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Maximilian objects, "Having all covenfolk participate in the Aegis would be far too combersome. It is a delicate ritual, not adaptable at all. Trying to include so many into it would add an element of risk to something that is already risky, because of the raw magical energy being manipulated." He looks briefly at the water nymph, "There is also little in the way of element that could show proper respect to our patron."

He pauses briefly as an idea occurs to him, "There would be nothing to prevent us from having a short ceremony of thanks to her, however, in which all the covenfolk can participate if wish to. But I'd avoid it being conjoined with the casting of the Aegis. I also would not make the honouring of our patron compulsory. Some might object, based on their faith."

"I agree that our covenant should have the strongest Aegis we can raise, and I thank Orion for his gift of the necessary vis," Liberius says, hiding a slight childish disappointment at not being allowed to cast the Aegis himself. "I also agree that our supernatural members should be included in the spell, and the whole covenant take part in the ceremony, though not the spell itself. An Aegis-ceremony can include more than simply the casting of the spell, so there would certainly be room to include some words honouring long as it does not shade too much into paganism."

Charmion is delighted at the suggestion that the Aegis ceremony be dedicated to her.
"It would be both my honour and my joy
To add my voice to your Mercurian rite
And so protect those living near my spring."

(OOC: If people find Charmion's speech pattern annoying then I'll drop it and have her talk normally.)

"I agree that including the entire covenant in the casting of the Aegis would be far too cumbersome," Orion adds. "As well as risky. Maximilian is correct; it's a tricky ritual as it is. We don't want to add to its complexity, particularly when the vast majority of the covenant has no need to be part of the Aegis casting. They haven't any magical or supernatural abilities that would be interfered with by the Aegis. It would increase the chance of mishap for no appreciable gain."

"However, I don't imagine that adding a handful of people would be a problem. They are members of the covenant, and it makes the covenant stronger to allow them to use their abilities. Besides, by making them part of the Aegis casting, we limit the number of Aegis tokens that need to be in circulation, thus reducing the chance that one is lost or stolen."

"As for honoring Charmion when the Aegis is cast, I completely support that idea. As the others have said, it would have to be separate from the Aegis casting, since the ritual can't be altered from its original form. But a suitable ceremony to give thanks to our patron can surely be arranged to come either before or after the casting."

Orion will extend his parma to cover Gabriel during the council meeting. He will also make a habit of doing so at each council meeting.

I'm going to assume that if everyone posts without voting against either of our candidates, that they are both successfully elected.

And FWIW, I like Charmion's way of talking. It makes her seem different, which is probably what you're aiming for. :slight_smile:

Omphalos stroked the nonexistant beard on his face before offering his sagely advice "To supply the ritual with additional hands is to spoil a pot with too many spices. Tokens already serve the function to allow those who need to use their abilities within the aegis, only Charmion our patron should be so unrestrained. But celebration outside of the ritual itself is welcomed, for it is the gift of man to find joy. Could be ended with a soft spring rain as well, to nourish the fields for the planting season."

Aureliano narrowed his eyes lightly "I do hope you do not have plan for...latin and christian ritual in such a thing, I have no desire to be wrought in terrible agony while one apes to the God of Abraham. A proper celebration of wine and women however would be most...agreeable." He finally kicked his feet up onto the table unable to restrain himself from the small act.

"One does not worship nymphs," Orion replies when others voice their concerns about offending Christians. "One merely reveres them, as we should Charmion." His reply may not appease the Christians in the room. But based on his very basic understanding of their faith, it was the worship of other Gods that really bothered them.

He raises the eyebrow over his good eye when Aureliano puts his feet up on the council table, but says nothing. Magi were often an odd lot with many odd habits. Something as simple as putting one's feet up during a council meeting was hardly worthy of comment.

BTW, do we have a standard for the tense of posting? I note that Kareruren is posting in the past tense, while most of the rest of us are posting in the present tense. Do we even care?

