Magickal Items; Abilities

I recall once reading in a 4th Ed book, rules for having magickal items with Scores in different Abilities. The Example from the book was something to do with a statue being taught to play music. My question is thus;

Which book, what are the rules specifically, and can they be used in 5th Ed?

It can be done for Automata, assuming you have been initiated in that mystery (it's a major Verditius mystery, but has somewhat spread outside the House). See Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults pages 128-131.

Is the ability rules actually part of the mystery, though? I mean, do you have to be initiated into the Mystery to put an ability into a non-automaton?

Well, that's one of the few things (along with their inherent Magic Might) that seem to make automata at all desirable, so I don't think that, initiated or not, you would be able to put abilities in non-automata. Without it, automata would merely be unusually expensive, complex and fragile greater devices.

The rules you saw were probably the ones in Wizard's Grimore Revised edition.

But now, at this point it would only be with Automata? ... right'chu are then. I'll just hafta lug around a torch all the time then :wink: