Magic item: quick sheet

Salve Sodales,

Does anyone have a quick step by step guide on "how to create a magic item in Ars magica?"

For example, i kept in my bookmarks for long this link: which provides a guide really useful for talisman.

But one of our beginner players has trouble with creation of magic items, and seems to not grasp the content of the core rule book.

I would like to provide him a quick step by step guide, and expect one of you has already designed such thing so that I do not need to create it.

Thank you a lot.

It seems it doesn't exist :confused:

I wrote a cheatsheet for my own reference, which I think is accurate. On review, I realise that it doesn't cover opening invested items in the first place.

  1. Design the effect to be installed, as though it were a spell. You can gain a similar spell bonus if you know the effect as a formulaic spell.

  2. Decide how frequently the effect can be used each day:
    1 use: Free
    12 uses: +4 levels
    2 uses: +1 level
    24 uses: +5 levels
    3 uses: +2 levels
    50 uses: +6 levels
    6 uses: +3 levels
    Unlimited: +10 levels
    Add these levels (if any) to the level of the effect.

  3. Decide how the effect is activated:
    By a person: Free
    By the environment: +3 levels
    NB: A Sun duration that triggers at sunrise and sunset does not ‘flicker’ but is permanently active
    By a linked effect: +3 levels

Other modifications:
Penetration: +2 penetration per +1 level
Device maintains concentration: +5 levels (wears off at sunrise and sunset)
Restricted list of users: +3 levels
Effect expires (invested items only): increase your excess over the effect by x10 if the device lasts for a year, by x5 if the device lasts for 7 years, and by x2 if the device lasts for 70 years

Add these levels (if any) to the level of the effect.

  1. Spend pawns = modified level / 10
    Maximum of MT x 2 pawns per season
    Invested items and lesser enchantments cannot hold more vis than their size and material allows
    Shape and material bonus apply; capped by MT
    Similar spell bonuses if you know the spell
    For invested items, get +1 to your lab total if an existing effect in the item has same Form or Technique

For a Lesser Enchantment you must be able to instill the effect in one season.
Invested items must be opened with vim vis but can hold more than one effect, and do not have to instilled in one season.
For Charged Items, do not spend vis and gain one charge per 5 levels your lab total exceeds the modified effect total.