Mimic the Christ's Miracle

A spell from Apprentices, it turns water into wine. The spell states

Presumably this is based on the idea that because an Aquam target of Individual Size is 1% of the size of and an Aquam target that consists of wine, turning water to wine shrinks the liquid by 99%.

I think that is a really bad idea, for these three reasons

  1. It is not consistent with how the spell"Earth That Breaks No More" works. Just as water has a larger Individual Size than wine does, earth has a larger Individual Size than stone does, but turning earth into stone doesn't shrink the earth, so turning water into wine should not shrink the water.

  2. If we are using Aristotle's theories of form, matter and substance, the MuAq spell should be able to change Quality without changing Quantity. It might be argued that the final result should be something that is still an individual target of Individual, but a gallon of wine is still an individual Aquam target.

  3. If you did change a 40 gallons of water into a cup of wine, and it had only sun duration, what happens to the poor soul who drank it when it changes back to 40 gallons of water at sunrise or sunset? Such a spell may work as a sneaky assassination tool, but for a casual way for apprentices to make friends from giving free drinks, it leaves a lot to be desired.


but then, I've always wondered why MuAq, why not CrAq.
Wine is still a natural liquid, so it's the same base 2, for a total of 5 either way.

Yeah, the Aquam guidelines in ArM5 talk about the volume you can affect, but there's no mention of MuAq contracting liquids.

If it wasn't for the murderous 3rd point, you could invent that not shrinking is a Breakthrough that came free with Mercurian magic and no magus did the same for Aquam.

I ignored that bit as well, and would prefer it if it were errata'd out.