Humble Axe of the Woodsman
Rego Herbam: Baton to Command an Attentive Handcart, The Marksman's Bow, Fetch for the Fairy Steed, Gentle Nudge of the Wearied Sleeper

Creo Ignem: Warm Plaid for the Whiny Shepherd, Consummate Sword of Fire, Salamander's Eye, Basin Warmer, Moon Stone, Comfy Socks
Intellego Ignem: The lantern of homecoming, The forge companion's aide, The night watchman's aide
Muto Ignem: Hearth of Clean Air
Perdo Ignem: Cloak of Gloom and Shadow, Demeter's Tears
Rego Ignem: Lantern for the Enchanted Flame

Creo Imaginem: Mirror of Inclusion, Mark of the Mundane, Disguised Doorway, Carpet of Morning Prayers, Threatening Meridian Sands
Intellego Imaginem: Hat of Many Eyes
Muto Imaginem: An Embarrassing Splash of Colour
Perdo Imaginem: Boots of silence, Amulet against odour
Rego Imaginem: Trinket of Imposed Civility

Creo Mentem: The Master's Words
Intellego Mentem: Ring of Translation, Incense of emotive awareness.
Muto Mentem: Belin's gift, The Thief's Final Coin
Perdo Mentem: Trinket of Instrumental Security (and Gem of Mystery)
Rego Mentem: Greet the Sun

Creo Terram: The Smothering Pail, Menhir of Door Locking
Intellego Terram: Sorcerer's compass, Pluto's Invisible Hand
Muto Terram: Shovel which disgorges the earth's forgotten dinners, Fork which subsumes the irritating debris
Perdo Terram: Stonecutter
Rego Terram: Magical Plow, Gladius Plus Ultra, Tantrum

Creo Vim: Warning for the Weirding Apprentice
Intellego Vim: Ring of the Intrepid Seeker
Muto Vim: Soulcatcher
Perdo Vim: Faerie Poker, Black Marks of Unshackling, Pastilles of Spring
Rego Vim: Spellbinding amulet, The Child's Favourite Blanket

So give me your devices of level 15 or lower, (with 3 or more points of shape and material bonuses).


Creo corpus 2 preserves a body from decay, I'll move this to Creo Animal for the following item

Does anyone know how to make nice looking links on this board? I'd like to link item names on the original post to the post where the description of each item is, but not if I have URL's stretching all over the page.

Like this?
Ring of Translation

[url=https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/lets-make-apprentice-created-enchantments/12072/1]Ring of Translation[/url]

Yes, exactly like that. I'd always tried to put the url in quotation marks before, that's why it never worked. Thank you.

Effect expiry can not be used for lesser enchantements and even for an invested device, expiry wouldn't come in to play when using a lab text. A lab text already allows the "magus" to instill the effect in a single season so no time could be saved.

I stand corrected, and the item entry has been modified accordingly.

This pair of items were originally created for a covenant in the highlands of Scotland, where the covenfolk (in complete defiance of history) wore plaids. They would work just as well for cloaks, though.

I'm kind of proud of this pair of items: my magus created them as a demonstration of Doing Cool Things Despite Terrible Relevant Arts. The covenfolk loved us for them.

To get unlimited uses per day out of a level 15 enchantment is pretty cool.

No charged devices yet so here:

The Axe description has a typo of CrIg instead if CrHe.

Yes it did, thanks for pointing that out. I was rather hoping you in particular would deign to write up a few items for us. I enjoy your blog so much.

Ha! I was just skimming the spell guidelines thinking of a few items. You know me too well.
The trick is to have items that are thematically appropriate for apprentice characters.

Creo Aquam looks all alone up there.

The guideline for this effect reads as follows "Create a corrosive substance doing +(Level) damage. Increasing the range to more than Touch is a very good idea." I'm wondering if duration momentary is sufficient. Might the corrosive substance be gone before it has a chance to actually corrode anything?

One obvious item that "borrows" from existing sources.

Yes, I've previously thought that a device like this, or casting tablets for the spell, would have to exist for the game to work as presented. It's very apprentice appropriate.


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I'd wager that bronze charm is in the shape of a mirror with a tiny little reflective surface so our apprentice can get a shape bonus for it.

Unless you're like me and think the purpose of the shape and material rules is to encourage the creation of devices that make thematic sense, a charm placed upon a door to hide it makes sense, a mirror less so.