Mysteries no longer "Coming Soon"?

I looked at the main site and in the sidebar for the upcoming stuff there was no sign of the Mysteries. Has it been moved further down the pipeline or is it just a mishap? Also when do we get to see the covers for it and Covenants?

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This status report indicated that it was running late and so had been pushed down, to be printed at the same time as Covenants.

I vaguely seem remember that, at some point, it was mentioned that the cover art was precisely what was missing.

I was aware that it was to be printed at the same time as Covenants, but now Covenants are "Coming Soon" and Mysteries are nowhere to be seen on the front page.

Ok that explains a lot...

I am afraid I have no idea, and am as much in the dark as you chaps. Hope to see it out soon though. For now, well it's a mystery!

cj x

From the November Archive:

Yes Chuck, I'm well aware that the Mysteries have been postponed to a dual release with Covenants, but the issue here is that Covenants is still on the front page while Mysteries has been moved off it. That made me wonder if the Mysteries has been further postponed.

It's looking likely that Mysteries Revised is going to be delayed further. We'll say more when we some something more definitive to report...

Thanks for the info John although maybe not for the message. :wink: We're awaiting it eagerly, so hope whatever problems you've guys have with it gets solved soon and good luck!

Awww.... but I want them now!

Actually, I do. It looks like I might finally be starting a new campaign, and would love to have Covenants and the Mysteries to use while setting it up instead of running a few session, establishing things and then getting all this new goodness to use. (Especially since my players seem not to want to play in a Spring covenant, which is the only type of Saga I've run so far.)

Oh well. Maybe I can stall a little. Or maybe I just need to develop, I don't know... patience.

I expect Mysteries will be usable later in the game, and can be added in to your campaign at that time, if my memory serves me correctly. Obviously I can't talk about the content, but I can make some helpful pointers I coudl make even if i did not happen t be one of the authors:)

Well they are Mystery groups - so by their nature enigmatic. You can have odd portentous mutterrings and weird omens, prophecies and so forth. Have a few NPCs you remain open minded about, and have them carry out lots of correspondence, and occasionally vanish off on mysterious journeys, which they refuse to discuss. Build an atmosphere of secrecy, and hint at incredibly potent magics which may be out there; and every so often have one of the magi need unusual items, vis or some such, and ask the characters if they'd mind helping out.

In fact having the mysteries mysterious a little longer is no real problem, by the nature of the topic. Now HOH: Mystery Houses, the book which explains the inner secrets of Verditius, Criamon, Bjornaer and Merinita. That is a book i'd like to have had yesterday!!!

cj x

Yep can't wait till April. Of course with the mystery house book being so eagerly anticipated and it consisting of material that is the creation of the authors rather than an adaption of historical or mythological material, I see it as precisly the sort of book that many people will object to becasue it isn't exactly what they expected.

I expect we'll see a lot more of "Why on earth didn't they make the Verditius more like what I wanted them to be rather than what the author wanted them to be?" than we did with True Lineages.

Sadly I think that is inevitable for the Mystery House Book, as everyone will ahve their own ideas, but I bet it is good! Lots of people seem to be under the impression Mysteries Revised deals with the mystery Houses; it doesn't, so if you are awaiting the Inner Secrets of those houses the delay is not so painful!

Just to make it absolutely clear, there are two differnt books, covering very different things - Mysteries Revised and Houses of Hermes; Mystery Houses

We heard last night on the Berklist Msyteries Revised is now being proofread. :slight_smile:

cj x

I have to agree with CJ that we are going to have a bit of a shock with the House Mysteries book, IMO. The Tremere were a big change for a lot of people, but most seemed to accept my idea that really, having one house of designated villains was a bit poor, frankly. When we see what the authors have chosen to do with some of, let's face it, the weirder Houses, its going to come as a bit of a shock.

But i want my Beloved Ex Miscellanea. :cry:
It is the largest and most diverse House , so why wasn't it done first.

In the case of the Tremere, they were being rehabilitated.

As for the Mystery Houses, I suspect people will complain that we are being told too much, or that the mystery has been removed...

Because it is the least important.



Argghh some day the Ex Misc will rise, and then the other houses shall tremble! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they try to do something new with Ex Misc as well, not the boring "just hedgies" stereotype. Also I hope there will be some political groups and agendas inside the house. Also the book needs more Major Supernatural Virtues!

The Ex Misc are currently central to our campaign and the source of a major crisis. I think the Ex Misc can be much more than "hedgies" if people want them to be.

We have three different people trying to become Primus and they are divideing the magi of Ex. Misc up trying to get them to support them. They are rallying them around causes important to these magi and once one of them 'wins' the seat they are going to have to pay up and satisfy some of these needs. That's going to be tricky.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what is done with the Ex. Misc.

Can you do some Spoilers?
Will the Order of the Bee and the Witches of Thessaly still be around ?
What about the Asclapiads ?
(Just asking because some of our Players belonged to those Groups before we converted our Campaing to 5th ed.(Growl) ).