Mysteries Revised

Just noticed that the date for release is given on the site now as July 2006. :slight_smile: Any news? I assume we will see it in the next couple of weeks, and am getting excited now!

cj x

you are behind the times, CJ:

Posted 25/7/2006, so ... the printer is promising arrival on the 26th?


I just spotted that Neil! So it SHOULD be there today? :slight_smile:
Am a trifle worried that the only people who seem excited are you and I, but we were upstaged by the prior releasse of HOH Mystery Cults. Still time to start knitting that asbestos suit. I'm at Continuum Friday/Saturday, D.V., so I will be able to hide from the critical response for a couple of days at least! :slight_smile:

Seriously. I'm hoping it will be a very popular book. :slight_smile:

cj x

Hey, I am excited, too!

I got in the office/warehouse at 7:30 this morning (instead of my preferred arrival time of 10:00) to make sure I'd be on hand for deliveries. Good thing, too -- the boxes for the two Pieces of Eight games showed up a little after 8:00 (before I was even onto my second cup of coffee!).

Normally our book printer delivers around lunch time. I am really eager to unload those pallets and start packing the orders. I doubt I will actually get any orders shipped today (we'll be sending Seismic in the same shipments, and I don't know when the Seismic ocean container will arrive -- but whenever it does, it will be a big job to unload it; they just send boxes in the container from China, not stacked and wrapped on pallets, because wooden pallets are banned to keep out insects etc. -- thus one would have to spend a bunch of extra $$ on plastic pallets).

Anyhow...I too am hoping it will be a very popular book. :slight_smile:

Ahm, excuse me, the guy who wailed, gnashed teeth and bited John's calves every time TMRE was delayed ?? I'm immensely eager to get this, but I'll abstain from cheering until notice is posted that book has really shipped.

I'm very curious to see what you did with the various Mystery cults, cj. Hope soon!!!

Put me down as another person eagerly awaiting the arrival with inapprpropriatly excessive quantities of anticipation and barely constrained glee.

(It's just a pair of books, and I'm stuck as SG for at least the next 6 months. I doubt that any of my players will use the books in the interim. My excitement really doesn't seem consistant wth the scale of the event.)


As a supporter of my FLGS, I'm awaiting for arrival at said store instead of W23, but I've saved pennies and will buy the moment I see it on the shelf. And I think the manager is a little freaked out by the hungry look in my eye so I'm sure he'll reserve a copy for me...


Same here. Though it looks like I won't get it until the week after next at the earliest. :cry: The last few days are always the most difficult part of the wait... Quick! Someone go raid Atlas and start posting crunchy bits!

My FLGS told me that they'd call me as soon as they get it in. They’re expecting it tomorrow. I might be able to start posting crunchy bits come Friday night or Saturday (Thursday is my D&D night and I can't in good conscience call in sick on Friday on account of a new book or two).

You lucky people!!! Here on the other side of the pond we'll be waiting for weeks to come - and then, after having been ripped by local taxes, we might get it.... sobsob :cry:

Truck arrived, unloaded. I'm busy packing boxes. Both books look beautiful.

Oooo, how sad for you. Mind you, my sadness is not sufficient for me to purchase a copy for you and send you said copy international overnight for free. But I feel your pain (heh heh heh).

Can you tell I'm also waiting for the Infernal book?




I can't wait to start using both in my saga!


.... you don't need it..... sighs

You are an evil man, teasing us like that. :smiley:

Pack quicker, quicker :slight_smile:

Yep, this European can tell.
:imp: :imp:

My friendly local gaming store just called me, it turns out that the store was wrong about getting the books in tommorrow.

They're in right now,

my FLGS rocks.

Well Erik I'd like to hear about Infernal! :slight_smile:

cj x

I don't think we're going to see him back on the board anytime soon...

Ooo, the wait is almost over, CJ! We'll soon be able to answer questions, soak up praise, and dodge criticism!

Edited to add: Hmm, I wonder which book Erik will read first. Any bets? I'm guessing TMRE.