Master list : virtue and flaw

I have found the master list but it seems it isn't up to date since may 12 2007.
Is someone able to update it?

It would be very useful!

I don't have Tales of Mythic Europe yet, nor the computer Savvy to add accent marks let alone produce a PDF :blush: , but here's the raw data for HMRE & RoP: F. I hope it helps...


Faerie Doctor – RoP: F, pg 112

Major Hermetic Virtues:
Sense of the Mystic – HMRE, pg 53

Major Supernatural Virtues:
(Type) Controlling – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Divining – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Refining – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Summoning – HMRE, pg 20
Cailleach Magic – HMRE, pg 56
Curse-Throwing – RoP: F, pg 112
Cursing – HMRE, pg 35
Elemental Magic – HMRE, pg 19
Elemental Medicine – HMRE, pg 19
Elemental Philosophiae – HMRE, pg 19
Elemental Theurgy – HMRE, pg 19
Empathy – RoP: F, pg 112
Enchantment – RoP: F, pg 112
Entreat the Powers – HMRE, pg 80
Evocation – RoP: F, pg 112
External Soul – HMRE, pg 56
External Vis – RoP: F, pg 50
Faerie Sympathy – RoP: F, pg 112
Focus Power – RoP: F, pg 54
Give – HMRE, pg 57
Greater Benediction – RoP: F, pg 113
Greater Power – RoP: F, pg 54
Healing – HMRE, pg 35
Immune to (Source of Damage) – RoP: F, pg 51
Increased Faerie Might – RoP: F, pg 47
Life-Linked Folk Witch Magic – HMRE, pg 35
Major Rune Focus – HMRE, pg 121
Mythic Alchemy – HMRE, pg 81
Mythic Herbalism – HMRE, pg 81
Nightwalker – HMRE, pg 104
Ritual Power – RoP: F, pg 56
Secondary Insight – HMRE, pg 122
Strong Amulet Magic – HMRE, pg 82
Strong Faerie Blood – RoP: F, pg 113
Strong Verbal Charms – HMRE, pg 82
Succurro – HMRE, pg 82
Summoning (Faerie) – RoP: F, pg 113
Take – HMRE, pg 57
Tueor – HMRE, pg 82
Vulnero – HMRE, pg 82

Major Social Status Virtues:
Infiltrator – RoP: F, pg 52

Major General Virtues:
Huge (Faeries Only) – RoP: F, pg 50
Ostentatious – RoP: F, pg 64

Minor Hermetic Virtues:
Energy Magic –HMRE, pg 52
Quick Charged Items – HMRE, pg 102
Ritual Items – HMRE, pg 54
Subtle Opening – HMRE, pg 51

