Magical Affinity w/Portals

Greetings all,

I'm looking at possible ideas for what kind of low- and mid-level spells (and enchantments) could fall under a Magical [strike]Affinity[/strike] Focus w/Portals. Anobody would have ideas to share?

Context: I'm building an NPC magus with Mercurian Magic, and wanted him to have a focus that would help him cast Hermes' Portal and research improvements into it. Since I did not want to go with the basic affinity with "teleport" or "transportation", I figured that "Portals" might make a nice [strike]affinity[/strike] focus. So now I am looking at fleshing out this magus (who will be fairly important for the saga), and I was wondering what kind of spells he might have invented earlier in his career that would fit his [strike]affinity[/strike] focus.


Some random ideas/projects

  1. Threshold range duration and Target, dealing with all kinds of thresholds like doors, arcs and overtures in walls.
  2. Conduits
  3. Combined casting (AKA: communion and time-related issues)
  4. Variable destination for a single portal. 1 portal, multiple end-portals (Stargate system)
  5. Wards. They are a kind of closed portal. Will work well with the threshold target project
  6. Detect conduits and thresholds. Manipulate them


:mrgreen: Wow that's a cool idea for range/duration/target. Though maybe different names for each like ring/circle.

Ok, here's a spell he would have invented during his apprenticeship:

Doorway to Doorway (ReCo 15, Te req.)

R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind

By casting this spell and crossing a doorway, archway, or other similar opening, the magus transports himself (along with his possessions) instantly to another doorway that he has seen and crossed before and which is within 50 paces. The destination doorway does not need to be open for the spell to work, but the space on the choosen side of the doorway must be unobstructed.

(Base: 15)

Not very original, maybe, but this specific spell has both advantages and drawbacks compared to the basic ReCo 15 guideline "Transports the target instantly up to 50 paces". You can only cast it between two openings (doorways, archways, windows, etc.), but you don't need to actually see the destination. The Terram requisite provides for transoprting the magus' clothing and other stuff along with him. It also fits quite well with the Focus w/Portals.