my problems & how I handle them

I have the folowing problems(sorry about the possible double posting)aspurgers syndrome,diabieties,autism,random ticks & possible brain damage(conked myself on the head as a child)
so I tend to make the same mistakes over & over again!
posting on message boards & reading is some of the way's that I handle stress & problems of the world,so there!

Master Abe,

I have family members that share your difficulties. I know they can be a trial to work with. Have you seen a specialist to perhaps get fitting medication for these aflictions? Perhaps Concerta or Metadate might help?

Would it be possible for you to list out for me the various headings on page 111, 112, and 113 of the core rule book? My daughter tore the pages from my rulebook, and I no longer have the various lisings...the only one I have left is "Boundry", on page 113...Could you please list out the other bold (black) headings? I don't remember them all, and it would help me for the next gaming session this Saturday...

Thanks in advance Abe!

Why can i find no trace of you in these groups then?

As with most things net-related ,
i do not believe and will not take your unsubstantiated word on the matter.
You must have at least one Doctor that you see on a regular basis.
Have someone like this confirm your claims.


Thanks for your explanation, and as yet another person personally familiar with some of these symptoms and syndromes, you have my support on that front.

No one but a moderator can ask you to leave, or stop, or demand any explanation etc, so I suggest you ignore anyone who does.

Your threads are open to your continuing questions. Readya there. :wink:

This isn't completely accurate. A Moderator can warn and ban a person. But the rest of are entitled to voice our opinions which can include asking for explanations as well as asking some to stop or even leave.

The person being question is entitled to ignore or respond to such remarks.

I'm familiar with Abe, his history, his nuances. I started Abe's threads to narrow and focus his place on the boards. This hasn't stopped Abe from frustrating users of the board.

I've pointed out publicly that I've asked some of the long time users whether Abe should be banned or not. While the action is beyond our control we certainly have the right to petition for a ban. My observation is that people are either on the fence or for a petition to ban Abe.

A small part of me beleives that by publicly stateing this, Abe will clean up his act by making more of an effort to learn the rules, and submit spells with normal spell parameters. I know better than to believe that. Abe either can't or wont change.

Long time users fall into two categories. Those who ignore Abe, those who help Abe and become frustrated because their time and effort is wasted. There is third group, those who don't know Abe. They approach Abe like group two, and try to help him. But they rapidly discover that helping Abe is wasteing their time and rightfully get frustrated.

I am partial to believing that Trolling doesn't not involve intent. I believe Abe's intentions are good, but that doesn't prevent him from frustrating and angering many long time users of the board. Given that fact, whom should the moderators value? One well intentioned and challenged user, or several other users?

I probably earned my Masters status responding to Abe and when I stopped responding my time at the board rapidly died off. I'm familiar with Abe and find him slightly harmless, but I am also aware that he frustrates and angers many users. I don't think this fact should be ignored.

While his ultimate fate is out of our hands, Abe should realize that many of us are very close to asking for his removal. I hope this motivates Abe to submit material that is in keeping with simple things we ask for:

Accurate Spell Parameters
Justified Base Level and accurate math.

Really, that's not much to ask for. Shot gunning us with nonsense with or without the status of 'challenged' is not appropriate at this site.

Kryslin pointed out the Terms of Use to me and it appears that currently no one will be banned. However ABE we all have the option of ignoring you.

If you continue to irriate the users of this board there may be a wave of people ignoreing you. Be wary of naDHa'ghach!

I already am ignoring him. What's annoying is that the posts and threads still show up. I think I'm going to write a GreaseMonkey script to totally erase Abe's posts and threads.


"No one but a moderator has the authority to ask you to leave."

But I would suggest that, regardless of the language and tone chosen, asking someone to leave these boards is dancing around "abusive... hateful (and/or) threatening", or something too close to that to be comfortable. It is assuming that authority and duties of a moderator without actually having it. And calling for a general cry for such is only compounding the situation.

And, no, I think it's pretty clear we are not entitled to voice our opinions, if they breach the agreement we all made to use these boards.

Since it comes down to personal choice, and the "Ignore" option is viable, I don't see Vigilante Moderation or a public cry for Mob Ostracism as very polite alternatives, and not being polite is a Bad Thing, regardless. We all made an agreement (not limited by "...unless one person really bothers me!"), and skirting the letter of that promise while flaunting the spirit is hardly a gesture toward a better community. I've disliked the word "clique" since High School. Ymmv.

In short, I don't give a rat whether or not Abe is annoying in my nor anyone else's opinion. So long as he isn't abusive, he has as much right to be here as anyone, which means that no one but a mod has the right to ask him to leave. And I, for one, will defend that until I am banned. And I'd want to believe that everyone else would too.

...would you mind making that script available to everyone?

As soon as I learn how to use GreaseMonkey. :confused: In the mean time, searching for "greasemonkey phpbb" yields this, which I'll start from.

In which case , where is your defense of my right to my opinion?
As long as i am not abusive , then i have every right to be here.
If i choose to post any subject , not directly related to Ars Magica ,
as long as it is not abusive , no matter how annoying or irrelevant ,
then i have your full support for remaining on these boards.

