List of Mythic Blood types

Has anyone compiled a list of all the 5th Ed canon Mythic Bloodlines so far revealed?

Many of the Founders apparently left children, as did some other notable Magi (I belive therer is a canon descendant of Apromar in one book). Dragons have apparently interbred occasionally.
What other great magicians have left bloodlines out there? Merlin? Simon Magus? Medea? Ochus Bochus? Merovech? Appolonius of Tyana? The Magi of 3 Kings fame?

I am looking for a resource that shows bloodline, suggested area that the Minor Magical Focus is in, the typical inherent powers, inherited Major Hermetic Flaw, and (importantly) the typical ancestral minor personality Flaw.

Take for instance the Merovingian dynasty of the Salian Franks which was supposedly ruled by Sorceror Kings. They obviously left blood descendants in order to have a dynasty. And as far as I know there is nothing in the canon 5th Ed books specifying this Mythic Blood.
I could say Merovech had a focus in personal physical enhancements to make him a better fighter (supposedly Merovech always won fights), and his inherent power could be similar to Aura of Rightful Authority (he was King). The Major Hermetic Flaw is "must have long hair", since the Merovingians were known as the long-haired kings, and there has been suggestion they can trace their descent from Royal House of Israel (thinking Samson's weakness here). But what personality flaw would he have - Avarice because he was a conqueror, Dutiful maybe because he personified feudal authority and responsibility, something else?

So what canon mythic bloodlines are there?

The Hyperboreans are a mythic bloodline (Ancient Magic).


Merlin I doubt, since the love of his life locked him in a cave, but his sister, Ganedia, was the wife of a king and they had children as I recall, and she was a powerful sorceress in her own right.

Medea murdered her own children, as I recall.

Apollionus of Tyana was celebate, as were the Three Kings if you accept they were Zoroastran priests.

Or, you can just throw out the history...

I'd almost swear it's in the Lion and the Lily.

The project redcap wiki mentions the Zmey in HoHTL and refers to HoHMC for lots of mythic bloods, but I doubt those are all the Mythic Bloods described in canon.

As for creating descriptions for non-detailed but implied mythic bloodlines - I don't know of any such effort.

House Bjornaer has numerous Mythic Blood Lines though, serf's parma, I don't have all the details here. Some of the notable ones are:

Birna the Founder
Line of the Bear
Focus: Beasts of Legend
Power: Form of (Temperment) Heartbeast
Flaw: Slothful

Line of the Wolf of Virtue
Focus: Wolves
Power: paralyse a man at R: Eye
Flaw: Envious

Line of the Owl of Virtue
Focus: Ghosts
Power: Shroud of Stifled Sound
Flaw: Nocturnal

Focus: Courage
Power: Panic of the Elephant's Mouse (I think)
Flaw: Reckless

Focus: Ageing
Power: Sheath of Flame at R: Touch
Flaw: ??? I forget.

Also, I believe that all the Founders who had children have Mythic Bloodlines. Mercere, for example and this gives rise to Mythic Companions as often as magic with Mythic blood. I think Jerbiton the Founder also had a kid or two.

That's it for Canon exemplars of which I am aware.

Unless.... didn't Flambeau have a kid? Or am I making that up?

Where does that come from , it is not in the RAW for Mythic Blood (page 47)?

Apologies for that.
I posted the article after a very long discussion about making an Ex Miscellanea mage with Mythic Blood, and somehow I didn't get all the Ex Misc package out of my thought before asking about Mythic Blood.

Please ignore that I said that.

Thanks to Vulcano for starting the list.

OK, I have found my copy of HoHTL, and find on p143
Mythic Blood (Zmey) - dragon native to Transylvania Tribunal.
Focus: Storms
Power: Invisibility, Fly on Winds, or turn into a dog or bear
Flaw: Lecherous, Meddler or Proud

Ganedia?!? First I have heard of her. Thanks for pointing me at the name.

I finally got around to checking the Lion and the Lily.
p8 has:
"The early Merovingian Kings were sorcerers whose magical powers were said to be vested in their long hair, which they never cut. As a consequence of their ancestry, most of the descendants of Merovech have a Supernatural virtue. This is most commonly the Major Supernatural Virtue Greater Imunity: Drowning, and quite often goes undetected."

I can't spot anything about Mythic Blood.

Gof:Rhine Tribunal on p59 is an example magus Phillipus Niger of House Flambeau.
He is of the Mythic Blood of Apromar - the destructive apprentice of Flambeau.
Focus: Dispelling
Power: Sniff out the witch (smell version of Sense the Lingering Magics)
Flaw: Ambitious

Somebody mentioned that Rostam had left a mythic bloodline.
I presume the write-up would be in the Cradle and Crescent book?

Mythic blood of Rostam is p157 of Cradle & Crescent. Magical Focus - Damaging Supernatural Creatures, Personality flaw Reckless, power is ggrant yourself a +3 bonus to one type of physical action that is a speciality of Athletics, Ride or Swin. Each time the power is used, a different physical action can be selected, the bonus lasts for two minutes. The power can't be used again until it the previous bonus's duration has expired. The power is given as ReCo base 10, +1 diameter, +2 flexibility.
TC&tC also goes through creating characters with different types of jinn-blood - so it gives specific examples of Faerie blood, but for the Magic Realm it suggests using Mythic Blood without going into much detail.

The table for Bjornaer is on p37 of HoH:MC, listing Birna, Wolf of Virtue, Owl of Virtue, Grififin and Phoenix.

I am of the opinion that it would be rather convenient to have a list of all the Mythic Bloodlines in one place.
Should I continue adding them to this thread, or should I add it to or a sub-page of the wiki?

There are a couple in Magi of Hermes:

Nymph of Artemis (p.15), just grants Minor Magical Focus (Fertility), and an Obsession, plus the ability to sense the state of descendants of an ancestor.
Valkyrie (p. 45) Grants Minor Magical Focus (arms and armor), the personality trait Reckless, and the ability to change mundane clothes into full armor.

Yes please, a subpage for all official Mythic Blood variants. That would be nice.

It didn't fit neatly into a single page, so I started from and added links.

I haven't edited the Redcap wiki before. Can anyone tell me if I have done anything wrong?

Is there any Mythic Blood examples I have missed?

Thank you.

Aside from not providing a page for the bit on Apromor in GotF, none that I can see.

Sorry, not quite certain what you are asking.
It sounds like you want me to edit, and add what?
A link to the write up of Phillipus Niger (which doesn't appear to be in the wiki), and then from that page a link to either

My apologies for not being clear.

You'd provided page references (that is, noted down the specific pages in the printed books) where the rules for each Mythic Blood was to be found. Except in the case of Apromor.
In the (wiki-) page linked, you provide this. I would have prefered if all of the (printed) page references were found in the same place.

It's a very minor thing, really.

There's the Balthazarine lineage from F&F pg 122 and the Gigantes lineages from TSE pg 120.