Agapitus pauses at his brother's antics, and shakes his head. After a moment of stealing himself, he continues, "Honestly I see little need to make the casting the Aegis such a...performance.This is a fairly standard ritual that no covenant can be without, if we want to have a festival, then it should probably be some other time. I don't want to seem rude mind you, but I feel least for now...that the ritual should have primarily practical purposes and presentation. We don't exactly have a swell of resources at our disposal."

"As for my brother's...condition, I don't mind paying mind to it...but my spiritual allegiances lie with the Church's at least."

"That and its rather gruesome and bloody to watch someone bleed from the mouth and hands to say the" He settled a little more into his seat and folded his hands across his stomach. "We might not be rich with resource, but I am certain I could stalk us a proper beast worthy of consumption and its entrails offered up in supplication burnt upon the fires. "
(as for the past tense it comes from 2 decades of online gaming, and writing style, i dont even think about it these days)

"We should probably at least make an effort to find out who at the covenant has supernatural abilities that should be either included in the aegis or offered tokens. Is there some detriment to the ceremony for adding more people, or non mages?"

Maximilian frowns at Aureliano, "Any kind of ritual that would smack of paganism, such as the offering entrails you just described, would be unwise." The Verditius shakes his head, "Such things always end up reaching the ears of outsiders, be they nobility or churchmen. They can be little better than cattle, but they can still make enough trouble to disturb our studies and work." He pauses before adding, "And that is regardless of whether we consider such displays of paganism acceptable or not, ourselves."

Turning to Gabriel, he ponders the outlaw's question aloud, "Detriment? Not as such, although having to herd non-magi along is an annoyance even when their numbers are small. Not to mention the fact that some may believe that participating in the ritual make them close to our equals. Which is of course ridiculous. Personally, I would prefer to have them use tokens." He turns to Orion, adressing the senior magus' previous comment, "And tokens are not really a security risk. Although they can be stolen, they don't by themselves allow the bearer to bypass the protection of the Aegis. According to Hermetic theory, they simply anchor the invitation of a participant to an invitee. Removing the token only ends the invitation; it does not extend it to the new bearer.[sup]1[/sup]"

"Furthermore, anyone who participates in the ritual can invite others to enter by providing a token. I would prefer to keep that right for the magi of our covenant only."

[sup]1[/sup] At least that's my understanding of tokens.

"As Maximilian says, rituals can be delicate things." Orion replies to Gabriel. "Anything that increases their complexity or adds to the chance of distraction should be avoided if at all possible. In general, it's best to cast rituals under as ideal circumstances as possible. What's more, as I said, including those who use no magic in the ritual serves no purpose. It wouldn't harm them; but it would also do them no good. It would be neutral. What's more, again as Maximilian points out, it would allow everyone in the covenant to invite someone into the Aegis, providing they had a token. That doesn't seem at all a good idea. And he's right about another thing, it wouldn't be appropriate for an the entire covenant to participate. We are the magi of the covenant, and it is we who must participate. I am certainly willing to make an exception for our patron, of course." He nods to Charmion. "And I'm willing to consider the argument that the covenant representative on the Council should be included. But as for the rest." He shakes his head. "No. It would decrease security and send the wrong message altogether."

"I agree with you about your other point, however. We should make an effort to learn who has supernatural abilities to see who shall need a token. I'm curious, though. You said you would need to be able to bypass the Aegis. I've neither seen nor heard of you employing any supernatural abilities in the short time that our covenant has been running. What is it that you can do?"

According to the description of Aegis of the Hearth, the tokens must be used during the casting of the ritual. So there would be a limited number of tokens based on how many we included in the original casting. But you're right, I was incorrect in my recollection of the spell. It also requires that for the token to be effective, an invitation must be given by one who participated in the ritual. So my concern that a token could be stolen and used to bypass the Aegis was unfounded. That being the case, my opinion changes. I think it would be best to limit the participants in the ritual to the magi of the covenant (and our patron), and give the others tokens.