Minor Supernatural Virtues:
(Type) Controlling – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Divining – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Refining – HMRE, pg 19
(Type) Summoning – HMRE, pg 20
Animal Healer – HMRE, pg 35
Beguile – RoP: F, pg 111
Blessing – HMRE, pg 57
Bonding – RoP: F, pg 111
Captivating – RoP: F, pg 112
Ceremony (Faerie) – RoP: F, pg 112
Concentrated Potions – HMRE, pg 35
Conjure – RoP: F, pg 112
Curse – HMRE, pg 57
Deft Rune – HMRE, pg 121
Dismissing – RoP: F, pg 112
Dream – RoP: F, pg 112
Elemental Affinity – HMRE, pg 18
Elementalist Air – HMRE, pg 18
Elementalist Earth – HMRE, pg 18
Elementalist Fire – HMRE, pg 18
Elementalist Water – HMRE, pg 19
Entreat the (Realm) Powers – HMRE, pg 82
Expert Potion Brewer – HMRE, pg 35
External Vis – RoP: F, pg 50
Faerie Beast – RoP: F, pg 50
Faerie Blood – RoP: F, pg 112
Faerie Instructor – RoP: F, pg 62
Faerie Legacy – RoP: F, pg 112
Faerie Sight – RoP: F, pg 50
Faerie Speech – RoP: F, pg 50
Faerie Sympathy – RoP: F, pg 112
Familiarity with the Fae – RoP: F, pg 113
Fast Caster – HMRE, pg 121
Fast Might Recovery – RoP: F, pg 46
Feast of the Dead – RoP: F, pg 46
Feast of the Fae – RoP: F, pg 46
Fetch – HMRE, pg 57
Flexible Gruagach Magic – HMRE, pg 57
Flight – HMRE, pg 35
Fortunam – HMRE, pg 82
Frightful Presence – RoP: F, pg 113
Grant – RoP: F, pg 113
Greater Magical Defenses – HMRE, pg 12
Half-Taltos – HMRE, pg 104
Hamr – HMRE, pg 104
Highly Cognizant – RoP: F, pg 52
Humanoid Faerie – RoP: F, pg 50
Hybrid Form – RoP: F, pg 50
Immune to (Source of Damage) – RoP: F, pg 51
Improved Damage – RoP: F, pg 51
Improved Initiative – RoP: F, pg 51
Improved Powers – RoP: F, pg 56
Improved Soak – RoP: F, pg 51
Increased Faerie Might – RoP: F, pg 47
Lesser Benediction – RoP: F, pg 113
Lesser Power – RoP: F, pg 54
Magicam – HMRE, pg 82
Mastered Rune – HMRE, pg 121
Minor Rune Focus – HMRE, pg 121
Nameless Runes – HMRE, pg 122
Natural Magician – HMRE, pg 83
Painless Moon – HMRE, pg 35
Personal Power – RoP: F, pg 54
Portage – RoP: F, pg 113
Puissant Pretense – RoP: F, pg 51
Reputation as Confidence – RoP: F, pg 54
Residual Power – RoP: F, pg 51
Salutem – HMRE, pg 83
Secret Runes – HMRE, pg 122
Shape – HMRE, pg 57
Skilled Master – HMRE, pg 83
Sleepwalker – HMRE, pg 105
Tattoo Mastery – HMRE, pg 57
Time or Place of Power – RoP: F, pg 47
Vision – HMRE, pg 57
Ware – RoP: F, pg 113
Weal – RoP: F, pg 114
Well-Trained Gruagach – HMRE, pg 57
Woe – RoP: F, pg 114

Minor Social Status Virtues:
Gruagach Master – Minor Social Status Virtue, HMRE, pg 57
Infiltrator – RoP: F, pg 52
Positive Folktales – RoP: F, pg 52

Minor General Virtues:
Pretentious – RoP: F, pg 64
Well-Trained Folk Witch – HMRE, pg 35

Free Supernatural Virtues:
Faerie Background – RoP: F, pg 112
Faerie Trainer – RoP: F, pg 63
Narrowly Cognizant – RoP: F, pg 52
Observant – RoP: F, pg 64

Free Social Status Virtues:
Folk Witch – HMRE, pg 34
Hedge Wizard – HMRE, pg 12
Mathematicus of Bologna – HMRE, pg 80
Passes for Human – RoP: F, pg 52
Vitki – HMRE, pg 122


Major Hermetic Flaws:
Homunculus Wizard – RoP: F, pg 115
Weak Elemental Resistance – HMRE, pg 20

Major Story Flaws:
Faerie Heritage – RoP: F, pg 114
Greater Charm – RoP: F, pg 115
Homunculus Wizard – RoP: F, pg 115
Known Hedge Wizard – HMRE, pg 12
Pagan – HMRE, pg 12

Major Social Status Flaws:
Monstrous Appearance – RoP: F, pg 52

Major Supernatural Flaws:
Charm Magician – HMRE, pg 83
Faerie Antipathy – RoP: F, pg 114
Intangible Flesh – RoP: F, pg 51
Intervention Prone – HMRE, pg 83
Laboratory Magician – HMRE, pg 83
Major Magical Deficiency – HMRE, pg 122
Might Recovery Requires Vitality – RoP: F, pg 47
Natt-Thel Prone – HMRE, pg 123
No Tattoo Magic – HMRE, pg 57
Primitive Tradition – HMRE, pg 35
Rarefied Tradition – HMRE, pg 35
Restricted Might - RoP: F, pg 47
Short-Lived Runes – HMRE, pg 123
Slow Might Recovery – RoP: F, pg 47
Sovereign Ward – RoP: F, pg 52
Transformation Prone – HMRE, pg 57
Vulnerable to (Substance) – RoP: F, pg 51
Weak Elemental Resistance – HMRE, pg 20
Weak Verbal Charms – HMRE, pg 83

