Most beautiful ladies-Russians!

Hi Maxim,

Greetings and welcome - it is always a pleasure to have new people on the forum.

However I do think you need to work on the ME paradigm. Bombs, for example would to many of us kind of clash with our perception of ME. The same might be argued of Russia. Could you elaborate on whether Russia existed and whether the people living there at that time considered themselves Russian?

Thank you and eagerly awaiting you reply!

P.S.: The most "hot" word I can think of is probably Creo Ignem, but maeby you should fine tune your spell a bit first. :laughing: :cry: :laughing:

An example of Creo Spamus? :confused:

Time for a Perdo Spammerius, perhaps?


I'd be wary if I were you: those beautiful ladies are likely to be faeries. It's all fun and games until someone ends up with a donkey's head. :unamused:

You mean, like, "fae" faeries, or more like the "don't ask, don't tell" sort?

Could go either way, now that you mention it, and "donkey's head" could have entirely different implications, that's all... :open_mouth:

Oh God... The visions in my head! :open_mouth: Help!

Maxim 25 is really Abe! :open_mouth:

You sir have a dirty mind. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

CrCo Sexy Rushian Lady
Target- person
Range- grab
Duration- diamoter (just long enough?)
with more for the sexy?
does that help for the spell?

alas, sir, I am obliged to point out that you must be a Necrophiliac, since the Hermetic Limits and standard guidelines make it clear that a Hermetic spell can create a corpse, but not a living, breathing person; even the best Ritual Spells of our Order (The Shadow Of Life Renewed) produce a creature with no soul, and no real life...

If you must persist in this barbarism, I might suggest a more roundabout route? CrAn a beast, such as a Dog, and then use MuAn(Co) The Beast Remade - at least the "human" will be breathing and sensate... (and the client merely a Bestialist rather than a Necrophiliac)

My personal recommendation would be a decent level CrIm package, with full sensory creation including "touch"... this should provide a high degree of satisfaction.

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

very funny,I am not the sourse of this thread!!!!!!!!!!

How would you know?
Your various medical conditions would indicate otherwise.

...and :question:

No diiferent from any MMO romance.... :astonished:

Anyway - in spite of many an advice from my sodales I do not mind using mentem on myself to make me disregard the lack of life. Now where did I misplace my book of PeMe self spells?? :laughing:

Indeed??? "Clear" you say?! Poppycock, sir, poppycock and bamboozlement of the shoddiest kind, promulgation of the basest sort, bordering on mere sophism and flimflam! Harrumph!

And where do you point as a foundation for this slander, pray tell? I can find nothing to support your unfounded rumours and speculation, (altho' I'll admit that searching the 4th ed pdf was far easier than the 5th ed hardcopy - ahem.)

In fact, quite the contrary:

Creo Technique (p77) :
"...Natural things (as opposed to artificial, man-made things) are easy to create and heal...

Corpus Form (p 78) :
"...dead bodies... as well as those of living humans..."

Corpus Spells (p 129) :
"Corpus spells deal with human or humanlike bodies and anything that involves those bodies...

CrCo Guidelines (p 130) :
...Creo Animal spells may be used as guidelines and examples for Creo Corpus Spells."

So, while you can't create a soul, while you can't create "true" human life, you can certainly create a semblance of it, to one extent or another.

Lesser Limits (p 80) :
Limit of the Soul: ... magic cannot create an immortal soul, and so may not create true human life...

If not, they would not have qualified the limits to "true human life", as opposed to whatever it is that Hermetic magi can create.

Now, go away, or I shall Harrumph you a second time! :laughing:

(Fortunately, this thread has no topic, so it'd be hard to derail it at this point.) :wink:

Russian ladies are beautiful. Or so I find.

Cuchulainshound's spell, however, is lacking in the Aquam component needed to make a real Russian girl. Humans may be purely Corpus, but a true Russian is the child of the North, and there is blood in his veins mate.

Vodka should be Ignem, not Aquam. :stuck_out_tongue:

So normally, of course, I'd delete this, but I'm tempted to leave the thread since so many people have now contributed.

Delete? Or no? Just delete the spam at the start, leave the rest?

That gets my vote, although I won't mind if the thread goes away: we've had our ten minutes of fun. :slight_smile:

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We are talking about beautiful Russian ladies ? Right?

Because if you are not YR7 I think you ought to start a new thread on how to create beautiful Russian males, so as not to derail this important thread!

Ah, yes, how sloppy of me. I apologize for nearly derailing this most august thread. :smiley:

I don't mind either deleting the thread or the first post. As Fruny said, we had our ten minutes of fun.