Magus: Cath'rinne ex Bjornaer, Dead Eye Areleins

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Last update: winter 1013

Name: Cath'rinne ex Bjornaer, Dead Eye Areleins
Gender: female
Age: 30 (gauntlet at 20, apprenticeship starts 5 - Birth 983)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0
Confidence: 1 (10)
Size: 0
Clan: Arelie
Personality: Driven to reclaim Diedne's lost secrets +6, Secretive +3, Morbid +1
Height: 5'8" (174 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)
Soak: +0 (+1 Animal, +1 Corpus, +1 Ignem)
MR: 20, Animal 26, Corpus 26, Ignem 31, Mentem 33, Vim 25
Combat: Dodge, Ini 0, Attack 0, Defense 0, Damage +2

Characteristic Score
Intelligence +1
Perception +0
Presence +2
Communication 0
Strength +2
Stamina +0
Dexterity +0
Quickness +0
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Hermetic 0
Hermetic Magus Free hermetic 0
Heartbeast (Vulture) Minor General 0 House Virtue
Life-linked spontaneous magic Major Hermetic 3
Independent Study Minor General 1
Puissant Mentem Minor Hermetic 1
Minor Magical Focus - Ghosts Minor Hermetic 1
Apt Student Minor General 1
Cautious Sorcerer Minor Hermetic 1
Subtle Magic Minor Hermetic 1
Spell Improvisation Minor Hermetic 1
Total 10
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Blatant Gift Major Hermetic 3
Driven Major Personality 3
Dark Secret Major Story 3
Secretive Minor Personality 1
Total 10
Ability Specialty Score XP
Awareness alertness 2 15
Parma Magica Ignem 4 50
Artes Liberales ritual magic 1 5
Philosophae ritual magic 1 5
Penetration Mentem 5 75
Concentration spells 1 5
Finesse Corpus 1 5
Magic Theory inventing spells 3 32
Norman (native languge) slang 5 75
Latin hermetic usage 4 50
Heartbeast assume animal shape 2 15
Leadership intimidation 3 30
Swim diving 1 5
House Bjornaer Lore self-initiation 1 5
Order of Hermes Lore personalities 3 30
Code of Hermes wills 1 5
Magic Lore magical traditions 1 5
SM - The Voice of the Bjornaer Magi - 1 5
SM - Aegis of the Hearth - 1 5
Art Score XP
Creo 6 21
Intellego 6 26
Muto 6 21
Perdo 6 21
Rego 10 55
Animal 6 21
Corpus 6 22
Ignem 6 21
Imaginem 2 3
Mentem 10+3 55
Vim 6 21
Spell Casting Total Casting Total / Heartbeast Form Level Note
The Voice of the Bjornaer Magus n/a +5 MuAn 15 Spell Mastery - Silent Casting
Whispers through the Black Gate +14 +16 InCo 15 ---
The Whole from the Part +14 +16 InCo 20 ---
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit +27 +29 PeMe 10 Magical Foci
Voice from Hollow Spaces +35 +37 ReMe 25 Magical Foci
Coerce the Spirit of the Night +35 +37 ReMe 25 Magical Foci, Sun duration
Wizard's Sidestep +14 +16 ReIm 10 ---
Incantation of Summoning the Dead +39 +41 ReMe 40 Ritual. Acquired as a lab season post-gauntlet. Magical Foci
Aegis of the Hearth +23 +25 ReVi 25 Spell Mastery - Rebuttal

Note: Except for the Voice of the Bjornaer Magi, all Heartbeast casting total assume that spell was cast first.

Talisman placeholder

White piece of wood, Pawn of Imaginem vis, if burned - makes a ghost visible.
5 pawn Rego, 3 pawn Aquam, 2 pawn Herbam, 8 pawn Terram

Name House Background Acquired State
Unknown Verditius Castellum Veridian - Associated with a separate sanctum in a cave regio within Sherwood Forest Summer 1213, just outside the sanctum Skull
Unknown Diedne Dragonrider Summer 1213, Hermetic Battlefield Organic Head
presumed Vladimus presumed Tremere Body found without a head, The Whole From the Part showed magical stigmata Summer 1213, Hermetic Battlefield Bone
Unknown Unknown Body found with the face and most of the clothes burnt away by acid, The Whole From the Part showed magical stigmata Summer 1213, Hermetic Battlefield Skull
presumed Cumhall presumed Diedne The skull was found in a pile next to a stake Cumhall was allegedly hanged on. The whole from the part revealed a description which could have been a Diedne magi, wielding both a longsword and a golden sickle (presumed talisman presumedly looted by Lord Fergus). Fall 1213, Wicker hill Skull
Unknown presumed non-gifted Teenage girl burned on Wicker Hill by the Diedne in a likely act of human sacrifice Fall 1213, Wicker Hill Thigh bone
Unknown Unknown Non-male adult. Found in ruins of a former Diedne tower. Fall 1213, Wicker Hill Severed hand

Heartbeast form: Cinereus vulture

Note: Animal form based on "Animals of Mythic Europe", p.17 Hawk, Egyptian Vulture, adjusted for size of the actual vulture species based on species weight.

