Looking to play...but where

Hello, I am new to Ars Magica but have wanted to play it for what feels like centuries (maybe it is...). Are there any places to look for a group to play with? And specially online play.


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There is a discord server: Ars Magica Discord Server

Did you see the fora for play by post on this server? They are worth a try, even if adverts, from both players and troupes with openings, are more frequent on the discord server.

And TBH, the traffic here is not so overwhelming that I think anybody would mind if you tell us what you are looking for :slight_smile: Voice or PbP for instance? Time zone?

Unfortunately, my sagas are full at the moment, so this is all the help I can give. Hopefully there are others.

Lovely job!
I am GMT+8 for the next few months. I will join Discord then.