Magus: Thomas Myddleton ex Merinita

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Current Character Sheet
Updated: 09 Jun 24
Year: Updated through Spring 1014

Name: Thomas Myddleton ex Merinita
Gender: male
Age: 24 (gauntlet at 23, apprenticeship starts at 8)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 1 (5)
Confidence: 1 (4)
Size: 0
Personality: Curious + 3 Mischievous +1 Loyal + 3
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (65.7 kg)
Soak: +2
Combat: Dodge: Init 0, Attack 0, Defense 0, Damage 0

Characteristic Score
Intelligence 3
Perception 0
Strength -1
Stamina 1
Presence 3
Communication 1
Dexterity 0
Quickness 0
Virtues Level Type Points Notes
The Gift Free Special 0
Hermetic Magus Free Social 0
Faerie Magic Free House Hermetic 0 Minor
Strong Faerie Blood Major Supernatural 3 Sidhe
Faerie Background Free Supernatural 0 Connected to Strong Faerie Blood
Second Sight Free Supernaural 0 Included w/ Strong Faerie Blood
Faerie-Raised Magic Major Hermetic 3
Spell Improvisation Minor Hermetic 0 Included w/ Faerie-Raised Magic
Improved Characteristics Minor General 1
Affinity: Muto Minor Hermetic 1
Puissant Magic Theory Mnior General 1
Skilled Parens Minor Hermetic 1
Flaws Level Type Points Notes
Weird Magic Minor Hermetic 1
Visions Minor Supernatural 1
Proud Major Personality 3
Curse of Venus Major Story 3
Faerie Upbringing Minor Personality 1
Deficient Form: Te Minor Hermetic 1
Abilities Specialty Score XP
General Abilities
Athletics Grace 1 5
Awareness Alertness 1 5
Bargain Hard Sell 1 5
Bows Huntingl 2 15
Brawl Punches 1 10
Charm First Impression 1 10
Concentration Spells 1 5
Etiquette Nobility 1 5
Folk Ken Townsfolk 1 10
Guile Fast Talk 1 10
Intrigue Gossip 0 1
Music Songs 1 5
Native Language: English Northumbria 5 0
Stealth Hiding 1 10
Swim Diving 1 5
Survival Diving 1 5
Academic Abilities
Artes Liberales Ritual Magic 1 5
Latin Hermetic Usage 4 50
Philosophiae Ritual Casting 1 5
Arcane Abilities
Code of Hermes Mundane Relations 1 5
Faerie Magic Inventing Spells 1 5
Finesse Precision 1 5
House Merinita Lore Initiating Self 1 5
Magic Lore Regiones 1 5
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 3+2 30
Parma Magica Mentem 1 5
Penetration Rego 2 15
Supernatural Abilities
Second Sight Faeries 2 15
Faerie Lore Sidhe 1 5
Faerie Sympathy
Light Illusion 1 Positive
Iron Blades 1 Negative
Hermetic Arts Score XP Notes
Creo 10 55
Intellego 2 5
Muto 10 38 57 w/ Affinity
Perdo 5 15
Rego 5 15
Animal 2 4
Auram 0
Aquam 0
Corpus 5 15
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 5 15
Mentem 5 15
Terram 0
Vim 3 6
Known Spells Level Arts Casting Total Notes
Image Phantom 20 MuIm TBD
Phantasmal Animal 20 CrIm TBD
Bind Wound 10 CrCo TBD
Wizard's Sidestep 10 ReIm TBD Mastery 1 (Fast Casting)
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk 15 MuAn TBD
Disguise of the New Visage 15 MuCo TBD
Rise of the Feather Body 10 ReCo TBD
Aura of Ennobled Presence 10 MuIm TBD
Veil of Invisibility 20 PeIm TBD
The Crystal Dart 10 MuTe TBD
Circle Ward Against Faeries 10 ReVi TBD
Call to Slumber 10 ReMe TBD
The Trickster's Feathered Guise 30 MuCo TBD Vulture, As Cloak of Black Feathers
The Wizard's Vigil 20 MuVi Learned from lab txt Winter 1013.

Reserved for Description and Background


A handsome, some may say beautiful, slender young man of above average height who wears his flaxen blond hair long. His eyes are strikingly blue, almost otherworldly cerulean. He smiles with ease, though a hint of mischief dances behind his eyes and smile. He often wears snug brown leather pants and light colored linen shirts. It's not uncommon to see a flower tucked behind an ear or a small woven bracelet on an arm.


Thomas is what happens when a beautiful shepherdess of Nordic descent gets together with a capricious young lord of the Sidhe Summer court on a midsummer's night. Born the following spring, Thomas was raised to the age of 3 by his mother until his Sidhe father learned of his birth. He was stolen away to be raised among his father's people, celebrated for a moment and then promptly turned over to the hands of a retainer of his lordly father, Beryl the Fair, a changeling.

When Thomas turned seven, his Gift began to manifest. The Fae would stare at him with odd intensity for long uncomfortable minutes. Other faeries touched and stroked his blond hair before vanishing with a giggle. Then the sudden attention of his Sidhe father returned. On his eighth birthday, Thomas found himself departing from his home among the Sidhe in the company of a curious new person: Mildred ex Merinita, an occasional visitor to the Sidhe court.

Upon returning to Castruum Antiquum, Mildred began training the young Fae-blooded boy in the Hermetic arts. Thomas's apprenticeship had begun.