Major General Flaws:
Little (Faeries Only) – RoP: F, pg 50

Minor Hermetic Flaws:
Faerie Metamorphosis – RoP: F, pg 114
Flawed Folk Witch Gift Opening – HMRE, pg 34
Vulnerable to (Form) – HMRE, pg 20

Minor Social Status Flaws:
Negative Reaction – RoP: F, pg 52

Minor Supernatural Flaws:
Decreased Might – RoP: F, pg 47
Faerie Antipathy – RoP: F, pg 114
Faerie Metamorphosis – RoP: F, pg 114
Freshly Sprung – RoP: F, pg 63
Harsh Moon – HMRE, pg 35
Incognizant – RoP: F, pg 52
Incompatible Hedge Arts (Gruagach) – HMRE, pg 58
Incompatible Hedge Arts (Learned Magician) – HMRE, pg 83
Inflexible Magic – HMRE, pg 58
Lesser Charm – RoP: F, pg 115
Minor Magical Deficiency – HMRE, pg 123
No Chartae Making – HMRE, pg 83
No Magical Defenses – HMRE, pg 12
No Text Casting – HMRE, pg 83
Poor Combatant – RoP: F, pg 51
Poorly Trained Gruagach – HMRE, pg 58
Poorly Trained Magician – HMRE, pg 83
Reduced Damage – RoP: F, pg 51
Reduced Initiative – RoP: F, pg 51
Reduced Power – RoP: F, pg 56
Reduced Soak – RoP: F, pg 51
Restricted Might – RoP: F, pg 47
Role Requires Suffering – RoP: F, pg 51
Short-Ranged Curses – HMRE, pg 35
Silent Tradition – HMRE, pg 35
Slow Caster – HMRE, pg 123
Slow Power – RoP: F, pg 56
Susceptible to Deprivation – RoP: F, pg 51
Traditional Ward – RoP: F, pg 52
Unstable Magic – HMRE, pg 35
Vulnerable to (Form) – HMRE, pg 20
Vulnerable to (Substance) – RoP: F, pg 51
Weak Amulets – HMRE, pg 83
Weak Chartae – HMRE, pg 83
Weak Tattoo Magic – HMRE, pg 58

Minor General Flaws:
Aloof – RoP: F, pg 63
Faerie Upbringing – RoP: F, pg 115
Poorly Trained Folk Witch – HMRE, pg 35

Got Tales of Mythic Europe Today...

Major Supernatural Virtues:
Embitterment – ToME, pg 35

Thanks for bringing this up, and for doing most of the work. :slight_smile: ... pdated.php

thank you gentlemen

Thank you too :smiley:

I don't know who i must contact but in the Master list, slave owner is listed as major virtue, but GotF 102 say minor :slight_smile:

Well, Erik Dahl compiled the list so he's the most obvious person to talk to, but I'm not sure what the etiquette is for contacting Authors (I vaguely remember Timothy Ferguson complaining about people ignoring said code of etiquette).

Well, speaking for myself, "authors" aren't really that special in my opinion. You can contact me any way you normally would (post, PM, e-mail...).

What I do care about is that people shouldn't expect me to respond to criticism of my work. Go ahead and criticize if you like, but I won't respond. Any author (of anything) with an ounce of experience should know not to respond directly to critics.

Well, that may be so, but in this case the email "is" effectively to criticize his work. Of course, seeing as how it's an unofficial list one could argue he's also the editor of the list and as such the appropriate contact person regarding any errata, but my point remains - it's a fuzzy line...

The code of ettiquette, such as it is, is that you don't have the right to demand things from authors, so you have, for example, no right to demand Erik update the list.

You also don't have any particular right to abuse him if you think his work is poor quality, merely by virtue of having purchased it. This is the part which tends to be ignored.

That's true -- just because Erik has done the community the service of creating the list, doesn't mean people are entitled to expect he'll continue doing it or will do it on their schedule.

Asking nicely whether another update is in the works, and if he'd like some help doing it, is probably a better approach. Though in this case I think it's taken care of already. :slight_smile:

I thought my ears were burning! Thanks for bringing this up, ExarKun. I'll update the master list and send the revised version to Atlas. Actually, I think I still have to add Magi of Hermes to it. There's a couple of new Virtues and Flaws in there, I recall...

Oh, and I don't mind being contacted, as an Author or otherwise. Not abused of course, but that rarely happens. Please feel free to suggest improvements and corrections to the list, I appreciate it.

