Metodicus's huge list of Spells for moderation

Salve Sodalis

is my purpose to gather all spells I would like to create into a single topic to avoid confusion. So if you would like to look them I will appreciate your suggestions in order to correct the errors I made during the spell's creation phase.

Note: I found this 3rd Edition spells in a long forgotten pile of sheets inside a drawer, coming from an old ars magica forum (I suppose) printed from the web and I am not able to indicate the name of its original author. I have converted it to the 5th Edition but I would like to be sure they are correct

The Biting Cloud Cr[Re]/An 40
(Voice, Conc, Ind)

Create a swarm of biting bugs or similar insects that will fly to the nearest target. Acting inside the cloud is at -3 and spellcasters have to do additional Concentration roll in order to cast. If the target run the cloud will stay with her as long as possible. Rego allow the caster to control the cloud.

[base 5 +2 Voice +1 Conc +3 Size +1 Requisite]

Note: I cannot figure the damage the cloud could inflict

Gift of the Spider's Legs Mu/Co[An] 10
(Touch, Sun, Part)

Target is able to walk on walls like a spider, running and other complex actions require Concentration or Dexterity roll

[base 2 +1 Touch +2 Sun +1 Part]

Circling Flame of Protection Cr[Re]/Ig 20 (25?)
(Personal, Concentration, Individual)

the spell create a thin whirling wall of flame surrounding the caster doing +10 damage to anyone pass through it. Rego requisite does not allows the fire to spread, grant its rotation and keep warm away from the caster

[base 10 +1 Conc +1 Requisite (+1 complexity?)]

Guiding Light Cr[Re]/Ig 15
(Voice, Conc, Ind)

create a small floating globe of sparkling light bright as a torch that move itself along with the caster

[Base 3 +2 Voice +1 Ring +1 Requisite]

I don't have the book to reference right now but...

Why does it eed to do damage too? you probally dont need the size modifier +1 size is ALOT of bugs. You may need a group target since you are creating many bugs, but previous disscussions have said thats not needed if the swarm is acting as one so individual will level base 5 +2 Voice +1 Conc individual

I think your base is low, you need to change in an unnatural way to grant the ability

look at the coat of flames under familiar abilities (same spell) to see if you need to add for complexity

I dont think ring is correct here, could do touch, diameter/sun individual and just make a torch or have your hat glow.

If he has a ring inscribed in his shoulderpad it can be ring duration no problem. Nowhere it says that rings and circles need to be fixed things :slight_smile:



I would argue for a Group target, probably no Size modifier is needed though. The viciousness of the cloud isn't something the rules provide, but the suggested penalties certainly seem reasonable, indeed perhaps low.

I presume the Part target indicates you only change the legs to that of a spider? I would add that to the description, otherwise very good spell. If the spider's legs aren't acquired, merely the capacity to walk on walls like a spider, no Part target is needed (but a higher base level probably is).

Sounds reasonable, not sure about complexity.

Is that Ring or Concentration duration? Concentration sounds right, I presume the Ring is in error.

Well, yes, I suppose - with the flame floating above the ring in his shoulder. But that's not creating a bright globe of light that moves itself to follow the caster :slight_smile: Is it possible, however, that the spell uses magic to draw a circle of light, and to move it? Perhaps so, as the light created doesn't leave the circle nor is the circle broken - technically, it seems the duration holds, and the light will follow the magus indefinitely...

As I would like to create a lot of bugs with Creo I think Size modifier is needed, because I do not want to control already existing bugs but I would like to create it from nothing!. With this affirmation is right the modifier?

Any idea?

Yes, my spell "Gift of the Spider's Legs" is intended to grants this ability only to the target's legs. Please note that the legs do not become as those of a spider but acquire only the ability to walk on the walls

Yes, it is an error! It is Conc duration

No. The Group target allows you to create a swarm of bugs with the total mass of ten standard Individuals of the Form Animal (see ArM5 page 113, the left-most column of the box on targets and size). A base Individual for Animal is about the same size as a pony. So the spell with a Group target creates a swarm of bugs with the overall mass of ten ponies... that's enough bugs, isn't it?

That you create bugs and not control existing bugs is a matter of choosing Creo rather than Rego. It isn't related to the size modifier.

Stay with what you've got. It sounds reasonable, as I said.

