Hi there, I'm playing a necromancer Criamon in our current saga. I'm interested to see what other people have come up with Necromancy wise.

Please post spells and enchanted devices below. I'll start with the ones i've already thought up.

[url]] A couple of spells, some of which are necromantic (the eyeball ones).

Shackles of the walking Dead
A pair of iron shackles that when bound around the wrists of a corpse, animate it and compel it to follow the verbal commands of the creator.
The corpse remains animated and obeys the creators commands until it decays too much, at which point the shackles can be retrieved and re-used.
Base 10, +2 sun, +1 touch
+1 lvl 2 uses a day, +3 lvl environmental trigger (sunup/sundown)
Total lvl = 29

Bone Spear
CrReCo 20
Range: Voice, Duration: Mom, Target: Individual
(Base 5 +2 Voice, +1 Rego req)
This spell creates a long spear of human bones, which speeds of like an javelin to a target, doing 10 damage. It is a necromancy spell so necromancers gain their fokus in this spell.

Bone Storm
CreReCo 50
Range: Voice Duration: Mom Target: Group
(Base 20 ,+2 Voice, +2 Group, +1 Rego req, Size +1)
The necromancer rises his arms to the air and out off the clouds flowing hunderts an thousands of spears, swords, knives, axes, clubs out of human bones, that flows at an extremly high speed to up to 100 enemys hitting every one of them for +20 damage.

Before taking over as GM I played a necromancer for several years. I did not play a fantasy style necromancer with bones and corpses and stuff like that. My character practiced the traditional and original art of necromancy which originated in ancient Egypt. That is, getting answers to questions by asking the dead. A form of Divination.
Most of my spells where on the subject of locating ghosts and other spirits calling them forth and forcing them to answer my questions. Only much later in my characters life did he begin to study the subject of forcing the restless dead to do his bidding in a manner more like the necromancers described in house Tremere. I didn't have a single Corpus necromancy spell.
He was also a great historian. There is no greater way to study ancient cultures and civilizations than summoning the people who lived in that time and asking them stuff like: How did you actually build those pyramids? And: Tell me more about the magical powers of the Colossus!

Hail Eris!

Thats sounds rather ace. My Necromancer is quite quiet and studious and so far is also based more on the death-divination, but a character themed around that sounds fantastic.

May have to have thoughts about the kind of divinertype spells, Whispers through the Black Gate, Incantation of summoning the dead, etc.

Seems to me awful likely you might have a demon answer instead at some point, offering its forbidden knowledge... or simply impersonating the ghost of Tut-ankh-amon or whomever. Might be a nice story hook.