Size: -2
Height: Body Length of 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in), 3.1 m (10 ft) wingspan
Weight: 14 kg (31 lb)
Soak: +3 (+4 Animal, +4 Corpus, +4 Ignem)

Talons, Ini +1, Attack +6, Defense +8, Damage +4
Beak, Ini +2, Attack +6, Defense +5, Damage +3
Stone (dropped), Ini +1, Attack +5, Defense +5, Falling Damage, See Impact Table p. 181, Range 10
Stone (bludgeon), Ini +2, Attack 0 (due to virtual no hands flaw), Defense +4, Damage +4

Characteristic Score Note
Intelligence +1 As Magi
Perception +4 As better of Animal (+4) or Magi
Presence -4/+3 As sum of Animal (-6) and Magi. If intimidating, as better of Animal (+3) or Magi
Communication -2 As worst of Animal (-2) and Magi
Strength +2 As better of Animal (0) and Magi
Stamina +3 As better of Animal (+3) and Magi
Dexterity +1 As better of Animal (+1) and Magi
Quickness +2 As better of Animal (+2) and Magi
Virtues and Qualities Level Type Notes
As Magi --- --- All applicable virtues
Lesser Immunity: Rotten Meat Minor Supernatural From Animal Form
Long-winded Minor General From Animal Form
Accomplished Flyer Free Mundane Beast Quality From Animal Form
Extra natural weapons (claws) Free Mundane Beast Quality From Animal Form
Keen Sense of Smell Free Mundane Beast Quality From Animal Form
Loathsome Appearance Free Mundane Beast Quality From Animal Form
Flaws Level Type Notes
As Magi --- --- All applicable flaws
Feral Scent Minor General From Animal Form
Infamous Minor General From Animal Form

Reputation: Omen of Impending Death (local) +2

Ability Specialty Score XP
Academic, Arcane, Supernatural, Lores, Languages, Concentration As Magi As Magi n/a
Awareness spotting corpses 4 50
Athletics swift flight 5 75
Brawl talons 2 20
Survival desert or mountains 3 30
Thrown Weapon rock 2 15

Note: No actual xp spent on heartbeast skills during character creation. All skills from Animal form.

Custom Spells

Cath'rinne stands fairly tall for a women (5'8") and weighs 165 lbs, with a build of agile muscles. She is a blond women with blue eyes and fairly gorgeous at that, although her looks are partly hidden by dark robes that make her look somewhat more threatening.

Pre-game background

  • She grew up in small fishermen town called Dieppe, near the Arques fortress, in northern Normandie, by the coast. She is of viking descent.
  • Her blatant gift caused troubles for her from a young age, and her parents had troubles dealing with her presence, never really growing accustomed to the gift. She remembers being spanked, scolded, and shouted after for being what she is. She was very happy at being sold to a wandering magi.
  • Her parens was Anastasia ex Bjornaer, from the clan Arelie, who was known for an eagle heartbeast. She was a peacemaker from Crintera, who attempted to dissuade the order from waging war on House Diedne. She stayed out of politics from the moment it became clear the war on the pagan house could not be avoided, and that anyone who was too vocal against the war might get marched or be the target of a wizard's war. Anastasia would be aged 72 at game start.
  • Cath'rinne was gauntleted right arround the time when the Schism war was declared. As such, she stayed secluded in Crintera with much of her House for the past ten years, growing more eager as time past to see the world out there. Her obsession with the warzone and what might be recovered became an obsession that grew through the past few years.

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Advancement log

Season Year Activity XP Confidence
Spring 1013 Adventure Heartbeast 5, Intellego 3, Corpus 1,Vim 1, Magic Lore 5 1 spent, 4 gained
Summer 1013 Adventure Concentration 5, SM - Voice of the Bjornaer Magi 5, Finesse 5 1 spent, 6 gained
Autumn 1013 Adventure Heartbeast 5, Vulture - Brawl 5, Vim 5, Intellego 2 2 spent, 3 gained
Winter 1013 Invent Spells Aegis of the Hearth ReVi 25, 2 MT 0
Spring 1014 Adventure SM - Aegis 5, 5 Code of Hermes 3 spent, 1 gained
Summer 1014 0 0 0
Autumn 1014 0 0 0
Winter 1014 0 0 0
Spring 1015 0 0 0
Summer 1015 0 0 0
Autumn 1015 0 0 0
Winter 1015 0 0 0

From her research on covenant sites, Cathrinne learns the following.
Researcher former covenants, Cath'rinne gets a fairly good overview of Mercia and Northumbria. She has already visited four sites, and they seem to be the most imnportant one. Rosalba was in the Yorkshire Dales 820-899. Concordia, founded at the same time in the Lake District, fell quickly; quite possibly on the site that Ungulus has today. Semitæ is the mysterious travelling covenant; who knows where it is? Ther has been two attempts to settle the Isle of Man, both falling within a year.

The Rosalba site might be something, but the exact location is not known, From Heirs to Merlin,

In 899 all the members of Blackthorn declared Wizards’ War on all the members of Rosalba. The magi of Rosalba were all killed, but magical defenses on the covenant killed several Blackthorn grogs and one magus, and the weakened victors withdrew to regroup. Later expeditions revealed that the defenses were still in place, and eventually the ruins of the covenant were simply abandoned. No current members of the tribunal know precisely where they are.

Her research in area lore lets her know of one magic aura 20-30 miles South/Southwest of the Diedne cave. It is a hilltop that she has seen scouting from the air. Fairly removed from people it should be a safe and quiet location, and was not really remarkable.

In Loch Leglean, there are possibly more interesting fallen covenants. Cath'rinne finds the location of Wicker Hill, but it is described only as a Diedne covenant very protective of their secrets. The Carpatian Gate was the site of an early calamity of the war, located in the Eastern lowlands. The covenant was dominated by the Tremere and had a Mercere portal to one of the Transylvanian covenants, and when the Diedne attacked they gained access to the Tremere heartland as well. The Diedne looted the contents and the Tremere meticulously sacked the site of the portal using a lot of power and little finesse. It wasn't a weak covenant, even if it fell early, and before the sack it should have had a good aura.

She does not find any ancient covenants. Somehow she gets the impression that the early Hermetic settlers avoided conflict with magical creatures over the most powerful sites in the country.