Spell: This Round's On Me

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This Round's On Me
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
This spell creates an amount of processed liquid, namely wine.
A bit less that half-a cubic pace is created (3/40.5^3pi for the mathematically inclined), though this has to be contained within an appropriate container.
(Similar spells could equally create beer or what have you).

This spell can lead to drunken behavior, but as it has only duration sun, the drinkers are sober the next morning - though the headache appears to still be there.

Whlle the Wine created via this spell is always drinkable, a finer wine might be created with a Intelligence+Finesse roll, as per HoH: S, p. 60

...I'll just be stealing this one I think...

The disadvantage of this spell (compared to a spell that turns water into wine) is that the drinker will become very thirsty when the spell duration ends. Whereas if it was water that was changed and the quantity was held constant, when the spell duration ends, the target would not become more thirsty.

A similar line of reasoning goes for foodstuffs. If I make a spell that creates a lamb chop, when the duration wears off, whoever ate the lamb becomes correspondingly hungry. Whereas if the spell changes oats to a lamb chop, since both foods are "Heating & Moistening Foods" I am not sure that anyone is worse off. Similar spells could change lentils to beef, lettuce to fish, (or fish to lettuce when lettuce is out of season) onions to venison...

..thus the headache.

This spell is not intended to supply sustenance for any extended periode, it is intended purely for social drinking.

Sounds exactly like the morning after a beer/wine bender then?