magic item-candle

everlighting candle-creoignum5
candle light on comand(same comand said again unlight the candle)
spell base-light candle
I think that the spell is done correctly.
tell me if the spell is doen wrong,& how to correct it if any way can be done.

Rather than creating thread after thread after thread after thread, shouldn't you first make sure that your earlier spell and magic item designs actually reach completion? :confused:

I personally find it [color=red]disrespectful to the people who are trying to help you, who are left wondering if you've even read what they've written, if you've even listened to their advice. :neutral_face:



Rather than just posting the raw parameters, it would help a lot if you explained your reasoning.

Creo Ignem guidelines page 134.

Lighting a candle - base level 1.

Range - base is Near, let's add one magnitude for Far/Voice

Voice isn't a hermetic range in 4th ed. It would fall somewhere between Near and Far as far as pure range goes. Following the guidelines page 105, you can use a slightly non-standard range for a formulaic spell by adding one magnitude. Far range would be enough to cover Voice anyway, so let's use that as the target range.

Target - base is Small, no need to change anything, IMHO.

Duration - base is Momentary, 5 extra magnitudes are needed to make it last for a Year.

Use of a Year duration also makes the spell a Ritual, which is probably not worthwhile for a candle, since the candle itself would burn out in a few hours anyway.

This leaves us with a level 15 ritual spell (level 1 + 4 magnitudes = level 5; level 5 + 2 magnitudes = level 15)

So, what we have here is a spell that will light up a candle and prevent it from being snuffed out for a Year. No provisions are made for the candle not burning out, though I guess it could be designed in.

Now, the spell you seem to want also lets you turn the candle off with a word for the duration. This adds a Perdo requisite (to estinguish the fire), and at least one extra magnitude, since it expands the capabilities of the spell (light AND estinguish the candle with a word). Some people may argue that the final level should be significantly higher, since the guidelines for Perdo Ignem (page 137) are much less generous than those of Creo Ignem -- just have a look at Soothe The Raging Flames.

This gives us Creo (Perdo) Ignem 20 (Ritual), and possibly more.

I suspect most magi would just spontaneously cast the base level 1 Creo Ignem effect.

AbRay is a time sink. AbRay is an innocent time sink. I genuinely believe AbRay thinks he's asking good questions and is really looking for answers and insight into the game.

However, AbRay comes to the forum to have us answer the most basic of questions. When the lot of us tell him he needs to come to the forum with more preparation on his part AbRay explains A)He uses a libary computer and only has a limited amount of time to post B)His english isn't good C)He's not good at math D)He has several copies of the free 4th Ed PDF, but not 5th.

Having said this, AbRay occasionally makes just enough effort so people keep helping him. However it is very clear he has never made an attempt to read the book or answer any question he asks by looking up the answer himself. Finally AbRay apologizes for his errors and we the community accept his apology-starting the cycle all over again.

This is something all people should know before chosing to help AbRay. He will frustrate you. I have helped him on numerous occasions. I will continue to help him. I have time to kill. Answering his questions allows me to practice my skills and my ability to comunicating answers concerning mechanical questions. However there are limits to even my patience.

On several occasions I have clearly established the guidelines for spell construction. These discussions can be found at the old forum. AbRay knows how to build a spell correctly. He simply doesn't take the time to do it. I have told him I will not answer his questions, or correct his spell work unless it is submitted in the correct form. I encourage others to follow this advice to either A)Save yourself some time B)Push AbRay into submiting material we can actually work with and understand.

the year duration is just a guess on my part(the same enchantment that lights the candle also unlights it)

instead of guessing why not RTFM?

We know you have access to the book, we know you've been working on spells for something like 6 months, now -
why not show that you've learnt something?

RTFM - Read The Friendly Manual

I was hoping , apart from the ignore option ,
that no-one would bother to reply any more.
If we don't reply , they fall to the bottom of the page ,
and are hopefully eaten by the Forum Leviathan.

He is not the worst person in the world ,
but unless any improvement is shown ,
just keep ignoring him.

this was meant as a magic ITEM!

In which case i'm ignoring my own advice
and repeating the previous post :



Abe - don't be sorry...

instead, go back to your idea for a candle, go back to the ArM book, do the required reading, and re-post the canlde .. and then we will discuss it.

I haven't seen any specific rules on making magic items in the ars magica books I have seen,so I am going by the seat of my pants each time!

you have said you have the PDF of ArM 4th Ed.

Go away and read pages 82-95 in the Laboratory chapter, starting with the heading "Magical Enchantments".

Better still, read the whole of the Laboratory chapter, and the whole of ch 3 (Hermetic Magic), and ch 5 (Spells).

Then come back and see if you can plausibly make a ridiculous claim like

becuase it is, quite frankly, b*****ks. Ars Magica is the game of magic, both spells, devices and study of....

Lets revive a few of the oldest Abe threads for any newer members who may want to contribute. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I'll pass :confused:

heres ana attempt to make a new magic candle-candle of flame blade
spell needed-blazing sword,sustatians concentration,lasts until the candle burns out,the candle burns at the normal rate for a candle of it's type.

So it's a candle that lights up like a candle, until it eventually burns out like a candle.. ..

Sorta like a candle?

Do you mean "Blade of the Virulent Flame," or is this another one of your own inventions?

yes I did.