This is more problematic, and subject to the storyguide's interpretation. You may decide that the spider's ability to walk on walls is a minor ability, akin to the cat's ability to see in the dark, so use base 2. Note that "Eyes of the Cat" actually changes the eyes to be like those of a cat's, however. What you are doing is granting the ability to walk on walls without changing the person's appearance. That sounds like granting the target a supernatural ability to me. I am not sure how to treat it. You may rule that this is just a cosmetic change, so keep the spell as-is. You may rule that this is a major change that makes the human no longer natural, so use base 15 taken from the MuAn guidelines. Or you may do any other thing; I really don't know.

Do this with ReCo instead. This eliminates the need for the animal requisite, fits into the RAW and is far easier to handle.

This would be Base 4 +2 Sun for a total of 6, or 7 if you need touch range.

You might want to recheck that calculation, fury. :wink:

The +2 isnt levels, its mags. That means as written, you have offered a level 10 alternative. Add Range: Touch and it becomes level 15.

:blush: Right. should have reread my post twice instead of just once...

Still, i think ReCo is more appropriate/easier. but YMMV.

No question there. I agree. Why muck about with modifying body parts when you can break the law of gravity anyway you like with Rego. :wink:

Hi, I need your help again to modify or correct another spell.

Sight of Shattering Pe/Te 30
(Base 5 including two level for influencing metals +3 Sight +2 Group)

"Objects of metal or weaker material up to a pace across break apart. The appropriate Form for the Target is a casting requisite"

My goal is to shatter armors or weapons only looking at them. I would affect a large number of people, so I chose Group as the spell's Target.

Add a magnitude for group size, so you can affect up to a hundred things instead of ten. Since ten-in-a-crowd can't even be used as a group target (ArM5 p 112), you could suddenly have a problem when soldiers show up in larger numbers.

But the spell breaks the metal and not the soldiers.
A chainmail is about 20-25kg. A sword is 1,5.
How much weight has the metal a pace across?

one cubic foot of Iron weighs 439 lbs / 199kg
one cubic pace would weigh 5.5 tons / 5.3 metric tons.

one cubic foot of Bronze weighs 518 lbs / 235kg.
one cubic pace would weigh 6.5 tons / 6.3 metric tons.

Both are considered 'Base' metals, along with steel, tin, copper, pewter, and brass. All weights are approximate, using notes from my apprenticeship courses.


So Group seems more than enough.

The Biting Cloud Cr[Re]/An 40
The spell would harm people only if the insects are poisonous creating bees or hornets. Damage could be very serious however if the spell has conc duration it is probably not fatal. I think it is enough to make people to be unconscious.
I don't remember poisonous effects need Pe requisite or not.

Sight of Shattering Pe/Te 30

I have chosen group because is my intention to influence a great number of objects weared, while it is not in my interest to cause damage to the soldiers, but to deprive them of their weapons and armors, so thanks you a lot for your precious help, now I have the certainty that the level of the spell is right

The Biting Cloud Cr[Re]/An 40

Originally it was my intention to slow down eventual enemies, but with this high level of the spell it is right also to inflict a minimum of damage to my opponents... :slight_smile:

Well, I dunno.

While I'd certainly consider all the metal worn bu someone to be a single individual, or a pile of armor, would the armor worn by 2 different people count as a single individual? I'd say no.

There's even a precedent for this, as your "Sight of Shattering" is just an improved version of an existing spell.

Note the target group, + 1 magnitude for number.
The good news, though, is that your calculations were incorrect, as the base for destroying metals is 3+2n not 5+2.
So, your spell would still be level 30, just with different maths behind :wink:

Fixer, where could I find "FLAWS OF THE WEAPONSMITH"? I am unable to locate it in the core rulebook so I suppose it is in another book

Please note that in my calculations level 5 is just the sum of (base dirt 3 + 2 for metal) and not base 5 + 2 magnitudes for influencing metal :slight_smile:

I hope to have made all calculations right, now I am searching for a detailed entry about the total mass a group Pe/Te could affects or if I have to modify its Size (but I do not think so)

Guardians of the Forrest Page 60. That goofy Phillipus Niger and all of his perdo paraphernalia.

Yep. Note that all his group-targeted spells are one magnitude too low, someone were still thinking ars4 guidelines...