Malik ex Miscellanea

for the discussion of creation and advancement of the title character

Gauntlet version posted:

Ex miscelanea is supposed to have one major hermetic flaw that does not count towards the disadvantage limit. As such you have 7 points in flaws and 10 points in non-house virtues.

It's twilight prone from the tradition, forgot to record it, fixed.

You also have a specialty of 4 for the sahir ability...

also if you look at longmist the Corrguineach have a minor magical focus in elemental spirits instead of djinn. I have specifically stated before that I will accept this specific tradition though in general I am not a fan of lifting and renaming traditions to change their origin story.

I didn't know there was a deeper write-up in longmist, fixed. Also fixed Sihr, accelerated abilities don't actually get a specialty do they?

They do- the example in longmist has earth spirits as a concentration.


I'm coming up with 12 points left for you to spend at gauntlet- specifically from before your apprenticeship where you have spent 170 points out of 180 points, with your apprenticeship having spent 238 out of 240 points

I got to the same result you did numerically, but with a difference in division before/after apprenticeship because I'm assuming I can't spend points on Sihr until apprenticeship - I had a missing year pre-apprentice and 3 points overspent in apprenticeship.

You spent a total of 10 points on Sihr and I did calculate that as being during apprenticeship- you cannot spend points on Shir before apprenticeship, or any other arcane ability besides magic lore or any academic ability.

Fixed. Put 10 in second sight and 2 in Sihr.

okay, this is approved at guantlet... now what brings him to the levant and advance him to the point where the game is at.

My idea was that he lived and studied for a while in Hibernia, and maybe heard rumors about other users of the Sihr art that did more with it. Then at the Grand Tribunal of 1294 he would have met the Iberian Sahirs, went to study with them for a while and found that they didn't know the secrets he was looking for, but they knew about the Order of Solomon; so then finally he comes to the Levant to get the secrets from the Order of Solomon.

The grand tribunal of 1294? Do you mean 1195? Otherwise you will be waiting a while...

Yes, that's the one! brain fart. I was looking at the timeline in the Rhine book for the years of GT.

Am I meant to be waiting for approval for above or ok to start advancing?

Go ahead and start advancing- that is what approved at gauntlet means.

Thought I needed to justify path to Levant.

I want to make sure I don't do whatever I did before that made it hard to put into your spreadsheet- was it just about having the numbers before the text (or not)?

Also, re spells, we can do them as lab projects but not from lab texts, is that right?