Miguel, the Beastmaster Companion (development)

Miguel, the Beastmaster Companion character, detailed draft
He’s a guy that can call animals, and talk them into helping him. He’s also Cata’s significant other, father of her 4 children Miguelito, the twins Javier and Joaquin, and little Rosa. They met when she was an apprentice and he was prepared for apprenticeship. She wanted to help him, but ruined his gift. His master left for Ireland with him and used him as a super-shepherd and lab assistant. Together with Cata and his animal friends, he killed the magus and founded a family with Cata in England. Now, he has followed Cata to Andorra, where she hopes to find a suitable master for Miguelito and a more prestigious house to join.

Characteristics: Int 1;per -1, Str 1, Sta 1, Pre 1, Com 1, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 35(35)
Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: 0(1)
Confidence Score: 1(3)
Virtues and Flaws: Failed apprentice; Summon animals (major), alluring to animals, Animal ken, Puissant Animal Summoning, inoffensive to animals, Puissant Animal handling, tough, True love (Cata); dependents (children), Magic air (good his wife has a parma), carefree, oversensitive (cruelty vs animals), weak characteristics, incomprehensible
Personality traits: Likes Animals +3, True Love (Cata)+3, easy-going+1, Brave+1
Reputations: -
Combat: depends
Short Spear:

Soak: +4 (+7 with clothes improved by his wife)
Fatigue and Wound levels: normal
Abilities (45xp childhood + 600xp life = 30 years * 20xp; 20xp spent on virtue true love, rest on abilities):
75 Animal Handling (leadership) 5+2
70 Animal Ken (talking about humans) 5
15 Athletics (lifting) 2
15 Awareness (animals) 2
5 Bargain (Animals) 5
30 Brawl (fist) 3
15 Charm (family) 2
15 Chirurgy (animals) 2
5 Folk Ken (magic users) 1
15 Guile (magic) 2
30 Hunt (cover tracks) 3
15 Leadership (children) 2

  • Occitan(Catalan, animals) 5
    5 Order of Hermes Lore (failures) 1
    30 Ride (horses) 3
    30 Stealth (forest) 3
    5 Swim (river) 1
    15 Teach (children) 2
    5 Artes Liberales (astronomy) 1
    50 Latin (Hermetic) 4
    5 Magic Lore (beasts) 1
    30 Magic theory (assistant) 3
    30 Single Weapon(Short spear) 3
    70 Animal Summoning (speedy arrival) 5+2¬
    15 Profession: scribe (hermetic) 2
    30 survival (mountains) 3

Equipment: sturdy clothes (impenetrable silk if near wife), short spear, excellent horse, second horse with packsaddle (animal food etc) and 4 dogs, 2 ravens, writing tools
Encumbrance 0(0)

Special Items: Longevity ritual lvl50 paid for by his wife (Cata), consumed at 35.

open questions:

  • His wife has perception + finesse 10 and a spell that allows her to work wood using craft magic. What quality is his short spear?

Probably average quality.
Problem is, once again, the 2 systems aren't made to work with each other, since the workshop total isn't being rolled, despite being a skill.

Her EF to create things is at least 3 higher than that of a craftsman, so we can consider that she creates as a craftsman with Charac + Skill + Bonuses of 7.
The EF to create a Superior Item is 12.

BUT!!! Andorra has awesome rules for buying exactly this sort of things during chargen :wink:

A spear with, say, +1 to attack should cost 2 qps (2 * 1)
A spear with +2 attack and damage would cost 12qps (223)

Yu can spend XPs to gain qp on a 1-to-1 basis, which, in this instance, is quite broken, so enjoy yourself! :smiley: