Magi of the Levant

The Levant game will begin at Acre in 1204, magi may be of any age from just out of gauntlet to 25 years past. The game will begin with the arrival of the meager collection of crusaders who actually made it to the levant in 1204, which may include pledged hermetic magi amongst them, as well as refugees from Thebes fleeing the destruction of the crusaders there. Players may be native to the levant or from either of the these arriving groups. While there has been enough coordination for groups or individuals to be prepared for the arrival of these groups, the crusaders and likely the refugees are not aware of the truce of Suleiman.

If there are some magi for the crusader party, I'd like to make a companion crusader knight of Nephilim Blood to go with them. Does that resonnate with the rest of the party at all? or with the story?

I am not sure what I want to do for a magus. I'll read up on Criamon I think. I have not considered making a Criamon for 25 years so it is about time.

For some reason, completely sight unseen, I want to link my Levant Titanoi with your Criamon. I am not planning to make him a Crusader magus and I doubt he'd link well with a Crusader Nephilim.

If I make the Nephilim crusader. I would make a native or native-ish magus.

I am making a holy magus, but I don't want to repeat the mistake of making a magus for a group that no other PC is joining. He is in the early stages so could go crusader or not, depending on what works better.

Is a companion enough company for you? Or do you need more PC magi too?

One would be fine... but I think it's more fun if the PC magi are all together. Hopefully that doesn't make me too subversive to Silveroak's philosophy...

Are you using your Mythic Companion slot for the Nephilim, or just regular companion? Is the core of his concept that he's a crusader?

I have a couple of different ideas for my Holy Magus, they are on opposite ends of the spectrum w/r/t whether they'd be crusaders or not.

A mythic companion would be in lieu of the magus, so I don't think so. I am not a fan of mythic companions at all. I was thinking mainly of a very skilled mounted warrior. With a few quirks for flavour. Such as being a crusader. Thinking of wealthy, to explain why he wasn't on the Venetian payroll in Constantinople.

If you're going Holy Magus you should be Zoroastrian Flambeau seeking the roots of your tradition. Based on access to methods and powers etc. they are probably my favorite brand of Holy magic. That said, quite tangential to crusades... but then my Titanoi would be as well.

This is the guy trying to get to the roots of the union of the Abrahamic faiths. What I haven't decided is his approach or how violent/pacifist he is.

Zoroastrian Flambeau is interesting, but that's your idea, not mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering Xene is going for Holy Magic, I likely won't make another holy magus in this game barring one of my other characters having some kind of revelation or whatnot..

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@silveroak I posted a background for a Crocodile Bjornaer. Still not sure if I want to go with the concept but I'd like to see what you think about whether that background works for a Crocodile heartbeast; and how you want to handle initiations - both for inner mysteries, and refining the heartbeast. I know you don't want us picking from a shopping list, but the 25 years post-gauntlet and the canon scripts raises the question.

As mentioned before, I would like to do a Criamon for the Levant.

I would like a custom path building on the philosophical tradition of Herakleitos and the magical tradition of the Diedne. The World is constantly changing (flowing) and our path to salvation is learning to go with the flow and to direct the flow without disrupting it. Hence formulaic magic is crap ... unable to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

This could be one of the known paths not detailed in canon, or it could be one of his invention. In the latter case, I could make him young and negotiate scripts in play, but if the setting suggests that he should be 15-25 years past gauntlet, he should have a station or two under his belt, I think. Which options are permissible?

Mystery virtues that I have found to be appropriate are Diedne magic (is this permissible as a virtue), Potent Self-Transformation (minor), (Persona probably not permissible), Shape-Shifter (would a variant using enigmatic wisdom as shape-shifter be permissible), use enigmatic wisdom as guile (disguise), wilderness sense (understand the changing world).

Appropriate Ordeals would be twilight prone, difficult longevity ritual, unstructured caster (or other flaws restricting ritual magic), as well as gentler personality flaws.

I imagine a preference for Muto for the path. Favourite forms are rarely Vim nor Imaginem, but the other eight, concerning the real world, are common.

Feel free to branch this off as a new thread ... Call him Heraclitus of Criamon.

Hey Silveroak, Can I get a thread for Asterpax of Tytalus? This is the name of my Titanoi Tytalus in the Levant.

The actual design of this path will require its own thread, I think having it established as a minor existing path would be the stronger choice here, but the Levant has a clutch dedicated to the Path of walking backwards- which brings up why you want to do this specifically in the Levant (I will start a different thread to discuss the path itself)

That is a good point. The true answer is of course, that this was my best idea and the Levant is next to start.

That said, I think this concept works best in a culture with access to the ancient Greek texts and philosophical traditions, and my slots in Rome and Thebes are taken ... Levant is the most obvious choice remaining. However, depending on how strong you make the path, teaching may be available elsewhere.

Side note about Criamon Clutches, they mention that all of the clutches except the one focused on Path of Strife (they give a name which I forget but no location) have members of other Paths even though most in that clutch focus on one. He could also have come from somewhere else.

yes, which is why I presented this as a question, not as an obstacle.
and the answer makes sense, though Arabic philosophies will be more prevalent in the Levant. I expect that this tradition will be without a clutch dedicated to it.

Could you create a Thread for Asterpax ex Tytalus?