Looking for an apprentice?


If you have a maga or magus in one of the running sagas and are currently searching for an apprentice, have you considered a player character apprentice?

I can imagine this would be fun to play.


You might take a glance at praesidium Orae. There are a few characters emerging from a fertility maga who could use a player to take control of them. The format right now is very different being in the "accelerated" phase, but t definitely lets you build your character from teh beginning...

I briefly scanned the topic and wiki.

What does fast advancement period mean? I.e. is that supposed to be a phase or going to continue?

What would be the next step to getting involved? Which characters are 'waiting' for a player? How much influence on that character is still possible? Ex miscellanea will be the house, right? What is the tradition going to be, I have seen Fertility Magic as acquired during play.

Well, the game is currently in 1139, and will continue in fast advancement until 1220. Bravery is available for a player, and anna is currently conceiving another fertility ritual based child with the Gift who will be playable in 1144. The new character will have the attributes she adds as part of the ritual for free, and won't have been started on their apprenticeship (likely to Anna) yes, but otherwise can be as you make it.

I suppose the yet to be born child is better. That way I have a little time left to follow the forum and get a feeling for the campaign, the magi, the players and the fast advancement mode. How fast is it going to be? I.e. how many years make a week or how many weeks make a year?

What is the next step? Should I introduce myself in the forum? Separate thread or the one about characters where Bravery (and who plays him) was already a topic?

If you'd prefer I take over Bravery, that'd be fine as well.