Thomas's early apprenticeship at Castrum Antiquum under the skilled instruction of Mildred challenged him intellectually and thankfully seemed to exhaust his adolescent energy, mostly. Thomas was only vaguely aware of the mounting tensions that began in the seventh year of his apprenticeship: the Schism War had begun.

Within a few years, Thomas had caught the eye of Balder ex Bonisagus (also of Castruum Antiquum). Thomas's driving curiosity about the arts and about Faerie seemed to be quite suitable for a Bonisagus apprentice, but by the time Balder had noticed the young apprentice, Mildred had already initiated the young man into the outer mysteries. Balder offered Mildred a compromise: a fostering.

Perhaps sympathetic to Diedne colleagues or perhaps fearing being caught in the backdraft of wizard wars, Mildred increasingly pulled away from mainstream Order affairs, often away on excursions in Faerie to train her apprentice, avoiding the struggles of the rival Houses. By 1010 and the pronouncement of the Tremere Wizard War on House Diedne, Mildred had withdrawn with her apprentice fully.

Now a year past his gauntlet, Thomas is cautious, with little experience of the human world and its troubles. He has remained with Mildred, unclear of what his next move should be, though determined to leave the stifling conditions that have become the remains of Castruum Antiqueem.

Hermetic Outlook and Focus:

Thomas's formative experiences in the Sidhe court heavily influenced his fascination with illusion and the power to turn what seems permanent into what is ephemeral and fluid. Thomas's curiosity leads his hermetic study and research into exploring how to influence, if not control, perception whether in the moment or in the memory.

While Thomas has not yet aligned with a particular Merinita society or group, he is most closely fascinated with the Wayfarer and the Shadow Master viewpoints on Arcadia. It remains to be seen which direction he young Merinita may take.

Biographical Timeline:

988: Birth

991: Take to Summer Court of the Sidhe

996: Apprenticeship to Mildred ex Merinita begins.

1003 - 1010: Increasingly withdrawn with Mildred into Arcadia or other regios.

1011: Gauntlet

1012: Continuing to study in hiding with Mildred ex Merinita.

Reserved for Advancement Log

Season Year Activity XP Confidence Notes
Summer 1013 Invent Call to Slumber 6 3 Faerie-Raised Magic
Summer 1013 Wizard's Sidestep Master 5 Master Rank 1 Fast Casting
Fall 1013 Invent The Trickster's Feathered Guise (MuCo 30) 10 Confidence: 1
Fall 1013 Animal Advancement 4xp Animal 2
Winter 1013
Spring 1014 Study Creo Summa 10 xp 10 2 Creo to L10


Dowry Score Details
Grogs N/A
Specialists N/A
Wealth 0 5 MP Silver
Vis 0 1p Muto
Items 3 80 lvls Max 40 per effect
The Wayferer's Friend (35)
Stone-Cutting Knife (15)
The Enchanted Porter (15)
The Marksman's Bow (15)
Books 2 On Fluidity by Balder of Bonisagus (Muto Summa L18/Q10)
Lab Texts 0 Eyes for the Wizard's Harvest (InVi 20)

*Lab Text:
Eyes for the Wizard's Harvest (InVi 20)
This spell enables the recipient to be able to see the presence of Vis within sight. Often used on grog or companion vis gatherers.
R: Touch + 1 D: Sun +4 T: Vision +4
Base 5. +4 Vision. +1 Touch +3 Sun


The Wayfarer's Friend (35): a silver ring enchanted with one effect: Piercing the Faerie Veil (as per ArM 5e p. 158). R: Touch. D: Sun. T: Vision. 24 uses per day.

Stone-Cutting Knife: ReTe 15 Pen +0, unlimited uses R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Part (Covenants p. 52)

The Enchanted Porter: ReTe15 Pen +0, 24/day, R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Ind, device maintains concentration (Covenants p. 52)

The Marksman's Bow: Rego Herbam 15 (Base 3, +3 Sight)(+5 levels for 24 uses a day) A beautifully carved and crafted bow of ash and yew, which is enchanted so that arrows fired are unerringly directed by the bowman. When activated by command word arrows can travel as far as the bowman can see, and cannot miss, but are also resisted by MR. When activated the arrows inflict +10 damage. Bow shape grants a lab bonus of +5 for "destroying things at a distance".

Reserved for Talisman

Reserved for Familiar

Thomas' knowledge of Mystic Sites

The only notable site that Thom knows from Merinita Lore is Lux Draconis, which was abandoned during the war, just before Castruum Antiquum was dislocated. In the books in the library, you find that Diedne magi trying to loot it triggered a trap which made one tower fall down upon them. Since then, an infernal aura is competing with the magic aura for dominance. The site is widely known to be cursed and haunted, and people avoid it.

From faerie lore, Thomas knows of several insignificant faerie locations within 30 miles of Castruum Antiquum. While they might be well worth a visit to the keen researcher of faerie ways, you suspect that the sodales would quickly be bored and wish to be elsewhere.

From magic lore Thomas finds the Bog Boar sometimes seen in marshes on the Northumbrian Coast. It is believed to hide in the safety of the regio most of the time, although it does come out to forage. It is a magic creature of mediocre power; third or fourth magnitude you would guess, and it is reasonable to expect a similar level on the regio. (You did not say if you spend confidence. It would make the finding a little better, but others have still found better.)

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