I just did the same with the spell guideline list. I finished updating it just under a week ago. Hopefully it will be up soon.


Great initiatives, both spell guidelines and V&Fs. Kudos to you guys doing the work for us.

Whouch !

A bout 100 V&F in a page and 20 pages ! So it means AM5 has about 2000 V&F....Arggg

A great job this index, because we can find a virtue or a flaw in a look and find it in the book. But it's really, really, really too much. Atlas'authors should create a book only with V&F...
According to me, with so many V&F, the system itself makes no more sense. How to create a character ? How to choose V&F at character's creation ? In this case, no more V&F in books : it's better to let the story guide and the players create their own...

In the board, sometimes, we heard about a 6th edition. Please, if there's one, simplify this game : less V&F, less abilities with same advancement for all, and the same rules for all the powers...A simple AM5.5 with such adjustments will probably resolve a lot of problems...

Hope not to be too hard but i really feel overwhelmed by all this and don't even know how to play this game any more...


You know, funnily enough I had to use this just a few minutes ago.

Personally, I don't think the game is necessarily overburdened by virtues and flaws. For instance, I just picked up a copy of the Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide. There is an absolute ton of new feats, classes, domains, sub-domains, spells, magical items, non-magical items that might as well be magical, etc. That, to me, is daunting, and I wouldn't know where or how to start in order to take advantage of that content.

But, and maybe this is my familiarity with the game, I don't feel that with Ars. Not yet, at least. But I can see where you're coming from. You can play the game out of the core book. Absolutely you can. But if I want to do something out of the ordinary, like play a magical monster, then there are discrete books that help me to do that and I reckon I'll be going there for the best information.

I've found actually that if I'm mixing V&F from more than just the core book and one supplement then that character is getting too complicated for my tastes. It can work, but experience has taught me that I get a better handle on a character when I'm not trying to do too much. So in that respect, out of however many V&F there are, I'm generally restricted to the core rulebook and just one supplement.

Not sure whether that helps any but it's worth bearing in mind.

The last 9 pages list all the virtues and flaws, so there's only 1000 of which 300 are in ArM5. There's another 200 for mystery Houses and cults. Hedge magicians have 400 if you count the realm-duplicated methods and powers. Might creatures have maybe 100.

If you remove social status, beast qualities, mysteries from other Houses or Traditions, I'd be surprised if your magus has access to 400.

BTW, Increased Faerie Might says RoP:47.
And it'd be nice to add the half-dozen from MoH.

I find the more the better in general. If there are too few you end up getting a lot of the same thing over and over again. The more there are the less likely you are to see duplication. This helps keep individuals individual.


And you did not mention Rolemaster, or certain supplements for Shadowrun...
It is clear that many games like to complicate things by a desire of deep simulationism. I remain convinced, however, that in many cases, the atmosphere is more important than the simulation. But I am also well aware that specific rules are needed. I said specific, not huged. The rules of laboratory, for example, are very, very good. There is a swarm of details, ok, but it is necessary ...Spells rules are very good too...It's opened but has strict limits. It's not so easy to use but, in a few game sessions, perfectly mastered by players, and that's the more important thing...

To me, what makes a good game is a solid core of rule on which some addenda have been added. It is through this core well mastered by the players that the game will flow... But it is essential to keep the kernel, otherwise you end up losing players and masters... Ars has a solid core, but in my opinion, its addenda are too complex, with too many exceptions or extensions, and you finally can spend time looking in the rules books...

But this moves us away somewhat from the flaws and virtues ...

Even 400, in my opinion, is too much. One of the problems is the access to this virtues and flaws. The players can not know them all, and the master, either. So he can not guide them... The character creation is much more complex because, if these supplements offer opportunities, it is not possible to remember at the time of creation. It's not so a joke to think of an entire book of virtues and flaws, a synthesis of what has been done. To supplement what you say Mark, it is impossible to play with 6 people who each have their specific rules. But it is what could happens now ... So, this means you can not use everything that is produced in the range ... Is it not a shame ? The production of as much data would be cons-productive end ???

Yes, if you consider that the individuality of your character is based on his list of flaws and virtues... But i understand what you mean... How many characters are sexual obsessed ???? :laughing: But, is it not an weird challenge to try to present all the aspect of human personnality in Virtues and flaws ?

absolutely !