Your argument, while sound, has a hole large enough to fly the OHS Daedelus through - There is a board specifically for general discussion in the index for the Atlas Games Forums. This is the Ars Magica forum, for Ars Magica discussion. Therefore, you could, in Theory (Where is this Theory place, anyway? Everything works there...) be banned for spamming (but most likely warned, and the threads removed...) by posting material that wasn't even close to being Ars related in the Ars Forum.


So as long as my posts are as relevant as Abes' ,
then anything i post is fully suppoprted by those who support his right to post.

I would be very happy if his posts were automatically removed to general discussion ,
threads such as this one for example.

For those who need to know , Abe is back on my Ignore list.
This does not mean that i will not post a response to anything he may write ,
i just won't read it first.

I will be happy to get my local Doctor to post that i have been regularly prescribed anti-depressants.
Plus provide his business address and phone number ,
giving full permission for him to say that i am a patient.

That is , if the part about the medication were actually true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has Abe had his Mother die (unexpectedly) in the last few years.
Also had a blind , diabetic friend die of cancer last year.
(we are talking over 15 years of knowing someone)
Her husband of 20 years is undergoing grief counselling ,
while we do what we can to help.

I think i have enough excuses to claim depression ,
if such things were relevant to posting about Ars Magica ,
or making excuses as to why you should all feel sorry for me
and let me post whatever i want.

Hmm. I see a lot have been hapening and discussed concerning Abe just within the last day and half that I have missed.

I have certainly played my part in moving this subject forward, as I challenged Abe to answer the heaps of critizism he was getting. No matter how unsavory peer presure and/or ostracism is, I did feel that it was what Abe was moving closer and closer to on the forum, myself included, and I was flabbergasted with the lack of response from Abe. A response I think we all missed. Most of us at least. I did feel that the cards needed to come out in the open and be discussed instead of just rolling on, deserving an explicit and fair discussion instead of just happening.

Even if I spoke in bold I very well know that gives me no authority, nor did I ever claim to have any. Nor did I aim at being anything akin to an anti-Abe ringleader. I did, and do, find it reasonable to sum up some of the voiced grievances and in clear language ask for a response. There is a world of difference between authority and right, and it seems they have been mixed up a bit in this discussion. We all have the right to ask explainations of each other, just as we have the right to not answer or to ingore it or the persons asking it. And asking it is not the same as claiming authority. Nor have I ever challenged Abe's right to ignore me or his right to be here, or made a "public cry" for people to practice ostrasicm. I do agree that that it is impolite and bad, but I also think that a "silent ostracism" is just as bad, where everyone puts one individual on Ignore without giving the peroson in question the option of responding to it. And that newcomers upon newcomers go through the same frustration without getting an explicit response.

To this picture belongs the fact that many did, and some still seem to, think that Abe didnt not have good intentions and that he purposefully did not listen to the people who spent a lot of time trying to answer his questions. That certainly feed to the frustration. And it was in that light that some started talking about asking for a ban. And in a general perspective, if someone was indeed purposefully working to derail, frustrate and make a fool of the users of this forum, such a notion does not seem unjust.

Personally I will give Abe the benefit of the doubt, that his intentions are good, and that benefit is something we all deserve. Just as well as I find it undeserving when asking Abe to respect the peers trying to help him or that he stays within the frame of Ars Magica is implied to be a discrimination of him or his mentioned problems.

I still refuse to give anyone the benefit of the doubt ,
on problems as serious as Abe claims to have.

He has said nothing about any proof of these claims.
Can he quote any legally identifiable medical care facility ,
which should be a matter of public record ,
that he visits.
This information can be provided to an administrator ,
not published on an open forum.

Still no response as to why anyone claiming Asperger Syndrome
does not talk to other people online who understand and deal with such things.
I do not believe that there are only two roleplayers in existence who might have this disability.
(Abraham Ray and Dune Genesis)

Well, I strongly disagree.

No one should ever be or feel forced to supply any kind of personal papers, even to the administrators, and least of all medical information.

Then why the hell do you believe Abes claims.
What makes his claims any more worthy than anyone elses.
Without any shred of physical evidence ,
anyone claiming a disability is automatically right and should be protected from harassment.
I did not ask for forcing anyone to provide confidential papers.
I asked for confirmation that someone knows "this Abe person" ,
and can verify the claims made in an open forum ,
by Abe himself.
A simple email from a Doctor or Carer , to the Admin confirming that they actually know this person.

If i am ever charged with a crime , i want people like you on the jury.
I need never appear in court.
Can make my statements entirely on paper ,
and as long as i claim to have mental problems ,
i will be found innocent.
As none of you , even with a presumption of my innocence ,
will find me guilty and need no evidence to convince you
that i am not other than innocent.

Guys, Abe doesn't need to justify his condition to us. Let's just ignore him and go back to discussing Ars Magica.

(regarding the script, I've got something but it's not pretty. If there's a javascript pro in the audience who's interested in giving a hand, send me a message)

A) This is not a trial.

B) What or who I believe or not believe is not the issue.

C) No one enjoys special protection from harassment, we all do.

C) This is going nowhere productive.

I second Fruny's notion on going back to discussing Ars Magica.

b'bye, Rav'. Been nice readin' ya. :frowning: