magical makeup

what sort of magical makeup would magi make?(good for a tounge twister as well as for a question eh?)

And what would be the purpose of this magical makeup - since you would want to do it with magic instead. And remember, that if one maga (or magus...) uses magical makeup and intends to get personal with a magus, then the magical makeup might collide with the parma of said magus, destroying the splendid opportunity for a little peck on the cheek! There if might be a preferable idea to have the maga study spell mastery in said magical makeup spell to improve her Penetration. But then again she might just try to gather Arcane Con. and horoscope on the magus she's intending to lure, which might lead to emberassing situation as she is found lurking in said magus sanctum to procure the above, whereas she better study hermetic law to defend herself legaly aswell as improving her own Parma to survive the intry into said magus' said sanctum - and her own Parma improving it might become harder to have cheek pecking since said magus might be using a longterm magical PeCo effect on said cheek to keep town the stubble - hence he was also wanting to recieve pecks on his cheek yet was afraid that said stubble might scratch said maga and that she might then drag him to Tribunal in charges of an attempt on her life...

The love life of magi is rather complicated - maybe the sideeffects of the longevity is actually a blessing...

Ok no no no, remember we are dealing whit modest magi here and they usualy get intimate in this order. First, alaow a kiss, second, holad hands, third, get naked, forth, do it, fifth if married for many long years, then and only then see one another sanctum.

My mater told me to stay virtuous and dont show my sanctum to just any old magus that come along but save that for that special somone. :wink:


And that was a joke, jsut to make it clear.

I have just been called alot of thing by pepole that seam to hink that if one dont agree on a given topic one need to be shot, not this from, but another one, jsut felt like pointing out that yes, I told a joke, and yes it had sex in it and I hope none is ofended.

There is sex in Ars Magica! :open_mouth:
My Pater was most displeased when he found my copy of the Hermetic Swimsuit Calendar.
"Unlike The Church" he said
"There is no place for that kind of nonsense in the study of Magic."
("And if any of those Tremere Boys try to get you to play Certamen with them , just say NO")


Oh that reminds me of a game where this Tytalus desided to marry a Hedge Wizard. And everyone at the covenant was, well, ok, that is strange, but okey, then he invited, I dont know 50 Hedge Wizard family and frinds to our little coveant.

In another game,a charecter tried to seduce a Quesitor to get out of problems, but it did not work.

Have he never heard to tantric magic? :wink:

ptential use of the magical makeup is for escape/shapeshifting of course!

And I guess also for beauty, you would be amased what a magickaly beautiful woman could acomplish in a male dominated world. 8)

She'd go off and do things like Helen did... Poor Troy. sniffle :cry:


But Qeuesitor flutter eyelashes I am completly inocent flutter flutter

And he'd be all; "Errr... yes! Upon closer review of the boso... uhm... basic facts, of the case, I see that the defendant is entirely innocent. At least of the charges."

blushing heavilyclearing his throat* "well then I guess you didn't know about that apple after all..."

Why would you want makeup for that and make a pity thesbian out of what could be a great escape?

You aren't talking of makeup then - except if you thoughts run along Face Off and Mission Impossible...... - but MuCo to change yourself, and not make use of inferior makeup.

Abe - get into the game!


Would it not be possible to do body paint and make a sort of magickal armor of it that none could see you were wearing? My psosion making Hedge Wizard would have a fieald day whit this, witch would be bad for my Bonisagus as she own his lab and might then use it herself. Poor Bonisagus.

"none could see you were wearing"? There are 2 answers

  1. you can make any armour imperceptible with magic - by MuIm to change its appearnce, PeIm to make the armour invisible, MuTe to transform the armour into some other substance (while retaining its armouring properties - difficult but possible), or ... anything.

2) no armour is beyond the sight of a magus using magical sight. Paint is not something which cannot be seen (as the magical protection is itself visible), just something less obvious than shiny metal.
The only imperceptible armour is that which is intrinsic and non-magical (eg like the Virtues Tough and Great Stamina) - anything with an (active) magical effect is visible to InVi. (Subject to penetration...)

here's another potantial use for the makup armor!(in 2nd.ed. dnd they had a substanse called warpaint,it was exactly what it said it was but provided armor bonuses)

There was something called Pict's Warpaint (IIRC) in 4th ed but that "only" granted the effect of Endurance of the Beserker"

you still don't "get" that the physical form of an echanted device (charged (potion/powder/paint) or permanent) is almost irrelevant in ArM.
The shape and material grant a small bonus to the enchanter, makign it slightly easier to create the device - but that's all.

A device which makes skin touch (or deflects weapons) could be paint, liquid, powder, a wand, ring, shield, tattoo, hairpin, coin,... it doesn't matter.

Makeup/paint has no special properties (other than the usual S/M bonus for certain types of enchantment)

on a related note,what sort of desighns would be effective for speed,strienth &/or endurance?