"From what I understand, those with supernatural abilities, or some supernatural afflictions, require participation or a token. I believe that those who have received the final sacraments and then failed to die are amongst them. That being said I would prefer to leave my explanation at the point that I do require such a method of entrance, and that it is a liability, not an asset, of a personal nature which leads to such a requirement. My suggestion with regards to other covenfolk is that there may be others with similar liabilities which they prefer not to discuss who may need to be included."

Orion nods as Gabriel speaks. "I quite understand that we all have private matters that we'd prefer be kept private. But you have to understand things from our point of view. We have to consider the security of the covenant and everyone inside it. Can you assure us that this liability will not threaten the covenant in any way?"

Orion would probably press the issue a bit harder. But I don't want to blow Gabriel's Dark Secret in the first year of play. :slight_smile:

"It will not threaten the covenant."

As discussion wanes, Orion pushes things forward. "Gabriel has proposed allowing the entire covenant to participate in the Aegis of Hearth casting," he says in a strong voice. "Do we have anyone who will second that proposal to bring it to a vote?"

Once the question of whether that will be voted in is addressed, Orion offers a modification of Gabriel's recommendation. "I propose that we grant Aegis tokens to those in the covenant with a supernatural ability or affliction that requires bypassing the Aegis." He gives Gabriel a curious look at the last comment, but doesn't elaborate. "Does anyone second that?"

Evangelos will second ensuring that there are enough tokens to give ones to any covenfolk who need them for supernatural / magical reasons, and that we should give such folks tokens. (Just for clarity, he does not support and does not second the first proposed motion, allowing the whole coven to participate.)

Maximilian shakes his head to show that he does not intent to second the proposal to have non-magi participate in the Aegis.

"I don't see a problem with granting our supernatural convenfolk tokens so that they can be effective within the Aegis, so I second that. We should also plan to have enough available to cover multiple visitors. At least one score, perhaps two, might be wise, for those visitors may bring along familiars and companions with supernatural powers. And tokens can be lost or misplaced, so having plenty of spares would be preferable."

"We should probably note down who we grant tokens to, so that we know from year to year how many to plan for. It will also help us know who can use supernatural abilities within the Aegis."

"I vote in seconding the fact that we need enough tokens for any supernaturals or visiting guests, otherwise I would prefer we do not have our entire covenant participate for the casting of the Aegis." Omphalos said simply at the options presented having no differing opinion to add.

Liberius is visibly uneasy with Gabriel not being willing to reveal the details of his supernatural nature. He votes to let Gabriel have a token but not allow him to take part in the ritual. He also votes to make sure there are enough tokens for any likely number of visitors.

Charmion says that she feels that Gabriel can be trusted to take part in the ritual, but she doesn't get a vote on the matter.

Hearing Charmion's comment, Evangelos tunrs to whichever magus is sitting near him and says quietly:
"While it would be awkward to have to do it each year, I suppose we could include one or two people in the Aegis by council approval. Including all the covenfolks, or even all the covenfolks who say they need it, is potentially too large. Particularly since many of them would not understand why they need it. Details matter in these things."

"Seeing no second," Orion says with a sympathetic glance at Gabriel, "the proposal to allow everyone in the covenent to participate in the Aegis ritual does not come up for a vote. I'm sorry Gabriel." The last he adds in a side to the covenant's representative.

Then, he turns to the second vote. "It having been proposed and seconded, we will now vote on the proposal that we grant Aegis tokens to those in the covenant with a supernatural abilities or afflictions that requires bypassing the Aegis, along with the addendum to the proposal that we include a sufficient number of tokens in the Aegis ritual for use in the year to come. Shall we say, thirty? All in favor, say aye; all opposed, nay."

I'm trying to be relatively efficient at moving things forward in Council. That means I may cut a few corners when it seems clear how people are voting, and that something either has the support to pass or doesn't. If at any time, anyone feels that I've pushed things forward to quickly, please just say something and I'll step back and do things more formally. I'm trying to find a happy medium where everyone's voice is heard, but the Council meetings don't become tedious.

Needless to say, I'll be more rigorous with the really important votes (e.g., amendments to the charter) then I will for miscellaneous votes.