Magic Item: Security Blanket

I was debating about creating this item as a blanket or a cloak, but opted for the slightly smaller size, and the nice name. I also was not sure how to account for someone moving about while wearing it. I based the description on The Shrouded Glen.

Security Blanket

Items or persons covered by this blanket are mostly ignored by others in the area. Anyone actively searching for the item can find it by making a Perception stress roll of 12+. The ease factor drops by three if the parts of the item or person stick out from underneath, with additional drops based on how much of the item or person is visible. The person activating the blanket is unaffected.

ReMe 30: Base 3, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Room, +3 levels for environmental trigger (sunset/sunrise), +1 two uses per day, +1 for penetration of +2.

Medium-sized cloth blanket enchanted as a lesser device with three pawns vis.

It looks mostly good to me. The part that I don't like is range voice. This is a constant effect so it isn't recast. Also, the blanket doesn't have a voice. I'd change the range to touch and perhaps use the extra magnitude gained to change the target to special and define a room sized area for the special target (like a 5 pace radius from the item). This would allow for the use of the blanket outside of rooms.

This reminds me of something...
Checks the spell index...

Here it is! Aura of Inconsequence, HoH: TL p73, ReMe 25.

IIRC, this is exactly what you're trying to do, and also has similar mechanics.

T:Spectacle uses Sensory Magic, a Bjornaer House Mystery. This proves that such a spell is not quite hermetic. Now I wonder if there was a breakthrough and all Quaesitor know this spell or only those with Sensory Magic can.

As I recall, sensory magic explicitly states that you cannot use it with devices.

"These spells cannot be invested into magical items." p28, yeah. That makes the security blanket impossible by RAW, then.

I shouldn't think so. HoH:TL is printed about a year before HoH:MC, so HoH:TL p.73 Aura of Inconsequence cannot and does not refer to HoH:MC p.27f Sensory Magic by RAW.

Aura of Inconsequence is indeed a legacy takeover from earlier ArM versions, and in HoH:TL refers to the level 3 ReMe guideline of ArM5 p.151 upper box, while its Target (T: Spec) makes use of the leave given by ArM5 p.114: "Formulaic spells, on the other hand, can be invented with ranges, durations and targets that are not listed here (scilicet: on ArM5 p.111ff). This is usually slightly more difficult than if the closest category were used, but is largely left to storyguide interpretation."
This implies of course also, that variants of Aura of Inconsequence are "largely left to storyguide interpretation" - but it does not make Aura of Inconsequence itself a spell needing by RAW a breakthrough or a mystery initiation, before it can be learned or enchanted into an item.

See for this also the first paragraphs on Quaesitorial magic on HoH:TL p.70: "Lab texts are are often loaned to young Quaesitores for their own study. These texts are classed among the magical secrets of House Guernicus, they are clearly marked as such and by Grand Tribunal rulings it is a low crime for a non-Quaesitor to read them (see Sanctum Law insert)." So a storyguide wishing to penalize the enchantment of a Security Blanket with an Aura of Inconsequence effect can have Quaesitores ask wary questions about where the idea for it is coming from, at least.


Indeed, it does seem like a personal version of The Shrouded Glen

Oh how I wish people would be less in love with that sentence. But that's probably just me.



Well, T:Spectacle is +4 while Aura of Inconsequence uses T:Spec +3. I guess that's that.

A small, local version of tSG is what I was going for.

Well, if HoH: TL had been published after HoH: MC, so that we'd had Spectacle to look at, would have required a T: Spec +5, wouldn't it?
+4 fo closest equivalent, +1 for non-standard.
That, or required the caster to have initiated Sensory Magic.

Looking again at ArM5 p.114 "Formulaic spells, on the other hand, can be invented with ranges, durations and targets that are not listed here. This is usually slightly more difficult than if the closest category were used, but is largely left to storyguide interpretation." (underscore mine, as usual), I would definitely read it to refer to the categories of ArM5 p.111ff exclusively, if a storyguide considers to allow a different range, duration or target.
This just to prevent, that storyguides have to buy, read and process into card-indexes each and every ArM5 book - as it might contain new ranges, durations, targets and guidelines, if only for certain mysteries or legacies - before they are able to run a somewhat legit campaign, let alone post about spells on this forum. :slight_smile:
I reckon that ArM5 authors are held to their card-indexes by certain fans on this forum, though. Even for trivial matters like giving a Creo spell T: Struct instead of T: Group +1 size. :wink:



You mean you haven't?

Usually the playtesters try to prevent those, but mistakes happen.

Yeah. Further proof they WAGged it before HoH:MC solidified the Target requirements.