meetings of the board

Calling to order the spring meeting of the board of the covenant...

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Orion calls the meeting to order. "Welcome, sodales, to the first meeting of the Palavo Pyrgos Council. It has been many years in the works, and has required significant effort on all our parts. But finally our dream has become a reality. May the covenant's future be long and bright." He looks over to Gabriel. "And may I be the first to congratulate Gabriel as he takes his place on the council as the covenant representative. Welcome Gabriel. We all look forward to what insights you may bring to the council."

Then he turns to face the council in general. "I think our first order of business should be offices. We need to elect a tamais to monitor our finances, and a bibliothekarios to keep the library in order. Does anyone wish to put their name forward for either position, or does anyone wish to nominate someone else?"

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Charmion gazes benevolently on the proceedings.

Liberius shyly raises his hand and puts his name forward for bibliothekarios.

Gabriel will suggest Omphalos for tamais, and Orion for bibliothekarios.

"I am sure that some of us will be glad to volounteer for these important roles in our covenant," Maximilian nods in encouragement at Liberius' offer to take the position of librarian. "Let us see who would like to fulfill those. Any other takers?" It seems obvious that the Verditius is waiting to see who else will volounteer before deciding whether it will be necessary for him to offer his superior skills for the job of tamais.

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Omphalos settled into his chair lightly rubbing along the knuckles of his hand as his peers spoke, with a bit of a laugh. "I could certainly take up a position but I will offer in all honesty that my skills lay better in scribal pursuits or instruction. Your faith in my ability to uphold such an honored position is recieved with heartfelt joy but I believe there are others whom would better hold this Covenant together with their cunning in the allocation of our needs." His eyes moved over toward the verditus, as his dipped his head to him in admission of skill.

Aureliano slid into the chamber with fluid grace as he lowered his head deeply to Charmion and then a much lighter one to Gabriel. He then flopped into his seat and held back the urge to kick them up onto the table, his boots still has fresh dust upon them, "Greeting our fair lady, congratulations to you Gabriel, may we benefit from your wisdom." His smile was far too large for his mouth, as he gently pulled an amulet from his neck and settled it upon the table, a bit of his charm washed away once it no longer touched him as he reached over and lightly slugged Agapitus in the shoulder with perfect familiarity, "I hear a certain someone is hoping to get a letter hearing that you are settling down, and I keep hoping that you will keep her disappointed." Offhandedly adjusting his scarlet cap.

Agapitus quietly raises his hand, "As a member of the Milivi Antiquiti, I am trained to acquire books at the very least...though my experience as a librarian do not extend beyond that I'm afraid."

He clears his throat, "I am fine with whoever is chosen a this point. Those who will be most effective at this will show themselves eventually."

The young man smiles brightly.

Orion nods as each magi speaks, happy to see everyone participating so well. At a suitable pause, however, he speaks up again. "First let me say that I wish to remove myself from consideration for the post of bibliothekarios. I currently serve as archon, and would like to set the precedent that the archon does not hold any other officer role. We have only three offices. Best that they be split up among three magi. When my term as archon is over, I should be happy to serve in either of the two remaining offices. But for now, I shall decline."

"This leaves us with Liberius, and perhaps Agapitus nominated for bibliothekarios, and Omphalos alone nominated for tamias, though he has expressed the opinion that his skills may not be suited to the position. I would like to add to this a nomination of Maximilian for the position of tamias. I think his talents and organizational skills would be well-suited to that role."

"Now, are there any other nominations?" He raises and eyebrow and looks over at Evangelos.

Evanglos looks around the room. "While I would be happy to serve, and likely have the skills needed for a suitable tamais, I see no reason to complicate things by offering to serve now."

"Well then," Orion says once Evangelos has spoken. "We have one official nomination for bibliothekarios, Liberius, and two nominations for tamias, Omphalos and Maximillian. Unless there are any more nominations," he looks around the council chamber, "Liberius will become our bibliothekarios after a pro forma vote. That will leave us with the office of tamias. However, since neither nominee was self-nominated, I'll start by asking whether you both accept your nominations. Omphalos? Maximilian? Are you both content to stand for the office, or would either of you wish to withdraw your nomination?"

"I would be more than willing to put my experience in such matters to the service of our covenant," he joins the tips of his fingers together and inclines his head slightly to acknowledge his candidacy to the position of tamias.

"I would decline the position to someone far more suited and sure of his skills in such a task, Maximillian has both the skills and the august faith of his peers to guide us with his organization." Of course he said this while keeping at eye on Charmion, his eyes just going up and down what he could see of her, with a little grin to himself. "Does anyone disagree?"

"Well, the easy way to see if anyone disagrees is to put it up to a vote," Orion replies. "All in favor of Maximilian as tamias, say aye. Opposed, nay. Being as I nominated him, my vote is clearly aye."

When that vote is over, he then proposes the next vote. "Now we must consider whether Liberius should become our new bibliothekarios. Again, all in favor say aye, and all opposed say nay. My vote is aye."

Since they're both running unopposed, no reason to drag this out.

"Aye for both." Were simply the words from Omphalos's mouth.

Aureliano on the other hand did what he did for all votes, and promptly abstained.

"Agreed, both will do will, and thanks for agreeing to serve."

"Aye and aye," votes Maximilian.

(Since it seems clear the vote will carry him as tamias...)

"As the newly-appointed tamias, I should note to the Council that the covenant currently has 5 pawns of Vim vis that can be used to raise an Aegis around the covenant. If I remember correctly from previous discussions, our sodales Evangelos and Liberius both know the ritual to do so, at the sixth and fourth magnitude. Which one shall be raise? If we decide to raise a stronger magnitude, we will need to borrow an additional pawn."

"My opinion is that we should go with the Aegis of the sixth magnitude," Orion replies. "And if we decide to pursue that option, I should be happy to gift the covenant with the one pawn of Vim vis that we're short for the casting."

[hr][/hr] This is Thebes, where they say gifts of vis are common. :slight_smile:

"double aye" Gabriel replies in an offhand manner. "Might I put forth the proposition that non magi of supernatural origins be allowed to participate in the ageis ritual, instead of being given tokens, if they are associated with the covenant. I believe that would be myself and Charmion, of course, as well as the ink maker and Alexander's friend.

"A fair proposal," Orion says after Gabriel speaks. He waits until the final votes are in for the election of the tamias and bibliothekarios, then raises Gabriel's proposal.

"Gabriel has proposed that we include those with supernatural powers in the Aegis ceremony, rather than simply providing them with tokens to avoid it's effect. The Council is now open for debate on the matter. Does anyone have anything they wish to say for or against the proposal?"

"But I'm forgetting my manners," he says a moment later. "I haven't offered to shield you from the effect of the Gift. It must be quite uncomfortable for you in here. May I touch your arm and extend my protection to you?"

I'm guessing that we'd get a bump to Loyalty for allowing this, or a penalty to Loyalty for not allowing it.

"Yes, I would appreciate the gesture." Gabriel nods his thanks to Orion. "And indeed we may want to consider allowing all covenfolk to participate in the ritual. If it is adaptable we might even consider having it honor Charmion."